Is Your Kid Good at Football?
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Is Your Kid Good At Football? – How to Know

With every passing year, we see more and more talented footballers catching the spotlight. These are the ones, who were scouted by football academies at the very early stages of their lives. In football, it’s never too late, or too early to realize the talent in a child. It can be as early as few months of age when you can safely recognize the footballing magic in a baby’s feet and on the contrary, it can be as late as them being 9 or 10 years of age to recognize the footballing talent in a kid.

Now, how you can identify if your kid is fit for the footballing world and can make a name for himself in the coming years? It’s a blessing for any player if they are being prepared for the highest level of football from a young age. The earlier it is, the better. That being said, today we will talk about a few points which you should bear in mind to identify if your kid is good at football.

These will allow you take appropriate actions for his/her career planning from the beginning. Here are the few signs or characteristics you should watch for in your kid to discern if he/she is good at football. Without further delay, let’s get right into it

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Look for a Natural Inclination Towards Football

That’s a very basic area to look for because as a parent, you will already know your child’s interests. And if football is one of them? What else do you need?

If your child is naturally inclined towards football and loves to talk about it, or even if he/she is passionate about watching football or he/she loves to kick his toys around. These are all positive signs and there is a fair chance that your kid will grow as a passionate follower and player of the game. Once you have realized this, you can implement more practical areas of the game on your child. Buy them toy footballs and goalposts, the basic idea is to surround them in a football-familiar environment so their natural liking towards the game can develop into the passion of their lives.

See What They do In Their Free Time

If your kid plays with the ball in his/her free time or talks about football in his/her friends’ circle or even enjoys kicking the ball in your backyard, it’s the sign that football is what your kid is looking for. Remember that kids can’t decide for themselves, the parents have to identify their areas of interest and then provide the resonating environment which complements those areas of interest, and that’s exactly what you need to do for your kid.

Expose Them to Practicality

No matter how interested your kid is in football, you have to see if nature has given that footballing instinct to your child. You can do that only by exposing your kids to the more practical areas and environments of the game.

There can be many different ways of doing that. Start taking your kid to the football field or you can start playing small passing games with your child in your own backyard. You can do this as early as they get firm on their feet and start running around by the age of 2 or 3 years. It might sound surprising, but if you give practical experience to your children from the very beginning, there are massive chances that they will grow up with good footballing instincts and ability. And that’s exactly what you are looking for.

Teach Them Sporting Values

It’s not just about talent and interest, it’s about the character also. Football requires a very strong character from its players. There are many sporting values which you can teach your kid from an early age. Here are a few areas which might need your attention:

  • Teach your kid about the sense of loss, if you’ll make them familiar with the losses in the game, they will have the motivation to improve from a very young age.
  • Teach your kid about the competition, because football is a very competitive game. To survive in competition and getting better in competitive environments is an important skill to teach them.
  • Teach your kid about respect, respecting the circumstances, respecting the opponents and respecting the rules. All of these lessons will play a vital role in the personal development of your kid.

Help Them Grow in Sportsmanship

Now when you know that your little kid possesses the footballing instinct and can be a star in the future, it’s time to nourish their interest and passion properly. You can sign them up for a good soccer academy, where they can learn and improve their footballing talent. You can also take them to football matches to increase their passion for the game.

As we said, there can be many ways to keep their passion growing with age. As we said before, they can’t decide for themselves in their formative years and parents have to provide them the environments which flourish and complement their kids’ interests.

Its Never too Early!

Some of this stuff might sound strange to you and we know we’re demanding a lot from the few years old kid. But that’s exactly what’s happening in the footballing world. Today, professional football academies have proper teams made up of kids under 6 years of age.

On a lighter note, if you will keep nourishing your child’s footballing passion, there are chances that the future football prodigy commences from your own home. With patience and implementing the right strategies, you can start shaping a very glorious future for your kid. As the heading says, it’s never early. As soon as you get the indication, start working on your child from the prospect of the sport.


By implementing the ways we discussed above, you will be able to realize if your kid is good at football. Once you have done so, you can continue to provide them the right environment where they can grow as a footballer.

This would be a little off-topic, but you can find a suitable football academy for them or you can even sign up your children for professional football youth academies after a certain age. If your kid has talent, he/she will be on the right course from the very start. It’s also important to acknowledge the important role parents can play in the development of their young athletes.

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