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Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro: Most Affordable Control Boot?

As Nike‘s latest Tiempo 9 Pro release, this boot is a unique take on Nike’s approach to the ‘control’ boot segment of the market. As the Tiempo has been one of Nike’s best selling boots over the years. They know how to make a good shoe, and these are no exception! This article will be going through all you need to know about this superb takedown model. With it being an affordable control boot, we’ll be diving in all the specs and performance regarding this boot. And see if it is right for you!

What is the Upper of the New Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro Made of? Is it an Improvement?

The upper of the Nike Tiempo 9 Elite features a Premium Leather (Calf Skin) [this is what we think, based on previous models, as Nike does not share it’s data anywhere] which is quite Thin and flexible. It has Memory foam inserts & texturing for better grip. The leather upper is very premium, Nike have been known for their quality leather and they always deliver. The upper is very thin which makes it a great control boot. As the ball sits nicely on your feet when receiving passes or shooting at goal. It’s also quite flexible so you can move around freely without any restrictions from the shoe itself!

Nike tiempo legend 9 pro

We think Nike had done some subtle changes to make sure these fit nicer than last year’s model but overall still keeping what players expect from the Tiempo line style wise & performing well too! Nike added

This is by no mean a technologically advanced shoe, however, it’s simple and traditional in its feel. The new memory foam inserts (which even feature on the elite model) will improve touch and will provide better comfort.

Compared to the Elite model, this is a superb value for money. Nike have added some key features to make it feel more premium and improve the fit, but all at a lower price! This is Nike’s best budget control boot.

Will it perform well? We can confidently say yes. The Nike Tiempo line are always one of Nike’s better performing models due to their simple design & construction made for good touch on the ball, along with being lightweight which lets you move around freely without any restrictions from the shoe itself! You will not be disappointed by this model as Nike has been producing high-quality boots over decades now.

This is definitely an improvement compared to last year’s model, however, if you already own last years version there isn’t much reason for an upgrade. Though we do think is is a substantially better shoe.

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Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG

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Lacing System and tongue?

It has a central lacing system with a kitted tongue which is stitched internally. This is to make sure you don’t feel any restrictions when bending or moving around in the Nike Tiempo Legend 9.

Having such a close sensation to the ball with an open touch area is what we were looking for. The knitted upper even though is not flyknit, it is still a very solid contender.

The new inner structure for the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro: How structured is it?

The new inner structure features a nylon reinforcement tunnel. Having a decent reinforcement structure is a must as it will make sure you have the comfort and fit that is expected.

It’s not overly complex, but it’s very effective. Such a structure makes for a much better change of direction and does not allow the foot to roll inside out.

How’s the heel structure? Internal or external?

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro features an external heel counter.

Nike have always looked for simplicity with the Nike Tiempos, not too flashy but adding some subtle branding here and there to make it feel like a “premium” Nike product – they’ve done the same with these Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pros as well.

The heel counter offers decent support, protection and firmness as well as looking good due to its simple design.

The Soleplate of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro, is it good?

It features 13 Studs, 4 bladed rear(more aggressive bite), 6 rounded rotational/conical , 3 For extra bite and reaction (in FG). Very similar one to the elites.

A soleplate which is seemingly quite bulky, however, it provides very decent traction and stability. It’s quite responsive and generally feels very stable. Having such a stud pattern allows for the Nike Tiempo Legend to have very good responsiveness.

Lets talk traction. With the new sole of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro, does it add any additional speed?

The Nike Tiempo provides a lot of comfort and stability when changing direction. As discussed before, it’s improved soleplate along with it’s great upper gives Nike Tiempo a lot of comfort and stability when changing direction.

Considering its price, this is the best bang for one’s buck.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro

How does the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro? Are they Comfortable?

They feature a combination of soft materials inside which makes them really comfortable right out of box with little break-in time needed. The leather upper offers decent lockdown and the sole provides respectable traction.

Take into consideration that Nike Tiempos are decently flexible, but they will offer you enough flexibility to allow for quick movement.

The upper is quite thin but with “calf” leather it tends to be more stubborn when breaking in. The Tiempo’s provides great comfort and stability due its excellent fit with good cushioning on the forefoot which is needed for these.

The Tiempo’s wrap around your foot, something you expect with a leather boot. You don’t usually expect boots to fit this well that cost around this range. With the leather upper, the knitted internal tunnel and a respectable soleplate – it’s really a shoe to consider.

Nike React Legend 9 Pro IC
✓ Best choice
Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG

Are They for Wide or Narrow Feet?

They fit all feet and are very comfortable, but they are on the narrow side. If you’ve got very, very wide fit, this might not be the best option for you, but they should fit nearly everyone.

What size should you get?

They run true to size. Just keep in mind that as per every leather boot they stretch over time, however, they run true to size so no need to go up half a size.

Is Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro good for all conditions? Does it heat your feet?

In all conditions the Nike Tiempo Legend Pro are good. Nike have even given the boot a nice ventilation system to help with heat issues – I haven’t experienced any problems with this. Nike Tiempos are also good in wet conditions- the toe box is very thin and offers decent ventilation if needed.

In comparison to other thin boots, the Tiempo’s protect your feet really well. Nike Tiempo Legend Pro offer a decent amount of protection for the thin upper and overall light weight design and decent padding which cannot be seen as a bad thing by many people who prefer to feel the ball with their feet.

How’s the touch? Is it made for Passing, Shooting and Crossing? How does it perform?

In regards to touch of the ball Nike Tiempo Legend Pro are great. Nike have made the upper of Nike Tiempo Legend decently thin, but also added a touch of grip to help you with engaging and feel for the ball. The Nike Tiempo performs well when passing, shooting or crossing- if you’re looking for an affordable football boot that offers everything then this is it!

All this accompanied with the new memory foam inserts provides great touch to the ball, which makes it great for all situations within the game. All in all Nike Tiempo Legend Pro is a great boot at an even better price. Nike has done something special with the Nike Tiempo Legend and its definitely worth considering if you’re looking for quality leather control boot that doesn’t break the bank.

Are the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro light and how do they compare to its predecessor?

They are very light, weighing in around 220g (EU:42-43, UK:9, US:9.5), only 5g more than the Elite. As a control boot with a leather upper, is super light.

At this price point, for a control boot, Nike Tiempo Legend Pro is really light. They are very lightweight and Nike has done amazing job with keeping the weight down, especially considering they’re a leather football boot.


The Nike Tiempo Pro 9 is one of the best takedown & affordable models which compares very highly to the elite model. It’s light and supremely comfortable. We think this shoe may be just what you’re looking for, which is very affordable for what it offers. What do you think about the Nike Tiempo pro 9? Let us know! Don’t forget to check out our other reviews here!


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