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Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite Review: Best Control Boot?

Nike‘s Tiempo series is well-renowned for its ultra-responsive and accurate touch on the ball. Nike has released a new edition of this boot, Nike Tiempo 9 Elite. Which has been designed to provide the ultimate control in all conditions. The Nike Tiempo 9 Elite features Nike’s patented Control System which ensures quick responses when changing direction with the ball.

What is the upper of the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite made of? Is it an Improvement?

The upper of the Nike Tiempo 9 elite features a kangaroo leather upper with padded memory foam. The new kangaroo leather upper is very premium, which helps providing the best touch on the ball. The Nike Tiempo 9 Elite upper features padded memory foam inserts, to help provide a more padded touch. We’ve seen memory foam inserts in other previous generations but not used in this way.

This is by no mean a technologically advanced shoe, however, it’s simple and traditional in its feel. The new memory foam inserts will improve touch and will provide better overall comfort.

The Tiempo 9 Elite has an updated overall construction to accommodate leather upper along with a flyknit knitted tongue.

Nike tiempo legend 9 elite

Lacing System and tongue?

It has a central lacing system with a flyknit tongue which is stitched internally. This is to provide a fit closer to the foot. Nike has done an excellent job with this. Once you slip your feet into these, they hug close and create a nice feel on the ball. This way, players can still tie their shoes from the bottom-up if they wish so. Which helps comfort even more as well as stability all round.

The Nike Tiempo features a very premium flyknit tunnel which ensures quick responses when changing direction with the ball.

The new inner structure for the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite: How structured is it?

The new inner structure features a nylon reinforcement tunnel. This nylon reinforcement tunnel is a Nike patented technology which improves the support for these boots. This nylon reinforcement tunnel will improve the stability and comfort of the football boot & also provide better touch on the ball.

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In addition, Nike has used padding within the liner. It is designed to provide superior underfoot comfort as it moulds well around your foot shape after using it few times and provides cushioning where we need most impact absorption. With this reinforced structure, it makes the change of speed and direction easier. Nike choose to make it simple and traditional which is fine with us. This boot isn’t for people who like too much of technology inside the shoe. But rather prefer simplicity in its design.

How’s the heel structure? Internal or external?

It features an external heel counter, Which offers decent support, protection, firmness and looks quite good as well.

This heel structure is quite comfortable, accompanied with a premium suede liner.

The Soleplate of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite, is it good?

It features 13 Studs, 4 bladed rear(more aggressive bite), 6 rounded rotational/conical , 3 For extra bite and reaction (in FG). Very interesting soleplate.

Whilst seeming quite bulky as a soleplate, it turns out to be quite balanced & slightly more aggressive than usual Tiempo’s. This is because it provides good responsiveness when changing direction. The Nike Tiempo soleplate features conical studs which is great for all surfaces; they are arranged specifically to aid grip under all conditions, including wet.

A very solid soleplate, where Nike was aiming at (I guess) is providing more stability and balance when changing direction on all surfaces. Nike did a very good job with it. You can easily trust this soleplate during long hours of play in all conditions.

The Nike Tiempo has always been known for its comfort and we’re actually surprised by this soleplate. It is a fit we expect from a Tiempo. However, the bite and responsiveness combined with the upper of this Nike Tiempo is exceptional. Far better than any Nike Tiempo we tested before.

Nike tiempo legend 9 elite

Lets talk traction. With the new sole of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite, does it add any additional performance?

As discussed before, it’s improved soleplate along with it’s great upper gives Nike Tiempo’s a lot of comfort and stability when changing direction. Yes, it is not a speed boot, however, it’s always been a moderately fast boot with great touch and feel for the ball (that is what we love about them!).

How does the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite fit? Are they comfortable?

The Nike Tiempo features a combination of soft materials inside which makes them extremely comfortable right out of box with little break-in time needed. The upper is quite thick but with kangaroo leather, it tends to be more flexible around your feet which makes them comfortable.

We can say Nike Tiempo is one of the best fitting boots out there. The Nike Tiempo provides great comfort and stability due its excellent fit with good cushioning on the forefoot which is always a plus in any boot.

The Nike Tiempo has a very large area of contact with the ball, it provides good feel and great touch making them perfect boots where you want to dictate play from midfield or behind the defence line. The upper really works well in this boot as it provides great touch and allows you to feel the ball more.

The extra padding inside the heel area really helps you to feel comfortable and locked in. Having the memory foam inserts on the upper feel like an extra layer of cushioning making Nike Tiempo very comfortable boots to wear.

Nike Tiempo was always a boot for midfielders, but now it even added attacking element to its game making this Nike Tiempo one of the best boots in market right now. The Nike Tiempo is not only very comfortable but also has an excellent fit with a very good touch and feel for the ball. Nike Tiempo is definitely one of our favourite boots from Nike’s latest line up!

Are they for Good for wide or narrow feet?

They fit all feet and are very comfortable, but they are on the narrow side. Nike decided to make them snugger than previous models of Nike Tiempo’s and if your foot is not way too wide, it will fit great!

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite FG

What size should you get?

These Nike Tiempo fit true to size and runs narrow in the mid-foot. They feel quite supportive around the midfoot, but wide over the toes due its bulkier soleplate (which looks thick, however, does not feel that way).

Is Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite good for all conditions? Does it heat your feet?

Nike Tiempo is a boot for all kind of conditions and it does not heat your feet at all. If you need boots with good ventilation, Nike Tiempo allow moisture to escape through the upper thus avoiding sweaty feet which could lead bad smell!

They do not feel too soft or hard, remember that it is a leather upper at the end of the day. Being a leather upper absorbs moisture so Nike Tiempo is not for extreme rain.

How’s the touch? Is it made for Passing, Shooting and Crossing? How does it perform?

As per touch on the ball, it’s what you expect from a leather boot, Nike Tiempo doesn’t disappoint. The Nike Tiempo is a control boot and you will feel the ball well on the forefoot and midsole area.

The Nike Tiempo provides excellent comfort and stability due its great fit with good cushioning around the midfoot which makes it perfect for midfield players! Its touch and shooting prowess ability are very good as Nike Tiempo remains a popular choice for players who like to take long shots, crossing and passing.

In terms of passing Nike Tiempo performs well with great accuracy and especially when looking for those through balls! It is also comfortable to wear and its upper is really flexible, this allows them to provide great feel for the ball!

The Nike Tiempo has a very large area of contact with the ball, it provides good feel and great touch making Tiempo’s one of best boots on the market.

Are the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite light and how do they compare to its predecessor?

They are very light, weighing in around 215g (EU:42-43, UK:9, US:9.5). As a control boot with a full leather upper, is super light. Even tough its not super technologically advanced, it is honest, and a top performer.

As good as the Tiempo’s 8 were, the new Nike Tiempo 9 are much better. A totally improved and different concept to its predecessor.

As per the Nike Tiempo, it remains one of our favourite boots from Nike in terms of balance between comfort and touch on the ball.


The Nike Tiempo Elite 9 is not the most technically advanced control boot on the market, but it’s light and supremely comfortable. We think this shoe may be just what you’re looking for if your priority is getting a lot of mileage out of your kicks without sacrificing comfort or performance. What do you think about the Nike tiempo elite 9? Let us know! Loved the review? We’ve got more for you, check them out here!


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