Youth Football Academy for your Child
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Youth Football Academy For Your Child: What To Look For

Choosing the right football academy for your child might be tricky. There are many things to keep in mind before you sign up your kid for any academy. Your children’s future in football is predicated on the academy you will choose for them today.

Every parent wants the best for their children. That is why we will discuss a few steps you should keep in mind before selecting a youth football academy for your children. But, before that, let’s take a look at what a youth football academy actually is.

What is a Youth Football Academy?

Have you ever wondered where all these established football superstars came from? We have lots of examples like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many other superstars you can think of. One thing which is common in all of them is that they came from well reputed and established football academies. Where they polished their raw talent and made them the players they are today.


A football academy is a place where young talents and kids with a real soccer potential are recruited, to make them professional football players of the future. If your kid has that football spark within him, a football academy is a right place for him.

And we will help you to find the right academy for your children. Below are a few points you should bear in mind when picking a football academy:

It Starts with you, the Parent/Guardian!

Being a parent, you need to prepare yourself first before deciding for your child. Educate yourself about the process of different football academies. Take options and analyze each academy while keeping in view the potential and talent of your kid. Once you know the methods and processes held at different football academies, it will be a lot easier to find a suitable academy for a child.

There is where he/she learns and most importantly enjoys himself/herself. Remember, no one knows your kid more than you do! You need to find the right environment where they mentally resonate. In that way, they can learn with maximum productivity and involvement.

Set Realistic Goals

What do you actually want from your child? This is a very important question. Do you want them to be hardcore professional footballers? Or do you want them to be well learned and educated humans being alongside being footballers?

The level of training in every academy differs. Some of them focus on the intense training to polish your kid as a future star, while other academies give a lot of importance to learning and providing social skills along the way.

Now, this depends on what you are seeking for your child. We suggest choosing the latter type of academy for your children. Apart from becoming good footballers, they can become educated in multiple aspects too. It’s a win-win scenario.

Location of the Youth Football Academy

When the intangible goals are clear in your mind, it’s time to take into account the tangible aspects of the football academy. The location of the youth football academy matters a lot. It can be in your hometown or it can be in some other country.


Lionel Messi travelled from Argentina to an altogether different continent. He joined FC Barcelona youth football academy in Spain at the mere age of 13. Thus, it might be emotionally and financially difficult for you as a parent.

Some football academies offer excellent boarding facilities. They nurture children and prepare them for the future, while at the same time they are given a complete footballing environment.

Some of you might be reluctant to send your child a thousand miles away from home, and that’s completely fine. You can look for a suitable academy in your hometown, so you can keep your children insight. Whatever you choose, it should always be complementing your child’s nature and future.

Facilities of the Youth Football Academy

Other aspects which should be given a thought are the facilities of the academy which you’re going to choose for your children. Your kids are going to spend a lot of time there and the quality of the space holds significant importance.

If possible, take a tour of the academy and observe the pitch, the training facilities, the food there, the quality of the staff, and the overall environment. You might not have thought all of this before, but all of these aspects are crucial. If you’re sending your children to an academy with high-quality amenities, it will result in a very positive way for your child’s footballing career.

The reputation of the Youth Football Academy

While taking every other aspect into account, it’s also necessary to assess the football academy from a futuristic point of view. This is because if your child is going to be a professional footballer. He/she is going to ultimately need to be in a professional football club, and the influence and reputation of the football academy will contribute a lot to this factor.


When choosing the right academy, take a look at the alumni of that particular academy and see if they’re actually producing professional footballers over the years. If you don’t find a connection between competitive football and that particular academy, then it’s not a right choice for your kid. It’ll be a lot more convenient for your child to progress towards competitive football if they’re in a well-reputed youth football academy. 

Club-Affiliated Youth Football Academies

As we discussed above, it is essential to assess any academy from a futuristic perspective. However, there’s another option for your child. Many famous football clubs have their youth academy facilities around the globe.

And choosing such a football academy which is associated with the name of football’s great clubs is by far the best option for your child. If your kid has talent, then being associated with a professional football club from an early age is the best possible scenario. It will open many windows of opportunity for the later stages of his/her career.

Cost of the Youth Football Academy

Whatever you decide for your child, it should be suitable for you’re your entire family and for your financial conditions too. We know it’s a very vital step for your kid’s future. But keeping your resources in mind is the right way forward. The costs of football academies vary from one to the other.

Of course, the well-reputed or overseas academies will be costly, but results will also be extraordinary for your child’s career. If you can afford it, why not give your child the best footballing environment in the world?

But even if you can’t afford it, keeping in view your financial capability, you can make the right decision suitable for both your child and your family. Remember, it’s always relative.



In conclusion, now you are aware because if you take into account all of these points before signing up your child for a football academy, you will definitely make the right choice. It’s a very crucial step in your child’s life as their future is mainly determined on the choice you will make for them today, as we said in the start.

In the end, you’re the one calling the shots, but we had to inform you about the possible steps you can and should take to assess a football academy.

Finally, when it’s all clear, and even if it is not, you can always approach us in the comment section. We would love to answer your queries. Don’t forget to share this article with other parents! They can also choose the right football academy for their children.

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