How much does youth football cost

How Much Does Youth Soccer Cost? – A Complete Guide

Soccer is, without a doubt, the most popular and widely followed sport on the planet. Players are bought and sold at exorbitant prices; television commercials cost billions of dollars, and nearly every major global corporate brand wants to be associated with this sensation.

According to the report, soccer is in an exceptional position: it is the most popular sport in the world and has significant market potential. While 19 nations have a massive number of people interested in competitive and youth soccer. However, the United States and China, the world’s two largest economies, are not among those countries.

Although millions of dollars are spent on the FIFA World Cup and adult leagues, you might be surprised to learn that the amount spent on youth soccer leagues is increasing on a daily basis. So why not? because soccer is a sensation, and everyone enjoys it, whether they are adults or children.

In this article, we will go over the various Youth Soccer League categories and the average expenditure for each. Let us begin by discussing the various types of youth soccer leagues. Youth Soccer Leagues are classified into two types.

Recreational Leagues

It is a soccer program that focuses on the enjoyment and advancement of young soccer players without emphasizing a high level of competition among the teams.

Recreational Player – a player who is arbitrarily assigned to a group regardless of his or her abilities and capabilities.

A Recreational Team consists of groups formed arbitrarily to play soccer. Basically, to have a good time!

The recreational soccer league exists to provide members with an opportunity to have fun, learn about the sport, and develop fundamental skills, as well as a lifelong love of the game.

Competitive Soccer  

Travel soccer or competitive soccer expects tryouts to make the team and evaluate a soccer player’s ability and capacity. And if a soccer player makes the team and chooses to join, he or she must devote the entire year to the team, both as a player and financially.

Players in a Competitive Soccer club are not guaranteed to be part of a team. It all comes down to their talent and skill level. Recreational soccer teams practice and compete all year, with drills and games in the fall, winter, and spring. The team can expect to travel to different regions and compete in a variety of competitions while participating in Travel soccer.

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Think First, then Choose!

It is critical to understand the requirements of the two teams before deciding which soccer group is best for your family and your soccer player. If you can focus on a travel soccer team as a family, go for it; otherwise, you can choose a recreational soccer club if you just want to have some fun and learn about the game. Different thoughts may become the most important factor, but there is one thing that every youth soccer player should keep in mind.

You should be familiar with the league in which you are participating. Soccer activities can be found all year, but most youth soccer leagues take place twice a year, in the spring and fall. The part that may pique your interest the most is how much a youth soccer league actually costs.

Average Expenditure on Youth Soccer Leagues

Here is a breakdown of some of those costs: 

Uniforms: The cost of uniforms is usually included in the cost of the league. Several Rec Soccer Leagues include the uniform in the fee. In the case of Travel Soccer Leagues, the uniform costs an additional $70.00.

Gear: All of the necessary equipment for any league is included in the gear. They include the following items:

  1. Turfs  
  2. Courts Socks  
  3. Water Bottles 
  4. Shin Guards  
  5. Backpacks  
  6. Cleats  
  7. Soccer Balls  
  8. Goals  
  9. Rain Jackets  
  10. Windbreakers. 

Necessary Gear

This includes everything your child will need to participate. Shin Guards, a Uniform Kit, and Sports Shoes are among them.

Shin Guards: A good pair of shin guards will cost you around $20.00. They are inexpensive, but they may be flimsy and uncomfortable. Still, if money is an issue, a $10.00 pair can provide the necessary quality.

Cleats/Turf/Courts: A good pair of these will set you back around $30.00. These are likely to cost more than $100.00. Each pair, each look. Ouch! And you know how quickly players mature when they are young?

Soccer Balls: A standard ball of any size costs less than ten dollars (3,4,5). We have 800 million soccer balls from all of the camps my child has attended. They all appear to be throwing balls at him. That is in addition to the blessings he receives.

* Don’t forget to read the cost-chopping technique (Cleat swaps!) 

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Extra Gear

These are the additional items you will most likely require, but they are not required.

Socks: Most of the time, they are included in the league’s uniform kit. Remember that they will require socks for rehearsals. The more you have, the less often you will have to wash them. Socks, on the other hand, are not expensive; a strong two-pack pair costs around $12.00.

Water Bottles: A child misplaces these items as if it were his job. As a result, you may be purchasing a variety of items. That being said, you most likely have something in your house right now. In any case, they are significant pieces of equipment. A nice water bottle costs less than $15.00. A less expensive 6-pack is under $20.00, and a single one can be found at a dollar store if funds are limited.

Backpacks/Bags: You might already have something for this. A modest bag pack, on the other hand, can cost around 20.00. However, they are unlikely to last long. A good back will cost around $35.00 and will last a long time while holding everything. A light practice sack is also a nice idea for around $20.00.

Some Mild Essentials

Goals.:These are not required, but they may be useful for home training. A couple of simple, small spring-up objectives cost around $25.00. You can spend significantly more, but this is just the beginning. A large detached objective can cost around $75.00, and more expensive items are available.

Jackets / Outerwear: Another accessory you may or may not have. Late-winter or early-winter games can be cold. They also occasionally play and practice in light rain.

Transportation Costs: Recreational Leagues do not typically rehearse as frequently or travel as far for games. In addition to competitions, travel leagues typically rehearse three times per week or more and play one or two games per weekend. They also go outstation for their games.

How do you control this spending?

Check out cleat swaps! Many towns and Leagues will hold these during the season or once a year. You can buy a new pair of spikes for your child or exchange an old pair.

Carpooling! Carpooling can save a lot of time and money in this situation. Find kids who live nearby and connect with them for part rehearsal or even games.

Friends and Family: Gifts or equipment that other children have outgrown are ideal for someone just starting out in soccer.

Travel Soccer Leagues Are Expensive!

Recreational League Coaches typically work on a volunteer basis. They participate in other recreational leagues in town or nearby.

There aren’t many costs associated with managing them, so expenses are low.

Travel leagues are well-managed organizations. They have paid mentors, apply to leagues, compete, use arbitrators, and occasionally line judges.

Example Costs for Recreational League Per Season

North NJ Town Recreational League:

Registration fees with the new member discount are up to $90 per player registered for the Fall season from August 31st and March 1st for the Spring season and $105 per player registered after those dates.

Registration fees are non-refundable in any case. 

Cost Saving Ideas
  1. Register as soon as possible! If you do, some teams will give you a discount.
  2. If you are in need of financial assistance, inquire about scholarships that can waive or reduce fees.
  3. Connect with places where you can get discounted equipment.
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Example Costs For Travel Leagues:

North New Jersey Travel League
  1. U8 Academy: Registration Fess is $1200; 02 tournaments are included in this group. 
  2. U9 Academy: Registration Fee is $1500; 03 tournaments are included. 
  3. U10 Academy: Registration Fee is$1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  4. U11 Academy: Registration Fee is $1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  5. U12 Academy: Registration Fess is $1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  6. U13 & U14 Academy: Registration Fee is $1750; this group includes 3 tournaments and practice in Winter Season 

Example Costs for Uniforms:

North NJ Town Rec League:

A uniform will cost you around $70. A Uniform Kit includes two jerseys (home and away), shorts and socks, and two practice shirts.


Recreational leagues are obviously much less expensive than Travel leagues. This is due to the cost of a paid mentor or coach, team competitions, and expanded practices.

Most children begin in Recreational Leagues and then decide whether or not they enjoy it. In terms of equipment, soccer is not a particularly gear-dependent sport. A few shorts, shin guards, and spikes are usually all you need. You can further reduce those costs by going to fitting trades.



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