How much does youth football cost

Soccer is undoubtedly the most played and followed sport in the world.  Players are bought and sold at colossal budgets; television advertisements cost billions of dollars; almost all leading global corporate brands want to attach their name to this sensation. 

The report shows soccer in a remarkable position: It is predominant in the sports played worldwide and has space to fill in significant sectors. While 19 nations show a whooping number of people showing their interest in competitive and youth soccer. But here is a thing that may surprise you, U.S and Chinathe World’s two biggest economies—are not among those nations. 

No doubt millions are spent on the FIFA World Cup and Leagues for the adult teams, but you might be surprised that the sum spent on youth soccer leagues is increasing day by day. And Why Not! since soccer is a sensation and everyone loves it, be that an adult or a youngster. 

In this article, we will elaborate on different categories of Youth Soccer League and what is the average expenditure of each category. Let us begin by discussing different classes of youth soccer leagues. There are two noteworthy categories of Youth Soccer Leagues; 

Recreational Leagues

It is a soccer program that is principally dedicated to the delight and advancement of young soccer players without emphasizing a significant level of competition among the teams. 

Recreational Player – a player who is flukily relegated to a group regardless of his/her capacities and aptitudes.  

A Recreational Team – groups shaped arbitrarily to play soccer. Basically to have fun!  

The reason for the recreational soccer league is to give an occasion to the members to have a great time, become familiar with the sport, and create fundamental abilities along with a long-lasting affection for the sport.  

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Competitive Soccer  

Travel soccer or Competitive Soccer expects try outs to make the team and evaluate the ability and capacity of a soccer player. And if a soccer player makes it to the team and chooses to join, then he/she has to focus on the team both as a player and in terms of money for the whole year.  

Players playing in a Competitive Soccer club are not ensured as part of a team. It primarily depends on their talent and skill level. In recreational soccer, the team remains together for an entire year, with drills and competitions in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. While playing in Travel soccer, the team will expect to travel to various regions and play several competitions.  

youth soccer cost

Think First, then Choose!

Before you pick which soccer group is best for your family and your soccer player thus, it is essential to comprehend the requirements of the two teams.  If you can focus on a travel soccer team as a family, go for it otherwise you have an option of choosing a recreational soccer club if you just want to have a Lil bit of fun and understanding of the game. Different thoughts become possibly the most important factor but here is a thing that every youth soccer player needs to note. 

You ought to recognize the league wherein you are playing. You can often find soccer activities throughout the year however, most of the youth soccer leagues occur twice a year in Spring and Fall. Now, the part that may intrigue you the most is how much does a youth soccer league actually cost? 

Average Expenditure on Youth Soccer Leagues

Here is a breakdown of some of those costs: 

Uniforms: Most of the time, the cost of uniforms is included in the cost of the league. Several Rec Soccer Leagues provide the uniform as part of the cost. Whereas in the case of Travel Soccer Leagues they charge an extra $70.00 for the uniform.  

Gear: Gears include all the necessary equipment required in any league. They incorporate the following items;  

  1. Turfs  
  2. Courts Socks  
  3. Water Bottles 
  4. Shin Guards  
  5. Backpacks  
  6. Cleats  
  7. Soccer Balls  
  8. Goals  
  9. Rain Jackets  
  10. Windbreakers. 

Necessary Gear

This includes the necessary stuff your child has to wear for participating. These include; Shin Guards, Uniform Kit, and Sports Shoes. 

Shin Guards: A good pair may cost you around $20.00. You can get them at a cheap rate, but they might be flimsy and uncomfortable. Still, if your budget is tight, then a $10.00 pair can provide you the necessary quality. 

Cleats/Turfs/Courts: A decent pair of these will cost you around $30.00. The cost of these may go upwards of $100.00. Each pair, each style. Ouch! And you know when the players are young they grow out very fast.  

Soccer Balls: Under 10 bucks for a standard ball, any size (3,4,5). Note: we have 800 million soccer balls from all the various camps my child has gone to. They each appear to give him a ball. That is on top of the ones he gets as blessings.

* Don’t forget to read the cost chopping technique (Cleat swaps!) 

youth soccer cost and expenses

Extra Gear

These are the additional items you most likely will need however they are not compulsory. 

Socks: Most of the time, they are included in the uniform kit provided by the league. Do not forget that; that they will require socks for rehearses. The more you own, the less regularly you will have to wash them. Socks are not very costly, however; you can get a strong 2 pack pair for around $12.00. 

Water Bottles: A child loses these things like it’s his work. So you may be purchasing various. That said you likely have something in the house as of now. In any case, they are significant bits of apparatus. A nice water bottle is under $15.00. A less expensive 6 pack is under $20.00 or a solitary one can be found at a dollar store if spending plans are tight. 

Backpacks/Bags: You may as of now have something for this. However, a modest bag pack can be around 20.00. They probably won’t hold up quite well, however.  A decent back will be around $35.00 that will keep going for quite a long time and hold everything. A light practice sack is a pleasant thought also for around $20.00. 

Some Mild Essentials

Goals: Again not required however you may need them for training at home. A couple of basic, little spring up objectives are around $25.00. You can spend substantially more however that is a beginning stage. A huge detached objective can be around $75.00 and it can get costly for the fancier items out there. 

Jackets / Outerwear: Another additional you may as of now have or not need. Games in late-winter or pre-winter can be cold. They likewise now and again play and practice in a light downpour. 

Transportation Costs: Recreational Leagues regularly don’t rehearse as frequently or go far for games. Travel Leagues usually rehearse 3x every week or more, and do 1 or 2 games per end of the week, in addition to competitions. They go outstation for their games too. 

How do you control this spending?

Check out cleat swaps! Numerous towns and Leagues will hold these each season or once per year. 

You can get a couple of spikes for your child or girl and exchange an old pair. Carpooling! Carpools can assist colossally here regarding time and cost. Discover kids who live close by and connect to part rehearse or even games. 

Friends and Family: Gifts or gears different children have outgrown are ideal for somebody beginning in soccer.  

Travel Soccer Leagues Are Expensive!

Ordinarily, Recreational League Coaches are on a volunteer premise. They play other recreational leagues in the town or close by.  

There aren’t a lot of costs associated with managing them and as such expenses are low

Travel leagues are expertly run associations. They have paid mentors, apply to leagues, partake in competitions, employ arbitrators, and now and then lines judges.  

Example Costs for Recreational League Per Season

North NJ Town Recreational League:

Registration fees with the new member discount are up to $90 per player registered for the Fall season from 31st August and March 1st in the case of Spring season and $105 per player if registered after the dates mentioned above. 

Registration fees are non-returnable in any case. 

Cost Saving Ideas
  1. Register Early! Some teams will provide you a discount if you do. 
  2. If you are in financial need ask about scholarships and can waive or reduce fees  
  3. Connect with places you might get gear at a reduced cost.  
controlling youth soccer cost

Example Costs For Travel Leagues:

North New Jersey Travel League
  1. U8 Academy: Registration Fess is $1200; 02 tournaments are included in this group. 
  2. U9 Academy: Registration Fees is $1500; 03 tournaments are included. 
  3. U10 Academy: Registration Fees is $1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  4. U11 Academy: Registration Fee is $1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  5. U12 Academy: Registration Fess is $1750; 03 tournaments are included. 
  6. U13 & U14 Academy: Registration Fee is $1750; this group includes 3 tournaments and practice in Winter Season 

Example Costs for Uniforms:

North NJ Town Rec League:

The cost of a uniform is approximately $70. A Uniform Kit includes; 2 Jerseys (Home and Away), a pair of Shorts & Socks and 2 Practice Shirts 


As should be obvious, Recreational Leagues are a ton lower in cost than Travel ones. This is because of the cost’s characteristic in a paid mentor or coach, team competitions, and expanded practices.  

Most children start in Recreational Leagues and then decide whether they like it or not. To the extent gear goes, soccer is not a vigorously gear subordinate game. Commonly a few shorts, shin protectors, and spikes, and you’re set. You can decrease those costs further by going to fitting trades. 


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