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Who’s Curt?


Who am i ?

First of all, thank you for stopping by!

I am Curt & I’m a graphic designer by profession. However, I am greatly into sports & anything related. Grew up surrounded by sports & deeply entrenched into it.

Long story short, I was a football(soccer) player from a young age, though, fate had it that I had to stop playing at 20. Having said that, we’ve opened cleatshub & fieldinsider to share all the knowledge learned (and still being learned) directly from the field.

Still though, I am still quite active in sports & gym activities.

Based in sunny Malta.

About me

I played for around 15 years, & played for my home town club till I was 20 years. Played with the seniors & led the minors team, however, I had to stop due to studies & life priorities at the time. Stacking knee injuries didn’t help the cause either. Fast forward to today, I don’t practice any sports, though I still play a few 5 a-sides & I’m still pretty active in the gym as well.

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I’d say Football(soccer) is the main one – as it is the one I played all my life. However, I follow closely Basketball, American Football & Ice-hockey. I support no teams in particular, however, I enjoy the nature of the sports.

I’ve been in graphic design for 7 years. Worked for 3 great global brands. You can check my Linkedin profile here.

I am a very athletic individual who really loves sports. Steve and myself are both avid sports people so 3 years ago we went ahead and launched Field Insider. There, we share all our sports insights and more.

As a graphic designer, I started sharing all my knowledge in tutorials form at Edits 101 – feel free to check that out 🙂

Furthermore, in 2020, we have launched Tminta ltd – a marketplace for freelancers & self employed here locally in Malta. As a graphic designer, I always found it difficult to find commissioned work & wondered – “If I’m struggling to find customers, I am sure other freelancers are as well”. So that’s how it all started.

Simply navigate to the contact us page & you’ll find all the required information with all the relevant departments.

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