Who’s Steve?


Who am i ?

Well hey there 👋

As you can tell from the huge banner at the top, my name is Steve! I’m what the kids call a finance bro, based in Malta (not Wall Street).

So what does a guy, who works in a bank, know about anything sports-related? Well, back in my good, old days (I’m 25) I was a fairly decent football (soccer) player.

I had squeezed in a number of appearances in the 4th tier of Maltese football, before my left knee gave up on me… Further to that, I had also tried to dabble in the art of rugby but it was definitely not my sport!

Nowadays I spend most of my free time at the gym! Or else, obsessively following all the sports that involve a ball, which is why we started cleatshub & fieldinsider. Two sports-focused platforms, with the intent of providing you with the best possible content around, gathered from our knowledge!

About me

The picture above basically tells the whole story, I was born with a ball in my feet! I played football (soccer) ever since I could remember, so I would say close to 2 decades. As soon as my football (soccer) aspirations came to a halt I found my muse in, what Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson calls, Iron Paradise.

It was not the end of football (soccer) for me though! I still play 5-a-sides and run obstacle courses every now and then, you know, to convince myself that I still got it.

Obstacle Course Running Photo
Working Out at the Gym
Youth Team Photo

I would say that my preferred sport is football (soccer), being that I grew up in a football-mad family. However, American-based sports, the NBA and NFL in particular are really starting to grow on me… And if it wasn’t for the difference in time-zones, I’d certainly be watching a lot more of that!

Roughly 6 years ago I had started my first full-time job in banking and finance. Fast forward to today, you’ll still find me in the world of investments, payments and whatnot but in a more of a leadership type of role. You can also check my LinkedIn, to get a better understanding.

As I was saying before you scrolled down, I am still a sports-geek at heart. So my spare time is mostly made up of watching/studying sports (thinking I’m the next Guardiola/Belichik), which was the main thought behind launching Field Insider.

Other than that, I still remain very much a fitness enthusiast! Going to the gym is a must, at least 3 times a week… strictly following the cutting and bulking regimes that I come up with.

As for the computer-ish side of Steve, I do a bit of digital marketing and programming on the side – with the aspiration to someday seek a professional career in either field, who knows?

I don’t do a lot of gaming nowadays but if I had to fire up any game of my choice, it would definitely be Football Manager – oh the sleepless nights!

Simply navigate to the contact us page, where you’ll find all the required information with all the relevant departments.

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