Keeping Your Kids Motivated for Football
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Keeping Your Kids Motivated for Football: Tips

A lot of parents face problems regarding their kids motivated in sports. They know their kid possesses a great deal of talent and passion for football but still, somehow, they don’t find them motivated. And that results in the not so great performances, your kid feels devastated after the game and it becomes harder to talk them out of the disappointment.

First, you need to understand and analyse where the actual problem exists. Things will get simpler when you will realize how minor and insignificant things are keeping your children from giving 100 percent in the game. We will help you solve this problem and when you will leave, hopefully, you will have a solution for the motivation of your child. We will tell you different ways to boost up, and keep your kids motivated for football, so he/she can perform according to his real aptitude. Let’s get right to it!

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Your Kid Needs Your Support!

We understand it’s difficult for working parents with kids to take time out of the busy schedule. But you have to understand that your presence matters a lot to your children, and is surely a morale-boosting factor for them when they see their parents/guardians cheering for them in the stands. It will contribute to their motivation and they will perform for you. It’s important to know that, kids always want their parents to see them prove their worth, and you have to give that chance to your young athlete by being there for him.

That being said, what you have to do now is to start going to their matches, start taking out time for them and you will see the results yourself. You will watch them rising again and playing according to their real potential. All they need is a reason to perform. It will massively keep your kids motivated.

Don’t Pressure Them

When they are younger, it’s difficult for children to understand the complexities. They don’t recognize the things which are at stake, and it’s difficult for them to stay motivated all the time. It even happens with adults too. Keeping all of this insight, the pressure they feel from parents results in more disappointing performances on the field.

Give your children their space and let them feel relaxed. So, they can focus more on the game than o the expectations. There are relative sides of pressure for every kid, for some it’s good and for others, it’s worst. And we’re not taking any chances. So, slow down and give them time. It will turn out alright.

Be Their Motivation

We, humans, function in a really interesting way, when your kid is out of motivation, they will try to find it in their surroundings and that’s where it comes to you. You have to be encouraging to them, you have to make them feel that you got their back and no matter what performance they put on the field, you have always got them, There’s also a contrary side to it, try not to discourage your kid, don’t let them feel bad about their low-days. Similarly, when they bring silverware home, praise them for their hard work, make them feel that their hard work is the reason behind their success, and they will be willing to work even harder in the future.

Eliminate Fears

Have you ever thought the reason behind your kid’s drop of form is because of multiple fears and expectations in his mind? If no, it’s time to think about it. See if your kid is afraid of losing or the audience booing him, or it’s the fear of expectations of coaches and parents. Once you know the reason, you should try to eliminate those fears. Teach your kid to embrace losses, it’s a hard job to do but it’s not impossible. Once your kid will offload his fears, he/she will regain the confidence which will eventually bring him to his absolute best in football.

Remember, kids always want to have fun, and they’re supposed to have fun while playing football. Don’t make it a serious affair for them, cut them loose, and let them enjoy themselves. It’s crucial and we would advise you to read it again because there’s a very thin line between supporting your child and pressuring your child. Many parents often fail to realize when they cross that thin line.

Is Your Child Burnt Out?

They are still kids and they deserve to be treated like that. We put a lot of responsibilities on their young shoulders and kids nowadays have a very hectic routine to follow every day. One of the reasons behind your kid not playing football up to his true potential might be the busy schedule he is following.

They might just need a break to recover and feel fresh again mentally. Give your kid some time and don’t force him to hit the field every day. Sometimes the kids are not physically tired, but they feel tired and exhausted mentally. Once you will make him feel free from all the busy and hectic things, you will watch him having fun again with the ball. His form will return.

Play Your Part, Keep Your Kids Motivated!

If things are still not working out, and you have tried everything but your child is not enjoying the most beautiful sport on the planet. It’s time to start working on your child. Don’t impose the extra training sessions on them, but start talking to them about their gameday and training, ask them questions, and try to know about the problem in their hindsight.

You can also start a personalized training session with your child where there is no coach, no audience, no expectations, and no pressure, only you and your child having fun with the ball. It will help your child to comfortably open up with you. Once he/she starts feeling engaged, the and passion will return, and your kids will be motivated, once again. Remember, kids seek attention on and off the field, and you as a parent can give it to them in their extra hours. Make them comfortable.


Now you know how to keep your kids motivated or make him/her regain the passion he once had for the beautiful game. Football is for all ages and genders, and all the kids find it amusing and extremely fun. Once you apply all these things which we talked about, you can apply them to your kid.

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