Who Are CF Montreal?
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Who Are CF Montreal? History, Stats & More

The MLS Eastern Conference is a hotbed of soccer action, and one team that has been making waves in recent years is CF Montreal. This Canadian club, based in Quebec, has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference.

Led by head coach Hernán Losada, the team has a mix of experienced veterans and exciting young players who have come together to form a cohesive unit. With the likes of Romell Quioto and Lassi Lappalainen leading the attack, and Zachary Brault-Guillard anchoring the defense, CF Montreal has the talent to take on any team in the conference.

History Of CF Montreal: Founded In 1992

The Impact de Montréal Football Club, more commonly known as Impact de Montréal FC, was established in 1992 by the Saputo family.

CF Montreal

The club was granted a franchise in the American Professional Soccer League (APSL), which was considered the highest level of professional soccer in North America at the time. Impact de Montréal FC was set to begin competition in the upcoming 1993 season of the APSL.

Who Was The Founder Of CF Montreal

In December 1992, the Saputo organization, under the leadership of Joey Saputo, announced a long-term commitment as the owner of a new professional soccer team in the city of Montreal.

CF Montréal, known as the Impact, began its inaugural season with Pino Asaro as General Manager and Eddie Firmani as the Head Coach.

Current President Of CF Montreal; Who Is Gabriel Gervais?

CF Montréal, back in March, announced the appointment of former player Gabriel Gervais as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of the club. Gervais, who has been a partner in the Montréal office of Deloitte, a global professional services firm, brings a wealth of experience to the role.

He played for the club during their Montréal Impact days from 2002-2008 and was recognized as the USL Division 1 Defender of the Year on three separate occasions.

Stadium Of CF Montreal: Stade Saputo

A rather costly affair of $17 million dollars, the CF Montreal is blessed with a serene ‘Stade Saputo’. The stadium is a Saputo family donation of $7.5 million with the financing of $9.5 million dollars for a 25 years term. The club enjoys the field but especially for the high-spirited team, inaugurated on October 1, 2013. 

Saputo Stadium

A revolutionary technology offered by the FieldTurf design is a FIFA two-star designated surface. The beauty is the uniqueness it offers in Quebec and its expansion that is accommodative of the increasing needs.

The Stade Saputo has 20,810 seats, a number finally arrived at after its expansion in 2011. The historic win of 4-1 against the Seattle Sounders FC is often accorded to the amazing practice space, shortly after it was inducted as the official practicing ground for Montreal in 2012. 

Q: What is the name of CF Montreal’s stadium?

Ans: CF Montreal’s stadium is called Stade Saputo

Sporting Rivalries Of CF Montreal

The CF Montreal is a party to the first and fiercest rivalries of MLS. The tussle between CF Montreal and Toronto FC is one of the oldest and the most difficult to miss. The historic 40 years of rivalry amongst the Canadian teams, also called the Canadian Classique.

 The rivalry match is also a record-maker with the largest number of fans ever attending a soccer game between two Canadian teams, with a huge turnout figure of  61,004 fans in the 2016 MLS Eastern conference finals.

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC is a minor rival of the CF Montreal, especially with a history in the Canadian Championship.

Q: Which team is the biggest rival of CF Montreal?

Ans: The tussle between CF Montreal and Toronto FC is one of the oldest and the most difficult to miss.

Fans And Culture Of CF Montreal 

The fans of CF Montreal are truly the heartbeat of the club. They are a passionate and dedicated group that brings a unique energy to the stadium every game. Known as the “Montreal Impact Supporters,” they are a colorful and vibrant group who are always ready to cheer on their team. From the singing of the national anthem to the passionate chants, their energy is infectious and creates an atmosphere that is unmatched in the league.

Beyond the excitement of game days, CF Montreal’s culture is deeply rooted in its community. The team has a strong connection to the city of Montreal and its residents, and it’s evident in the way the team represents the city on and off the field. The players are involved in various charitable initiatives, and it’s a source of pride for the city’s residents.

CF Montreal Key Individuals

Notable Players In The History Of CF Montreal

Throughout the years, the Montreal Impact has been fortunate to have had some of the most talented and iconic players don its white jersey. Names such as Alessandro Nesta, Marco Di Vaio, Ignacio Piatti, and the legendary Didier Drogba have all left an indelible mark on the club’s history and success.

They have become synonymous with the club, and their contributions will never be forgotten by the fans of CF Montreal. These players have become a part of the club’s legacy and will always hold a special place in the hearts of the fans.

Best Manager In The History Of CF Montreal

The CF Montreal coaching legacy is marked by many notable figures, but among them, one stands out for his exceptional record of regular season points per game: Marco Schallibaum. In 2013, Schallibaum led the Impact to a historic season, collecting an impressive 1.44 points per game, and a 41.18 in % which remains a club record to this day.

Mauro Biello - CF Montreal Manager

Former player Mauro Biello holds a special place in the history of CF Montreal as a coach, coming closest to Schallibaum’s records with a tenure of 79 games.

He has the lowest loss percentage (37.97%), highest goals scored per game (1.51), and highest overall finish (3rd) after taking over 2/3 way through the 2015 season from Frank Klopas. He is also the only coach to take the Impact to a Conference final (also in 2015).

CF Montreal Record Breakers

All-Time Top Scorers Of CF Montreal

Ignacio Piatti has made the most appearances in this list mentioned. He has been able to establish himself at the numero uno spot after featuring in 163 games.

Ignacio Piatti79
Marco Di Vaio40
Romell Quioto35
Didier Drogba23
Saphir Taider22

Q: Who has scored the most goals in CF Montreal’s history?

Ans: Ignacio Piatti has scored the most goals in CF Montreal’s history.

Ignacio Piatti - CF Montreal

All-Time Top Assist Providers Of CF Montreal

Ignacio Piatti doesn’t only have the most goals but also has the most assists for the CF Montreal franchise. He also has a goals-per-match ratio of 0.48.

Ignacio Piatti37
Patrice Bernier24
Justin Mapp24
Saphir Taider22
Djordje Mihailovic21

Who Has The Most Appearances For CF Montreal?

Hassoun Camara, who has now retired, is a French former professional footballer of Senegalese descent. The 39-year-old began his career with his hometown club, Olympique Noisy-le-Sec

Hassoun Camara186
Patrice Bernier184
Ignacio Piatti163
Samuel Piette161
Leonardo di Lorenzo144

Most Expensive Transfers In The History Of The CF Montreal

The spoken-off franchise, CF Montreal Impact acquired attacking midfielder Jeisson Vargas in 2018.

Jeisson VargasCatolicaMontreal$3.04 million 
Alejandro SilvaLanusMontreal$1.63 million
Alistair JohnstonNashvilleMontreal$0.9 million
Rudy CamachoWaasland BeverenMontreal$0.86 million
Djordje MihalovicChicago FireMontreal$0.7 million

Conclusion: Overview Of CF Montreal’s Legacy

CF Montreal have been under some pressure from its fanbase recently, allegedly changing its logo for the 2023 season. The news speaks volumes of the ongoing stir in the team and its dedication to staying in the sport, shining bright, and obviously being at the center of fans’ enthusiasm.

CF Montreal Achievements

The 5-time Canadian Cup winners will be hoping to add to their trophy collection in the coming seasons. Especially after the latest investments from their long-standing owners, and with new arrivals, like Aaron Herrera and George Campbell.


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