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Worth It? The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy – Guide

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy is an excellent boot that provides great value for money. Nike has done a fantastic job of balancing the price point with quality materials; this shoe does not disappoint.

Even though they focused on a cheaper material, the result is a boot that has been designed to be as comfortable as possible, no matter the cost. Nike has done this by using leather throughout the upper – which breaks in very quickly. Lets see how the new Nike Tiempo 9 Academy stacks up!

What is the upper of the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy made of? Is it an Improvement?

The Nike Tiempo 9 Academy features an alright Leather (Calf Skin). Nike has opted to be as cost-conscious as possible and as such, the upper is quite thin. Nike’s design team has done a great job of balancing this by making the leather very flexible and giving it a good texture to ensure good comfort even with thin and cheap material. Nike has used leather throughout the upper – which breaks in very quickly and easily.

Even though its a cheaper model, it still features memory foam inserts & texturing for better grip. As a control boot (within a very affordable category) Nike has done a fantastic job of creating an awesome upper. Nike’s design team have done a great job with the Nike Tiempo; they’ve kept it as close to its roots as possible while still keeping costs down and delivering excellent value for money!

Yes, it is not a top tier elite model, however, for its value, it delivers the same feeling in some way or another. Yes, its cheaper materials – but it doesn’t feel that way, thus why we echo that this is great value for money.

To sum up with (regarding the upper); The Nike Tiempo 9 Academy is made for good touch on the ball along with being lightweight which lets you move around freely without any restrictions from the shoe itself! Nike has done a fantastic job of balancing the Nike Tiempo 9 Academy’s price point with quality materials; this shoe, Nike’s value proposition, does not disappoint.

Nike has used leather throughout the upper – which breaks in decently quickly and easily. Nike has done a really good job at making it feel as close to an elite Nike Tiempo Academy as possible while keeping costs down – this should be good enough to please anyone looking for a decent affordable boot.

Tiempo Legend 9 Academy-

Lacing System and tongue?

It has a central lacing system with a traditional tongue which is stitched internally. Nothing special here, a decent structure which is proven to provide good lockdown.

The new inner structure for the new Nike Tiempo legend 9 Academy: How structured is it?

The new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy features a nylon reinforcement liner. As Nike’s value on the Nike Tiempo 9 Academy is being a comfortable shoe, Nike has provided a decent reinforcement structure with a nylon liner, which creates a more structured environment.

Such an inner structure makes for decent stability overall.

How’s the heel structure? Internal or external?

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy features an internal heel counter. Nike has opted to go with a simple design, which is why the heel counter offers decent support, protection and firmness as well as looking good due to its simple design.

The Soleplate of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy, is it good?

It features 13 Studs, 4 bladed rear(more aggressive bite), 6 rounded rotational/conical, 3 For extra bite and reaction (in FG). A very similar one to the elites.

Its a decent soleplate, which has the same configuration as the Elite version. It provides decent traction and respectable lateral force considering the price point.

Tiempo Legend 9 Academy

Lets talk traction. With the new sole of the Nike Tiempo Legend 9, does it add any additional performance in speed?

The Nike Tiempo Academy provides a lot of comfort and stability when changing direction. As discussed before, they provide decent traction due to its very balanced soleplate. The inner structure helps in this regard as well, as it feels respectably responsive. Similar feeling to the Elites, even though it does not cost as much.

Considering its price, (and it’s a beginner category) this is the best bang for one’s buck.

How does the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 fit? Are they comfortable?

The Nike Tiempo features a combination of soft materials inside which makes them extremely comfortable right out of the box with little break-in time needed. Nike has made this shoe for people that are looking for comfort and performance – Nike has done a good job at providing that.

Take into consideration that Nike Tiempos are decently flexible, but they will offer you enough flexibility to allow for quick movement.

The Tiempo 9 Academy wraps around your foot, something you would expect with a leather boot. You usually don’t expect boots that cost in this range to fit this well. Nike really hit it out of the park with this Tiempo. With the leather upper, the internal structure and a respectable soleplate – its really a shoe to consider.

Are they for wide or narrow feet?

They fit all feet and are very comfortable, but they are on the narrow side. It is not recommended for extra wide feet.

What size should you get?

Go true to size. Just keep in mind that every leather boot stretches over time, so to achieve best possible fit, go true to size.

Is the Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy good for all conditions? Does it heat your feet?

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy has decent ventilation, given that its leather. Nike has also used good materials to reduce heat issues.

How’s the touch? Is it made for Passing, Shooting and Crossing? How does it perform?

The Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy is Nike’s first Nike Tiempo boot that Nike has made for players looking for a combination of great performance and comfort. Nike has used a mix of materials on the Nike Tiempos. Nike has also included a mix of materials so the Nike Tiempos offer a decent touch on the ball, which is a bit more firm. The Nike Tiempos with this upper is quite thin, but they still provide excellent touch on the ball with just enough grip to allow for quick movement.

Nike Tiempos offer a good grip with just enough firmness to allow for great performance in passing, shooting or crossing. For this price point, Nike has done a very good job and Nike Tiempos are great value for money.

Are the new Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Academy light?

They are decently lightweight, weighing in around 228g (EU:42-43, UK:9, US:9.5), only 12g more than the Elite. As a control boot within this price range, they are quite light.


If you’re looking for a new soccer shoe that offers high-end performance but doesn’t break the bank, then consider the Nike Tiempo Academy 9. This is one of Nike’s best takedown and affordable models which compares very highly to their elite model in terms of weight and comfort. Stay tuned as we have many more reviews like this coming your way!


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