Football Training Exercises to Try at Home
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Football Training Exercises To Try At Home: Full Guide

We all follow our favorite football teams and even their training sessions. You can’t have all of these incredible training facilities in your hometown, but there’s a lot more you can do than sit and lament the fact that you’re not training at multi-million-dollar clubs. You’re all set after reading this guide on football training exercises to try at home!

Training is something that all football players do, regardless of talent or skill level. The more you train, the better your games will be, and vice versa. Many players have risen from humble beginnings to reach the pinnacle of the footballing world.

In today’s blog, we will discuss a few general types of football training exercises that you can do at home without any fancy equipment to improve your football skills and talent. As a result, there should be no excuses this time because we will bring the entire training session to your home.

Cone Dribbling

football training exercises

It’s simple; all you need is something to mark visual steps on the ground; even if you don’t have cones, anything will suffice. Cone dribbling exercises are an excellent way to improve your dribbling skills because they include a variety of drills. We’ll go over a few drills that you can do at home with a few cones.

Close Cone Dribbling:

You don’t need much space for close-cone dribbling. Simply place three or four cones one or two feet apart in a line or triangular shape, and dribble through them with the inside and outside of your feet. It significantly improves ball control. It will also teach you to stay alert in tight spaces.

Distant Cone Dribbling: 

You’ll need a few more cones, which isn’t a problem. Repeat the previous drill, but this time increase the distance between the cones and the number of cones themselves. This drill will help you improve your speed with the ball at your feet as well as your ball control in tight spaces and on long runs.

Circular Cone Dribbling: 

You must be prepared for more realistic situations that may arise on match day. In Circular cones dribbling, as the name suggests, make a circle of cones and try to dribble through all of them with the inside and outside of your foot to complete the circle.

There are many other football training exercises that can be done with a ball and a cone, but these are the most basic. It is primarily concerned with your dribbling technique and ball control. Of course, you’ve seen Lionel Messi and his incredible dribbling and ball-control abilities as he dances through defenders. Practice will eventually lead to perfection.

Speed Drills

football training exercises

Players with great speed and tactical awareness are always a dangerous element for the opposition because they are difficult to stop. While you’re stuck at home, you can still improve your speed by performing the following simple speed drills:

Simple Speed Drill:

The name tells the entire story. Simple sprints are the result of simple speed drills. Define a 15- to 20-yard-long area. Begin sprinting from the beginning and continue until the end. For a better recovery, remember to ‘walk’ back to the starting point for the next repetition.

Cone Sprints: 

Agility and speed are extremely important. Collect 5 cones and place them 5 yards apart in a straight line. Do you recall the ‘distant cone dribbling’? You must repeat the drill, but this time without the ball. Sprint through the cones and walk back to the starting point for the next rep. This drill will help you become more agile in a realistic situation where you must avoid defenders.

Back-Pedal Sprints:

The final one is the simplest. Collect 4 or 5 cones and label them 1-4. Begin by sprinting from cone 1 to cone 3, then backpedaling toward cone 2. Sprint from cone 2 to cone 4, then backpedal to cone 3. And then repeat the process.

NOTE: The number of repetitions varies from person to person. 7-8 reps of each drill are the ideal amount. 

Shooting Drills

You can have all the agility, pace, and dribbling skills in the world, but if you can’t shoot the ball accurately and precisely, you’ll suffer regardless of your position on the field. As a result, shooting is an important skill to hone. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss a few shooting exercises that you can perform in your own backyard or any open area with no hassle or equipment.

Shooting from Angles:

In a game, you will not have a clear goalpost in front of you. Every time, you’ll have to deal with different shooting angles and spaces. As a result, practicing shooting from various angles will benefit you in a variety of ways.

Anything can be used to define the goal area. And try to come from the goal’s sides and hit the inside of the goal post. Your technique is extremely important in this situation. Only by practicing will you be able to improve your technique.

One-Touch Shooting:

When you’re in a shooting position near the goal in a football game, there’s always anxiety, noises, and a rushing atmosphere. That is when you need to control your nerves, and a One-touch shooting drill will assist you in doing so. Take a friend with you because you’ll need a partner here.

Get in front of the goal and instruct your partner to deliver passes from various angles; your goal is to score with a single touch. Repeat as many times as you want with different angles. This drill will turn you into a lethal finisher in most rushing situations.

Free-Kick Drills:

A complete forward is always effective with set pieces. You, too, can improve your set-piece technique, but only with practice, as we have repeatedly stated. Free-kicks can be practiced from various angles and positions.

While changing the angles, keep one thing in mind: when practicing free kicks, keep increasing/decreasing the distance from the goal. Just keep working toward the goal, and you will notice an improvement in your technique over time.

football training exercises

Body Workout

We all know that football is a highly physical sport that requires strength and stamina in addition to technique and skills to survive on the field. That is why, in addition to football training exercises, you should begin a workout routine.

Your body is the foundation for your football skills, and you must strengthen it. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Mohamed Salah, and many others work hard with weights in addition to the ball.

some workouts to get you started:

With all of the drills discussed in today’s blog, a body workout is just as important as the others. When you stay in shape and have a strong body, you will find it easier and more comfortable to execute on the pitch.

To give you a starting push, you can do these simple exercises at home:

  • To increase upper body strength, simply perform push-ups.
  • Squats. Squats are excellent leg exercise.
  • Sit-ups. You can strengthen your core by doing sit-ups.
  • Lunges can be used to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Remember that these are only basic exercises to get you started. You can always add to them as your physical capacity allows.


Now that you have the blueprint and the map, it is up to you to execute and work hard. We attempted to keep things simple while also covering all of the important aspects of your football game. Football training exercises range from ball control to dribbling, physical fitness to agility, and you have a complete and simple roadmap to polish your skill sets.

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