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How To Spin A Basketball: The Ultimate Guide

The spin on a basketball is what can make or break your game. Today, we’ll go over several drills for developing the skill of spinning a basketball. The right way to spin the ball is described in detail in this blog post. Moreover, techniques for enhancing your performance.

The Physics Behind The Spin

A basketball can spin on your finger because of the spin force. The spin force is caused by what’s called angular momentum, and it causes the basketball to spin on your finger.

spin a basketball

Use Your Dominant Hand

Just spin with your dominant hand, keeping the other arm motionless. A basketball should be spun on its side or at the very least flat on the hand. You may also employ this spin technique by spinning it quickly while making little body movements. As a result, the ball does not try to move its elbow point but rather rolls in a circle which other people might not be able to do.

Throw, Don’t Push

Spin from throwing the ball instead of pushing it with fingers. But keep in mind that when learning new techniques, rolling is simpler than flicking! Once you’re comfortable with the throw/spin motion, accelerate up until the spin comes effortlessly.

If you’ve done this before but had no success, then there was most likely an issue with the spin grip, spin timing, spin direction, or spin speed.

Try spinning the ball on its side as an additional spin technique (or at least flat against palm)  rather than merely using your fingertips. Because you don’t have to go through as much air before turning around our elbow point, it will spin more quickly as a result. So make sure you hold on tight.

Stay Efficient

If you are having problems with a technique, check to see if there isn’t a following step that requires energy to be transferred from one body part to another, such as rolling versus flicking.

If you find yourself doing an extra motion when trying a spin trick for instance (rolling hand under basketball and releasing over top) then that might mean positioning is wrong or perhaps rotation velocity needs improving!

Also, avoid holding onto the ball after each spin attempt (and while spin is happening) – this will make spin feel very unnatural and might not work at all!

Spin The Basketball On Its Side or Flat

Spin basketball on its side or flat against your palm for maximum spin potential.

If you want to increase spin speed, move your hand through less air before the ball rotates around the elbow point because there is less distance the ball must travel and as a result, spin happens faster. However, start with enough force in the throw or push motion so that rotation occurs after release.

spin a basketball

Quality Over Quantity

Finally, remember that quality over quantity when it comes time to take spinning a little seriously – it’s preferable to be able to do one amazing spin trick flawlessly as opposed to barely managing to execute two separate moves.

How to Spin a Basketball | Step-by-Step

  • Find a Basketball

Choose a basketball that fits your hand properly first; if it feels too light, the ball’s spin accuracy may suffer while spin speed may be increased.

  • Stretch your fingers and arms

Spend a moment getting ready before beginning a spin workout by stretching your fingers and arms.

  • Find the grooves in the ball

Spin the ball by circling your palm around its center to try and find the grooves.

Go for spin instead of speed! Prior to increase either the rotational velocity or the spin difficulty level, you need become accustomed to this motion. Don’t start practicing spins right away.

  • Hold the ball up with your elbow a little above your hip

Throw the ball up with your elbow a little above your hip, spin it on its side, or flat against your palm.

  • Flick your hand and thumb to spin the ball

Avoid spinning the ball with only one or two fingers by flicking your hand and thumb.

  • Catch the ball on the tip of your dominant index finger

Once the basketball drops from spin, catch it on the tip of your dominant index finger.

  • Keep your finger directly in the center of the ball where the grooves meet

When the ball is spinning in its grooves and your finger remains in the center of that spin, your spin will be the strongest.

  • Bring your arm back down to a comfortable position

Bring your arm back down to a comfortable position, spin the ball slowly in one hand for practice.

  • Continue practicing until you can balance the ball perfectly

Don’t stop practicing! Continue spin practices on basketballs when you’re done reading this blog post.

How Long Does It Take To Learn How To Spin a Basketball?

To spin a basketball properly, it often takes two months.

Don’t let this get you discouraged! Everyone has trouble spinning the ball at first, but with time and practice, it will grow easier for you; just keep practicing every day until that time.

Even seemingly insurmountable goals may be attained with perseverance and consistent effort; if your objective is to master the art of basketball spinning, then keep at it!

As long as you remain committed enough throughout the entire procedure, you’ll eventually see results. Never stop working! Don’t give up since spinning a basketball can become an unbreakable habit once the motion becomes second nature.

spin a basketball

Record For The Longest Basketball Spin

According to The Guinness World Records, the longest time to spin a basketball on one finger using one hand is 11 min 22.22 sec, achieved by Narayan Bhattarai (Nepal) in Kathmandu, Nepal on 8 May 2018.

Don’t spin a basketball for that long just yet! Try to spin it on your finger or flat against the palm of your hand for about 30 seconds at first and then build up from there.


We hope you liked reading about how to spin a basketball on our blog. You can practice spinning a basketball every day if you want to! Don’t overthink the procedure or give up too quickly; Instead, simply keep practicing and you’ll become better gradually with each spin session you perform.

Remember to have fun with this spin practice by keeping an open mind and finding new ways to improve spinning techniques every day you spend practicing – don’t be afraid to try something different if what you’ve been doing lately isn’t working out so well anymore!


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