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10 Tips For Not Getting Nervous In Basketball

When playing basketball, it is important to keep calm under pressure. If you get nervous, your ability to play will be hindered. And the other team will take advantage of this nervousness. To not get nervous when playing a game of basketball, many things can be done. This blog post will talk about 10 tips on how not to get nervous in basketball. That is keeping calm when under pressure!

The Reasons Why You Get Nervous In Basketball

To tackle the problems, we first need to understand why nervousness happens. Here are some of the possible reasons:

Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure is one reason you might be nervous. This means that someone feels nervous because they think they have no hope at all in playing well or winning a game. So their fear has become this reality which makes them worried about it.

nervous in basketball

People who get nervous because of fear of failure may have a lack of confidence in themselves. If this is the case then they need to work on their self-esteem and try to build more trust with others. So that when it comes time for them to play basketball or some other sport. They will feel comfortable enough to give it a shot!

Pressure From People

Another possibility for nervousness is feeling nervous because of the people watching. This can be a close friend or family member. And it could also be a lot of other people at once. A nervous player might feel nervous because of the pressure from these people.

If you have a friend or family member who is pressuring you. Talk to them about it and let him/her know how nervous this makes you. If there are a lot of other people watching though, sometimes talking with some friends can help too!

New Surroundings

Furthermore, nervousness might occur due to something new happening in your life. You may have been playing basketball for years but then there comes some big change – like a new team, coach, or even just having to practice with different rules.


Next, nervousness could occur due to overthinking the game. People might be so nervous because they have been thinking about a very important upcoming match for too long and their thoughts are just getting in their way of playing well.

Lack Of Practice

Another reason nervousness might happen is because of a lack of practice. If you have not been practicing for a long time and then suddenly someone asks if you want to play, this can be the cause of nervousness since it’s too hard for your mind and body to adjust quickly.

Lack Of Experience

Additionally, nervousness might be because of a lack of experience. If someone is not experienced enough in a certain sport or activity, then they might feel nervous about doing it because they don’t know what will happen to them and this can make their mind too nervous as well.

Embrace The Challenge!

It’s important to understand why nervousness occurs so that one knows how not get nervous in basketball.

Always remember that nervousness is not a failure! It just means you’re excited and the other team has the same opportunity to win as well. So if nervousness happens, focus on playing your best anyways because it’s okay to be nervous sometimes – after all, everyone gets nervous when they play sports! Even professional athletes get nervous.

Just embrace the nervousness and challenge it to play your best!

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Nervousness in Basketball


Meditating before the game can help get rid of nervousness. Meditating means clearing your mind and thinking about nothing, not even basketball! It’s helpful to focus on breathing slowly while meditating because this helps calm you down.

Taking deep breaths is also another way to get rid of nervousness in a sports game. This takes some practice because you have to remember to breathe, but a lot of nervousness can be solved by taking deep breaths.

nervous in basketball

Don’t Stop Moving!

Nervousness happens when someone stands still and does not move around. Although nervousness might make it hard for one to concentrate on moving, try your best anyway because if the other team sees that you’re nervous, they’ll play harder.

Get More Sleep!

Make sure to get enough sleep the night before so that your mind does not feel tired when nervousness happens during a game. If you are not well-rested and nervousness is troubling you, then it’s easy for one to become frustrated with themselves which could end up hurting their team.

Listen To Music

Listening to music before the game is also a good idea because nervousness might be reduced by listening to some upbeat songs. If nervousness does still happen, then it is best to play the songs in your head so that one doesn’t have to worry about singing or humming.

nervous in basketball

Keep A Positive Mindset

Always remember that nervousness is normal and it just means you care about the outcome of the game. Moreover, nervousness can be reduced by having a positive mindset because this makes one believe in themselves more – which then helps them play better!

Learn From Mistakes

Nervousness can be reduced by learning from mistakes. If nervousness happens and one makes a mistake (like missing a shot), then remember to keep going because this is not the end of the world! The only way to improve at something is through making mistakes and getting better as time goes on.

As Michael Jordan, famously said;

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”

Do Not Take The Games Too Seriously

Additionally, nervousness can be reduced by not taking games too seriously. It is okay to take the game seriously because this means you care about winning, but it’s also important to enjoy playing and have fun together with your teammates!

Experiment In Practice

Nervousness can be reduced by experimenting in practice. This means trying new techniques and strategies to see what works best for you so that nervousness does not happen as much during a game!

If nervousness does still happen in a game, then simply continue to have fun while playing because the best thing about sports is that everyone has fun together.

Play As Much As Possible

Moreover, nervousness can be reduced by playing as much as possible. If you play more often and get used to it, then nervousness will happen less! After all, the best way to feel comfortable in a sport is through practice.

Work Hard

Working hard is one of the best ways to get the nervousness out in a sports game. If you work your hardest, then nervousness will not be a problem because it means you’re trying your best and giving 100%. So if nervousness happens, just keep playing as well as possible!


Always remember that nervousness is not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you’re a bad player, so don’t let nervousness get to your head! Nervousness means there’s some excitement involved which could be good if one can harness this energy.

Just focus on playing well no matter what because nervousness happens but that doesn’t mean the nervous person is a failure. Sometimes nervousness can be bad for one’s game, but if anything nervousness shows that you’re passionate about this sport!

Thanks for reading our blog on how not to get nervous when playing basketball! We hope this helps anyone who might be nervous during games!

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