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The Best Summer Basketball Camps: All You Need To Know

If you are looking for a summer camp that will best suit your needs, then look no further. In this blog post, we give all the information about the best summer basketball camps. And why they are best for you! Whether it is to learn new skills or meet new people, these camps have it all.

There is a camp specifically for those of you who wish to improve your basketball talents. Whatever skill level you’re interested in, these camps specialize in everything from 3-point shooting competitions to dribbling workouts!

Hoop Group Basketball Camps

The Hoop Group Basketball Camps are best for beginners to advanced players. With two locations in the United States, one being located just outside Orlando Florida. And the other near Salt Lake City Utah, this camp is ideal for those who want an experience of a lifetime!

This program will improve your talents because it has some of the greatest instructors in the business. Hoop Group also provides a program called “Real Competition” for those who are interested in learning how to play basketball in a team setting. It enables you to compete against groups from different camps in North America!

Point Guard College Basketball Camps

The Point Guard College Basketball Camps are best for serious basketball players who are looking to improve their game. With elite coaches and trainers, this camp is best for those ready to take the next step in their game! This summer program offers both individual training as well as team practices. So you can learn how best to play with your peers.

This year’s Point Guard College Basketball Camp took place over two weeks at Drake University. This means there was plenty of time dedicated to learning new skills but also having fun!

summer basketball camps

Five Star Basketball Camps

The Five Star Basketball Camps are best for those who want to play all day! With over 400 different activities built into this camp, every week is sure to be an adventure. This summer basketball camp had its water park and a skate park. So you could spend the whole day having fun while also getting better at your game!

Due to the age-based separation of campers, they were constantly playing with someone of a similar skill level. During these two weeks of demanding practice and competition, there are no strangers since everyone here becomes like family.

Phenom Basketball Camps

The Phenom Basketball Camps are best for those looking to take their game to the next level. For one week this summer, kids had the chance to work with elite coaches and trainers to learn new drills and practice different strategies they can use on or off the court!

In addition to getting a firsthand look at what it’s like to play college basketball, campers also got to warm up on courts reserved particularly for NCAA Division I teams.

There is something out there that will challenge your abilities more than ever before, regardless of whether you are a novice or an expert gamer. Every child now has the chance to develop as a player while they are not in school thanks to all of the options that are easily accessible.

The National Basketball Academy

The National Basketball Academy is best for those who want to learn and play at the same time!

Kids this summer had access to “Elevate” training for a whole week, which involves games with other campers and skill classes. The program’s devoted coach ensures that you always know where they are and what drills they will be teaching next. This is its best feature.

Every day of camp included an additional lecture called “Be A Game Changer,” which teaches young athletes how to best behave themselves once their playing days are done. This course was for individuals who were interested in becoming great players off the court. The National Basketball Academy is the ideal option for next summer for beginners seeking something more difficult or even for seasoned players willing to step up their game.

Elite Hoops Basketball Camps

Elite Hoops Basketball Camps are best for those looking to improve their game in a short amount of time.

Kids have the ability to play this summer with friends from all over North America while also practicing drills and strategies that would help them perform better during actual games!

Youngsters engaged in team sessions as well as individual training, which gave players of all skill levels the chance to improve by competing against similar-level opponents.

There was always fun to be had around here with over 220 events offered each day, including games, scrimmages, talks, and more! Elite Hoops Basketball Camps are the finest option for anyone who is now eager to boost their game.

Advantage Basketball Camps

Advantage Basketball Camps are best for those who are not afraid to step up their game!

There were so many options available during this summer’s Advantage Basketball Camp that kids could come back day after day and still learn something new. Not only did the best players get extra attention but everyone was able to improve which made playing more fun than ever before!

The summer 2023 camps will consist of 1-5 day sessions for boys and girls of all skill levels, from 6 to 18 years of age. Locations include Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington, and more.

For anyone ready to spend two weeks learning everything about basketball while also having a ton of fun doing it, Advantage Basketball Camps are best for next summer.

summer basketball camps

NBC Basketball Camps

NBC Basketball Camps are best for those looking to have an unforgettable summer!

This year, NBC Basketball Camps once again took place at the best facilities in town; that means kids got a chance to play on courts used by NBA teams every day! With over 100 activities available throughout the week including lectures & scrimmages, there was always something fun happening around here.

Players were able to receive specialized attention from coaches who only work with them on their playing days during camp hours. NBC Basketball Camps are the greatest option for next summer for anyone prepared to spend two weeks learning everything there is to know about basketball while also having plenty of time left over just for hanging out.

Snow Valley Basketball Camps

Snow Valley Basketball Camps are best for those who want to make new friends and have a great time!

During Snow Valley Basketball Camps, everyone is constantly having a good time. Kids not only had the opportunity to learn from NBA-caliber coaches, but they also got to play with peers from all around North America. This summer, students had an experience they would never forget and where connections were formed that will remain long after the last day of camp.

In addition, there was an impressive list of activities available throughout each day including pool parties & over 100 interactive games so everyone could get involved even if you can’t stay for extended periods during each session. For anyone ready to spend two weeks doing everything possible about basketball while also making memories that will never be forgotten.

Why Should You Go To Summer Basketball Camps

Attending summer basketball camps can help you stay sharp over the summer break. Basketball camps are best for those who want to improve their game on or off the court!

A week of basketball camp can teach kids so much, and they’ll not only get better players but also have a blast while doing it! Everyone is guaranteed to find something they enjoy because there are so many different events, such as scrimmages, talks, and more, offered every day.

For beginners looking for somewhere intense where they can challenge themselves every day of the camp, attending one next summer would be the best option right now.

How To Know If A Basketball Camp is of Good Quality?

  • Players Are Constantly Busy – At a well-run camp, players will be constantly busy. There will be very little standing around and NO standing in lines. Nothing is worse than standing in line at a camp with 200 other players and waiting your turn. If a camp has LOTS of players, the good ones will be very organized and keep everyone busy (improving).
  • Players Are Listening – A good camp instructor will find a way to connect with players and demand their attention. If all the players are quiet and their eyes are on the instructor, hanging on every word, this is probably a good camp. The good camps have instructors that know how to get players attention and TEACH them.
  • They Are Focused on Player Development – A good camp will teach you fundamentals, skills, athleticism, and mentality that will help you no matter what coach or team you play for. In other words, the camp instructors should be experts when it comes to player development and that should be the focus of the entire camp.
  • High Repetitions – The best basketball camps give you a tremendously high number of repetitions. The best way to learn is—see, hear, and do. In order to develop a new skill, you must get thousands of repetitions and develop new muscle memory. The good camps get you lots of reps.
  • Coaches Are Active – A camp is only as good as the people running it. Good camps have coaches walking around making sure everything is done properly. The lead instructor should be walking around to each station making sure all the assistants are teaching properly and the players are improving. The last thing you want is the lead instructor making small talk to other coaches or even missing from the camp. They should be dedicated and working the entire time.
  • Players Have a Ball in Their Hands at Almost All Times – Each player should have a ball during the majority of the camp. At times players might even have two basketballs (for ball handling). For some drills a ball is not necessary (agility, cutting, screening, defense, etc). However, to get better on offense, you need a ball in your hand during the majority of the camp.
  • Character Building – Good camps will teach players life skills and spend time building character. Basketball provides a great opportunity for players to learn life skills. Not every player will become a Division I college player or a professional athlete. But every single player at the camp has an opportunity to learn life lessons, development character, and become a better person. Good camps use these opportunities to teach these lessons.
  • Players Learn the Mental Aspects – A good camp will find opportunities to help players build mentality and teach them about the mental aspects of the game. They might teach them about leadership, playing through mistakes, toughness, and teamwork. Mentality is a very big part of basketball that should not be neglected. The good camps I see out there find opportunities to help players improve their mentality.
summer basketball camps


We hope that this list of our favourite basketball summer camps is helpful for you and your family. For those who are not sure what to do with their kids over the summer, we recommend looking into one of these camps.

Whether they’re interested in playing basketball or just want a place where they can run around and have some fun, there will be something for everyone on this list! Let us know if you attended any of these camps and how it went!


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