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Fun Basketball Shooting Games You Can Play

What do you get when you cross fun with basketball? Basketball shooting games! Shooting hoops is fun, and can even be addicting. This blog post will show you the six best basketball shooting games that we could find. We’ll also provide tips about how to play each one of them so that the fun never has to stop!

Of course, you can always fall back on the team setup games like 2 vs 2 classic style basketball. But why not try something fun and different once in a while?

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This is a fun basketball shooting game that you can play with your friends, and even against yourself! The rules are pretty simple to compete in the game H-O-R-S-E on a basketball court. Matching baskets are the basis of the game’s concept. The winner of the game is the player who makes shots that the opposition does not match.

Example: If the first shot is successful, the second shooter must replicate it. The letter “H” is awarded to the second shooter who misses. The second shooter may attempt any shot if the first shooter’s shot is unsuccessful.

If the player’s shot is successful, the adversary must attempt a similar shot. A letter is “given” for each shot that a shooter attempts to imitate but misses. The game goes on until someone collects five letters or H-O-R-S-E


This fun basketball shooting game is also known as “Horse” but we prefer calling it by its other name…PIG! Instead of playing in a group like H.O.R S E. This fun hoops shooting game can be played with just two people at a time.

Shoot a basic shot from anywhere on the court. It can be a standing or moving basketball shot, such as from the three point line or as a lay up. If the first player makes the basket, the next person must follow the same shot from the same position and successfully make it as well.

Around the World

The classic basketball game Around the World is played on driveways and in basketball sessions all around the world. With competition incorporated into the routine, the game improves shooting abilities while being entertaining for players of all ages.

Before we examine the game in greater detail, here is a quick summary:

A player must make nine shots from designated areas of the court before their opponent does in order to win the game. Only after making a shot may a player move on to the next location.

The complete directions are provided below.


9 shooting locations are pre-determined before the game begins.

In the tradition version of Around the World these locations are:

• Both Low Blocks
• Both Short Corners
• Both Wings
• Both Elbows
• Free-Throw Line

How to play

1. The first player starts by taking a shot from one of the low blocks.

2. If they make it, they’ll take a shot from the other low block. But if they miss, it’s now the other player’s turn to shoot.

3. Players start by making a shot from each low block (2 makes). After that, they’ll start at either short corner and work their way around the arc. Completing the final 7 shots in the process.

4. The first person to make all 9 shots is the winner!


This fun hoops shootin’ activity is similar to horseshoes in real life. Except we’re going to make this fun game more fun by changing up some parts! For starters there’s only going to be two posts instead of four. So each pair should stand about ten feet apart from one another.

Just like they would if playing horseshoes in real life as for the fun basketball shooting game itself, you’ll want to use a standard backyard setup of one player standing about ten feet away from their team’s post while another teammate is stationed directly behind them on the other side.

The fun hoops shooting activity will involve both players taking turns throwing (or rolling) their ball towards their opponent’s posts. With points being awarded depending on where it lands. If your shot ends up closer to the hoop then three points are given; if it bounces off of or goes between two posts before landing inside or outside of its designated circle. Then each score counts as only one point and finally, miss too many shots and lose!


The players line up in a straight line at the start of the game, extending from the free throw line to half court (see diagram #1). With a basketball, the first two players get things going.

The first player attempts to make a free throw by shooting one. If the player misses, he or she must quickly score by grabbing the rebound. The second attempt by Player One need not come from the foul line. In order to score as quickly as possible, he or she can fire a jump shot, a lay-up, or anything else.

Once player one has made their first free throw, player two can start shooting. Player 2’s objective is to make a basket before Player 1 does. If player two misses a free throw, he or she must swiftly recover the ball and make another shot.

Player 1 moves to the back of the line if they make the first basket (see diagram #2). Player one is eliminated if they fail to make a basket before player two (all eliminated players stand off to the side until the game is finished).

After making a basket, player one throws the ball to the following player in line. Prior to player 2, that player tries to make a basket. In this case, player two is eliminated. Players move to the end of the line and throw the ball to the next player in line if player two scores the first goal (see diagram #3).

This is how the game goes on until there is just one person remaining.

Basketball Tag

Basketball tag is a fun basketball shooting game that can be played with two to six players as well, but for now, let’s just say there are only going to be three of us involved. You’ll want one player to stand at the free-throw line and another right behind them before handing each a ball – then you’re ready!

The person in front of the group throws the ball toward the person they need to tag, causing it to bounce off of them before being retrieved by the third person on either side. This starts the entertaining hoops shooting activity.

If done correctly, the person who was tagged is considered to have been “out” and must quit the fun hoops shooting activity immediately. Nevertheless, it’s important to avoid dropping any balls because those also count as “outs.” The winner is the last person standing.

Firing Squad

Although though this particular basketball game is a little different from the others so far, it’s still a lot of fun and a wonderful way to keep things interesting when playing with bigger groups of people.

We won’t be setting up teams though because this fun basketball shooting game will involve everyone throwing their ball at once! Start by having them stand in two lines – one on each side facing away from the hoop and the player that is standing behind it.

Your next move should be to instruct participants to hold out both hands while simultaneously stuffing them with balls. This can make firing squad entertaining, so they’ll need to give a signal before throwing all three balls at the opposing team’s post (or hoop) until someone makes a basket or misses – whichever happens first – before continuing.

To make the enjoyable hoops shooting activity harder for their opponent, whomever scores gets to shoot towards their back so they can’t see where it came from.

The winner of this fun basketball shooting game will be whoever scores or misses last – not who was hit by multiple balls before that point which is why you’ll want your players firing en masse instead of one-on-one combat. After all, what fun would a competition like that be?

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We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of the most popular fun basketball shooting games in this blog post. If we haven’t included your favorite game, please let us know by leaving a comment below! So what is your favorite game?


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