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Michael Jordan is one of the most famous basketball players in history. He played a variety of different positions during his career. But he was mostly known as a shooting guard and small forward. Michael is often credited for popularizing these two positions.

Because he showed that they could be effective together on the same team.

In this blog post we will walk you through Michael’s entire basketball career. Including what position he played at each time, how successful he was there, and some stats from each of those seasons.

Who is Michael Jordan?

A stupid question right? Michael Jordan is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play. He also happens to be one of the most polarizing athletes in sports history. Some even say that MJ single-handedly put the NBA, and the whole sport of basketball on the world map.

The Early Days of MJ

Before Michael was drafted into the NBA. He played basketball for his high school team and eventually led them to a state championship. After Michael graduated from High School in 1981, Michael chose to play college basketball at the University of North Carolina. Michael started as a freshman and averaged 17 points per game (PPG) which made him UNC’s leading scorer that season.

Michael also won numerous awards during this time including College Player of the Year awards in 1984. And again in 1986. The only thing Michael didn’t do is lead UNC to an NCAA Championship; they lost twice in national finals!

After graduating from college with honors (he majored in cultural geography). Michael joined the Chicago Bulls as their third overall pick!

Into The NBA

Michael was a shooting guard and small forward for the Chicago Bulls from 1984-1993, 1994-1998, and 2003-2003. After his NBA career, he played two seasons in Baseball with the Birmingham Barons before returning as a Washington Wizards small forward from 2001 to 2003.

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Michael received many awards throughout his illustrious career including six MVP awards (five regular-season MVPs and one All-Star game MVP), ten scoring titles, three defensive players of the year awards, fourteen all-star appearances. Which tie him at second place with Kareem Abdul Jabbar behind Jerry West who has sixteen all-star appearances among other things!

Michael Jordan | The Shooting Guard (SG)

MJ’s main position was shooting guard. Michael won the most MVPs as a shooting guard and he also has six finals MVP awards. Which are second all-time behind Magic Johnson who has ten Finals MVP Awards! Michael was an incredible scorer during his time in the NBA.

But what made him so unstoppable was that Michael could do it from anywhere on the court. He had this uncanny ability to shoot accurately no matter how far away he was. Or where defenders were trying to block him.

During Michael’s career at SG, Michael averaged 32 points per game (PPG) with a true shooting percentage of 57%!

Michael played nine seasons for Chicago Bulls as Shooting Guard averaging over 30 PPG each season. While having five seasons above 34+ PPG including one 50 points per game season in 1986-1987 (Jordan’s best season).

He also won two defensive players of the year awards and three scoring titles during this time. Michael was so good at shooting guard that he owns many records including:

  • Most 40 point games in a career: 118
  • Most consecutive 40 point games: 12
  • Second-highest points per game average for one season with 37.09 PPG! Only Wilt Chamberlain has averaged more than MJ did at his SG position! Jordan is tied with Kobe Bryant who averaged just over 35 PPG once as well

Michael Jordan | The Point Guard (PG)

Jordan also played point guard on occasion throughout his career including five seasons playing alongside Ron Harper at PG before he retired from basketball after winning three championships with Chicago Bulls. Michael averaged 22+ points per game along with seven assists per game each time MJ started at point guard!

This made it so that Michael was always one of the best players on the court. Even though he wasn’t being used as a shooting guard or small forward by coach Phil Jackson. It just goes to show Michael’s versatility as a player and how Michael always wanted to be involved on the court.

Even if he wasn’t being used in his usual role. Michael is also one of only two players (Magic Johnson) to record at least 30 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists during all three triple-doubles!

Michael Jordan | The Small Forward (SF)

He started playing small forward toward the end of his tenure with the Chicago Bulls. But then played it exclusively when he returned to play again for the Washington Wizards.

Michael was a small forward during his earlier years with Chicago Bulls, but Michael averaged fewer points per game during that time compared to when he played shooting guard for Chicago Bulls.

Michael started playing more small forward in 1993 after Scottie Pippen became one of the best two-way players at SG next to Michael Jordan!

Michael’s best season as an SF came in 1991 where Michael won MVP and Defensive Player of the year awards even though it wasn’t until later on throughout his career that Michael would be considered an elite defender.

During this season, Michael averaged 30+ PPG while also averaging around five rebounds and six assists which were all career highs up to that point. MJ was able to average three steals per game (SPG) during this season as well which is a career-high for Michael!

Michael was able to accomplish all of this while leading the Bulls in scoring, assists, and steals with 30 PPG, six APG, and three SPG.

Michael Jordan, The Small Forward


In conclusion, we could all agree that Michael Jordan was not limited by positional play in basketball. Jordancould play any position on the court and dominate at all of them.

Michael started as a shooting guard in his early years, but then played point guard before Michael averaged more points per game when he was playing small forward most often during later parts of Michael’s career with the Chicago Bulls.

Jordan truly is a one-of-a-kind basketball player who will be remembered for his incredible skillset throughout every single part of the court! Is Michael Jordan the best player to grace the basketball court? Let us know below!

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