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Basketball scholarships are a great way to get extra financial assistance for college. Whether you want a basketball scholarship or not, it is worth researching and understanding what basketball scholarships entail.

In this post, we will talk about the steps that you need to take to get a basketball scholarship. We will also give some tips on how to increase your chances of getting one!

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Start The Process Early

The earlier you start the basketball scholarship process, the better. It takes a long time to obtain basketball scholarships – sometimes years! The best way to streamline this process is by starting early and not rushing through it.

If you wait until your senior year of high school to try for basketball scholarships. Then that will be too late as college deadlines are approaching quickly!

Find The Opportunities!

Start researching now about different basketball opportunities out there. And what requirements they have so that when the time comes. You’ll already know how much money each school can give you in terms of basketball scholarships or financial aid packages.

basketball scholarship

Practice Talking With College Coaches

It is wise to start talking with basketball coaches from the college you would like to attend. This way, if they do offer basketball scholarships or financial aid packages. It will be easier for them to give this information to you in person instead of over email!

Talking with these coaches means that when basketball season comes around and scholarship offers are made. Your name will be top of mind because they know who you are already and what your basketball experience has been so far.

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Where To Find Contact Details

You can find out how to contact a college coach by signing up on their website under the “recruiting” or “contacting us” sections.

Have a Great Video to Share

In addition to talking with basketball coaches. You should also have a great video of your basketball skills that you can send them. This will be the next step in getting basketball scholarships from schools. Because it allows college coaches to see how skilled and talented you are on the court!

If this is not feasible for some reason (e.g., lack of equipment or editing software). Then make sure that your basketball resume has the all necessary information about your basketball experience so far – games played, awards won, etc.

Visit as Many Schools as You Can

The basketball scholarship process is very competitive. To get basketball scholarships, you will need to show college coaches that you are one of the best basketball players out there. And worthy of a basketball scholarship! This means visiting as many colleges as possible so they can see how talented you are in person.

You should also meet with several different basketball coaching staff (and even athletic directors) while on these visits. Because this further shows your interest in their school’s basketball program!

Highlight your academic performance throughout high school. good grades mean that it makes sense for the coach to invest time into training someone who has a strong work ethic off-the-court too!

Recruiting Trips

While going on these recruiting trips. Make sure to bring along extra copies of your basketball resume and your basketball video so that you can leave them with the college coaches.

You should also talk to as many players on these teams as possible. Because they will be able to give you first-hand insight into what it is like playing basketball for their school.

Research The Schools You Want to Attend

Before you go out on basketball recruiting trips, make sure that you research the schools that interest you. This means finding information about each school’s basketball program (e.g., coach and players’ bios). Looking at their campus (location of all buildings), and checking to see what the average GPA is for students in your grade!

You should also visit college websites frequently so that when basketball scholarship offers do come around. It will be easier for coaches to decide if they want to invest time into training someone like yourself. Who shows great academic performance as well as athletic talent!

While talking with other people interested in attending a specific university or college can give an extra set of eyes into whether this school is right for them or not. Make sure to follow up on their responses with your research too!

basketball scholarship

Improve Your Grades

If basketball is not your only interest and you want to get basketball scholarships. Then you must improve your grades in school. This will prove to colleges that you are a hard-working student. Who can balance basketball with academics without having any problems!

Having good grades also means that there’s less pressure on the coach. Because they know they won’t have to worry about training someone whose work ethic isn’t up to par when it comes to keeping their grades up too.

Provide Multiple References

Make sure to provide the basketball coaching staff with references from teachers, coaches, and your current basketball coach too! This will show that you are a well-rounded basketball player. Who knows how important it is to have strong relationships with people around you.

If there’s anyone else in the community (or even outside of the community) who can vouch for what kind of person you are on or off the court – make sure they write out a reference letter for you as well so colleges know why they should invest their time into training someone like yourself!

Show Them Who You Are!

You want all college basketball recruiting teams to see what an asset having someone like yourself would be not only because of your talent but also because other people enjoy being around you too!

Providing references is a great way to increase your basketball scholarship chances. Make sure you ask for them from people who know you well and can provide the coach with positive reviews on your basketball skills!

Don’t Miss Deadlines!

While basketball coaches want to hear from you and your family about why they should invest in someone like yourself, make sure that all deadlines are met. This means sending out basketball resumes and videos when requested, notifying coaches if there will be a change of address or phone number, and communicating with them constantly!

If basketball scholarship offers do come around – it’s important for the coach to know how interested their prospective player is by keeping open lines of communication throughout the entire basketball scholarship process.

Remember: You always want to keep college coaching staff up-to-date on who you are as both a person and an athlete because this will only help increase your chances of getting recruited too!

basketball scholarship


The basketball scholarship process takes time, but if done right, then getting basketball scholarships from colleges is achievable!

If you work hard now in high school by practicing a lot of basketball, visiting different schools, and meeting with coaches – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get at least one or two basketball scholarships before heading off to college!

These were some helpful tips on how to get a basketball scholarship. They may seem simple but they’re crucial steps when trying to get a basketball scholarship!

Follow these steps closely and good luck in obtaining one soon! If you would like more information on how to apply for financial aid packages through colleges, feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below!

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