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Tips On Dealing With Bad Basketball Coaches

How bad are bad Basketball coaches? Really bad. They make you feel bad about yourself, discourage you from playing, and make it hard to stay on the team. But tough times don’t last long if we keep our heads up and work through them. We’re here to provide some advice for dealing with a bad basketball coach. So that even though they’re difficult, your game will still be getting better!

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How Do You Deal With an Unfair Basketball Coach?

One bad thing about basketball coaches is that they don’t have to be fair. They can say what they want, yell at you for no reason, and treat certain people differently than others. Because it’s their team after all! The best way to deal with this sort of bad behavior from your basketball coach is to put yourself in his or her shoes. What if someone treated their child the same way?

  • I would not play on the team again
  • Your teammates are counting on you…try harder next time
  • It’s ok if other kids make mistakes too…just try again

When somebody yells at you like that, your first thought isn’t usually “I should probably listen”. But more along the lines of “What the heck were you thinking?!”. It’s hard to take bad behavior like that seriously enough to respond with anything other than anger and annoyance, but try. If somebody is yelling at you about something they think is important (even if they’re wrong) then what do they want?

Your basketball coach wants you to know that he or she cares about your game. And the way it looks in front of everyone else on the team. They might not feel bad when they yell at someone who could have done a little better. But just remember their reasons aren’t always sound ones even though we can appreciate their effort.

  • I’m sorry you feel bad…try again next time
  • You need more practice to be better!
  • Try again, everyone makes mistakes sometimes
bad basketball coaches

None of this is meant to give bad coaches a free pass on being bad. No coach has the right to treat anyone poorly or unfairly. Regardless of how good they are at coaching basketball players (or even if they’re not). What we want is constructive advice that can help both you and your coach become happy with each other’s performance.

What Makes a Bad Basketball Coach?

When a bad basketball coach has decided they need to yell at their players, there is usually a reason. Just like the happiest parents are ones who know when something is going wrong before it gets bad. Bad coaches can tell when things aren’t quite up to par and choose yelling as an outlet for that frustration. Sometimes this means you’re doing something wrong. But other times it’s just because your basketball coach wants so badly for everyone on the team to succeed even if he or she isn’t sure how.

The bad basketball coach isn’t always bad, just like the bad parent thinks they’re doing what’s best. If somebody is yelling at you for a reason then take this as an opportunity to learn. And become better than ever! Try asking your questions in private if it seems that your team needs to build up some teamwork. Or camaraderie first before diving into mistakes because there might be other players who need more encouragement than criticism.

Bad is Bad!

Remember though, sometimes bad coaches are just bad- period. There aren’t any reasons behind their actions besides being mean. That doesn’t give them an excuse. But hopefully knowing why someone behaves badly gives us all the chance to do better.

We are not responsible for bad behavior from bad coaches. Nobody is except them and their parents who made them that way. The only thing we can control in this situation is ourselves. Which means taking responsibility when someone yells at us for doing something wrong even if they’re being unreasonable about it.

This doesn’t mean letting bad basketball coaches get away with anything. But it does give us all a chance to learn how to respond in difficult situations. Without getting too worked up over things out of our control. It’s hard enough dealing with somebody yelling at us without adding bad emotions to the mix.

Other Red Flags To Look Out For In Bad Basketball Coaches

bad basketball coaches

Doesn’t Care To Improve His/Her Coaching Skills

There are bad coaches out there who don’t care about improving their coaching skills. Because they think basketball comes naturally to them. They might be good at it but that doesn’t mean they can teach other players how to improve or run practices in a way that benefits everyone on the team.

When you’re just starting and your coach is bad. This isn’t always noticeable until you realize nothing has changed between seasons- not even when everybody got better around them! This could also happen if your current bad coach decides he or she wants something different than what was promised (like switching styles of play for example). Which means things will get worse before getting better again if such changes occur without warning.

Doesn’t Adapt His/Her Coaching Strategy

Some bad coaches make the mistake of sticking with one strategy. And refusing to acknowledge that it might not work for everyone. This leaves some players feeling bad because they’re expected to fit into a mold. Rather than improve their skills naturally as time progresses.

Any coach needs to remain open-minded about what works best on his or her team. Since every group is different at this level. But bad basketball coaches often don’t care about why something doesn’t work and try yelling instead which just makes things worse. If you’re dealing with somebody like this. Then be sure your questions are directed towards finding out if there is another way before trying anything else so nobody gets hurt by bad coaching techniques!


Sometimes bad basketball coaches are bad because they’re argumentative. If your coach is constantly looking for an excuse to be mad, chances are he or she isn’t very good at teaching the game of basketball. This could also happen if you disagree with their strategy and feelings towards certain players on the team- like not giving enough playing time despite how hard everybody works!

If this happens then every player must follow suit by asking themselves what part they can play in resolving these conflicts instead of getting caught up in other people’s fights (which will only make things worse). Remember though, sometimes kids act out too so consider everything before trying anything else but do know bad coaching has nothing to do with this situation unless somebody continues complaining.

Do Not Care About The Player’s Opinion

Some bad basketball coaches don’t care about what players think. They might be good at the game but that doesn’t mean they know what’s best for everyone on their team- especially when it comes to personal development!

If you’re dealing with somebody like this then do not expect them to change anytime soon (unless other people bring up bad coaching techniques too). Instead, focus on becoming better yourself because there are plenty of ways you can improve your skills even if nobody else believes in you. This will also help prevent bad basketball coaches from making things worse than they should while teaching kids how important confidence is since life isn’t always fair.

Doesn’t Care To Win or Lose

Some bad coaches just don’t care about winning or losing because they’re bad at their jobs. This could be a coach who only cares about being on time for practice, going through the motions, and showing up on game day to hand out water bottles- nothing more! If this happens then every player must try doing things themselves first before asking anybody else for help but remember that bad coaching has nothing to do with what might happen if you continue complaining instead of finding new ways to improve your skills too.

Does Not Take Accountability

Some bad coaches don’t take accountability for their mistakes. Sometimes they’ll blame the players and other times it will be somebody else’s fault- like bad officiating or anything that doesn’t involve them stepping up as a coach! This could also happen if you think your bad basketball coach isn’t doing enough to help teach certain skills (like footwork, etc.) which might make some kids feel bad about themselves too.

If this is happening then every player must try learning things on their own first before asking anybody else but remember bad coaching has nothing to do with what might happen if you continue complaining instead of finding new ways to improve your skills too.

How a Coach Can Ruin Basketball For You?

A bad basketball coach can ruin your love for the game. This could be somebody who doesn’t teach you new skills or helps you improve on what’s already known instead of just barking orders at players all practice long which is no fun! If this happens then every player must try doing things themselves first before asking anybody else for help but remember bad coaching has nothing to do with what might happen if you continue complaining instead of finding new ways to improve your skills too.

bad basketball coaches


So there you go! These are some tips on how to deal with bad basketball coaches. You can’t change them but you can always improve your skills which will help prevent bad coaching from making things worse in the long run while also teaching kids that life isn’t always fair!

Have you ever had an experience with a bad basketball coach? How did you overcome it?

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