Weak Hand in Basketball

You may be struggling to improve your weak hand in basketball, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with some easy steps that will help you get a stronger weak hand. Your weak hand is important because it can give you an edge on the court when playing against other players. Who are more skilled than you. There are three simple steps to follow for getting a better weak hand in basketball: practice, practice, and more practice!

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Weak Hand Basketball Drills

Dribble Sprints with Your Weak Hand

You can improve your weak hand in basketball by doing dribble sprints with your weak hand. To do this, you want to get a ball and start dribbling as fast as possible from side to side across the court. Without letting the ball hit the ground. By only using one arm for this drill. It will force you to use that weak hand to balance yourself when moving back and forth on the court.

Weak Hand in Basketball

Typewriter Drill

You can also improve your weak hand in basketball by doing the typewriter drill. This is a simple and effective way to get better control of the ball when dribbling. Both with your weak and strong hands. To do this drill, you want to start standing about five feet away from a wall or backboard. So that it’s easier for you to make an accurate shot at the basket.

Then place yourself on one side of the court while holding out your arm straight towards where you think you’ll be able to shoot near right under half-court. Then move over closer into shooting range and keep practicing until you’re successful making shots around center-court distance. Where there would normally be a three-point line. At first, it may take some time before you get used to the weak hand and arm motion. But over time you’ll be able to improve your weak hand in basketball.

The Mikan Drill

The Mikan drill is another great weak hand basketball drill to improve both your weak and strong hands. This one specifically works on the “granny shot”. To do this, you’re going to have a partner hold a ball out for you about chest-high. So that it’s easier to shoot with your weak hand.

You want them to place their other arm in front of them. So they can block your shot if needed from passing over their arms.

To get better at shooting granny shots, try practicing this weak hand basketball drill every day until you feel more comfortable making these types of shots. You’ll even start seeing improvements when using your dominant hand! Make sure not to strain yourself though because fatigue will make it harder to improve weak hands in basketball.

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Tennis Ball Toss

To help improve weak hands in basketball, you can try doing the tennis ball toss. This is a great drill to get used to making shots with your weak hand. While also helping it become more accurate when shooting different angles. For this weak hand workout, you’re going to want to start by standing about five feet away from where you’ll be throwing the balls at (like another person or backboard).

Start off tossing up one tennis ball into the air and then shoot once it reaches its peak before catching it again. You should do this for about 25 reps each session. Until your body gets used to hitting these types of shots on the go without much hesitation! If needed though, feel free to bring down your distance if you’d like. Until you feel more comfortable with weak hand shooting.

Full Court Drills for Weak Hand

To improve weak hands in basketball, you can also try doing full-court drills. For this weak hand workout. Start by dribbling the ball up and down the floor to different spots on the court. You should then take a shot from each spot before going back into another line of defense around center-court distance. Where there would normally be a three-point line.

This drill will help you get used to using your weak hand. While getting more comfortable with making shots both near and far away from where you’re standing! Not only that but it’s great for improving weak hand accuracy too when shooting at such angles.

Weak Hand in Basketball

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Weak Hand In Basketball?

It’s tough to say exactly how long it’ll take for weak hands in basketball. But you should see results after about a month or two. You don’t necessarily have to practice all these drills daily either unless you’d like to. Because the point is just getting used to using your weak hand more often. Rather than doing too much at first, that might cause fatigue! If practicing one drill each day still seems tiring though. Then feel free to spread out the weak-hand workouts throughout the week instead so you’re not overworking yourself.

Also, remember that there are other ways weak hands can develop naturally as well. Even without extra effort on improving them. This happens when someone has only ever played with their dominant hand which ends up causing their weak hand abilities to be weak. They might start playing with their weak hand more often though, and before they know it they’re already used to using it in a variety of situations!

That said, if you want to improve your weak hands faster then feel free to get started on any of the above drills or even try doing them all at once over about two weeks. It’s up to you how many weak hand workouts you’d like per week but just make sure not to do too much so that fatigue doesn’t set in and cause injuries while also making improvements harder rather than easier!

Shooting With The Weak Hand In Basketball

We also want to mention how important it is to practice weak hand shooting in basketball. At first, you might feel like your weak hands are bad and that there’s no way they’ll improve but the more you use them then the better they’ll be!

This happens because by using this weak hand for shots over time, our muscles will naturally grow stronger without us even realizing it until we start seeing improvements from not just practicing weak-hand workouts but from playing actual games too.

Whenever someone only practices with their dominant hand all day long then it can weaken their weak hands as well since those same muscles won’t get used much at all which means injuries could potentially happen if these players were suddenly try using their weak hands during games.

Weak Hand in Basketball

Weak Hand Dribbling In Basketball (The Off-Hand Dribble)

We also want to mention weak hand dribbling in basketball as well. This can be a really useful skill for players who have weak hands since it helps strengthen their weak hands by getting them used to using that same side more often!

To practice the off-hand dribble, you can simply begin with your weak hand and make sure not to switch sides throughout the drill. Make sure both of your knees are bent while keeping your chest up high too so you don’t end up slouching over from fatigue or other things like this which could cause injuries if continued for longer periods without breaks between each one.

Practice doing about 20 reps going back and forth across the court before taking a quick break then going right back into the weak-hand dribbling drill again. Focus on keeping your weak hand low by making sure it’s always below your dominant hand, and also make sure not to use too much power with this weak side since you don’t want any unnecessary fatigue either!


In conclusion, weak hands can improve in basketball! It’s important to practice your weak hand so you get more comfortable using it, and also make sure not to do too much at once.

We hope this blog post has been helpful for those who have weak hands on their dominant side since there are a variety of ways they can improve these weak hands with enough effort put into them!

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