passing in basketball

This blog post is for beginners in basketball that are looking to improve passing. There are many different types of passing, and they all have their unique benefits. Knowing the different passes will help you understand when to use them during a game.

Passing can be used defensively, offensively, or just to move the ball around the court. You want to practice passing with someone else so you can get feedback on your form!

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Different Types Of Passes In Basketball

Bounce Pass

The bounce pass in basketball is a pass where you bounce the ball to your teammate. This type of passing is used because it gives the other player time to move into an open space. Or get away from their defender.

The bounce pass in basketball should be thrown with speed and power directly at the target’s waist level. The passing hand makes contact with both thumbs up facing down to create backspin on the ball for control purposes! Make sure that you throw a nice crisp pass towards them.

So that they can catch it easily, but don’t lead them too much since this will make receiving difficult! When passing along the baseline use this method: point your toe toward where you want to throw the pass. Then bounce your passing hand off of the ground and follow through toward where you want to pass.

passing in basketball

Chest Pass

Moving onto the chest pass in basketball, this passing technique is used closer to the mid-court. This passing method can be performed with one hand or two hands depending on your preference!

The chest pass in basketball should always be thrown at eye level. Since it gives the receiver a better chance of catching it and controlling the ball after they catch it.

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Over-the-head Pass

The over-the-head pass is used when passing the ball behind you or passing to a player who is ahead of you. The overhead pass in basketball should always be thrown at eye level. So that it’s easier for your teammate to catch!

The over-the-head pass is used if the other players are far away from each other on opposite ends of the court. This type of passing requires two hands. Since there isn’t much control after throwing it due to its distance and speed!

Follow through with both arms extended outwards towards where you want the ball to go after throwing this kind of pass. Because accuracy will make or break this play!

Baseball Pass

The baseball pass in basketball is the most powerful passing technique. The baseball pass in basketball will require two hands due to its strength. But can be thrown with one hand overall!

This passing method is best used when you’re passing behind your opponent’s back or between their legs. Because it requires power that isn’t seen with other passes.

The ball should always go above the head and then at eye level after being released from either of your hands. Since this helps give more control over where the ball goes.

You want to keep track of how fast or slow you are throwing this type of pass. So that both players know when they need to adjust themselves accordingly during gameplay!

One-hand Push Pass

The one-hand push passing technique is used when passing the ball by pushing it to your teammate. This type of passing allows for more control than other passing techniques because it can be done with either hand!

The player’s passing palm should always face down while making contact with the basketball to get an accurate pass that isn’t too powerful or weak.

One way you want to practice this kind of pass is by moving yourself around. So that you’re within range, and then using a backspin on your passes. So they are easier for teammates to catch!

Make sure you use both hands during this drill. Since there will likely be two people catching it at once during gameplay which requires double coverage sometimes.

How To Practice Passing In Basketball?

passing in basketball

These passing techniques are just some of the many passing methods in basketball. The most important thing to remember when passing is to get open so that you can get an easy pass! You want your passes to be accurate and on time with where your teammate needs it at.

If someone doesn’t know how to properly catch a ball. Then try passing by their hip or chest area during gameplay since this gives them more control over the situation.

The main way players should practice passing is through drills that help improve accuracy. While moving around quickly like dribbling drills (with cones). Make sure there’s always communication between teammates before making any kind of risky pass attempt.

Because turnovers happen if they aren’t done correctly or quick enough! Remember these tips for better passing next time you’re on the court passing for beginners in basketball.

Passing Drills In Basketball

Pass, Dribble and Move

This basketball passing drill to practice passing in basketball is a simple dribbling drill that puts the player’s passing accuracy and timing into perspective. All you have to do for this one is place cones far apart from each other at different angles around your body, and then start by passing it towards the first cone!

The next step would be moving to where the second cone is as fast as possible without stopping or losing control of your ball before getting there. Then pass again but move over to where the third cone will be which should all happen within a short amount of time since these are quick drills meant for speed!

This type of passing also works well with two people going simultaneously so that they can bounce off each other too.

Different Angles and Places

Another way players can improve passing in basketball is by bypassing the ball from all different angles or places on their bodies. For example, passing between your legs while passing it back and forth to yourself will help improve accuracy for this type of play since you have a better view of where you want the ball to go!

You can also try passing with two hands at once which requires more accuracy due to how powerful some passes are during gameplay so make sure there’s enough space for both people involved.

If done correctly, these kinds of dribbling drills should only take about 30 minutes total if doing them consecutively over time.

Focus On The Passing Aspect

The most important thing that players can do when practicing passing in this way is to focus on passing more than anything else which requires good timing and awareness for successful gameplay! Try using both of these drills together next time you’re trying to get better at passing or looking for passing drill ideas if you want something new.

Side-to-Side Passes

Another example would be side-to-side passes since they are also common during game situations requiring quick thinking by teammates so make sure everyone knows how to use them properly.

One great kind of side-passing technique involves simply pushing the ball up into a teammate’s hand, but another way is passing it to them by their upper back or outside shoulder.

What Is An Out Pass In Basketball?

An out pass in basketball is simply a pass made in basketball by the player taking a defensive rebound to a teammate to initiate a fast break. It is most often used by the guard or point guard positions.

passing in basketball


To wrap up our blog on passing tips for beginners in basketball, we would like to emphasize that passing is a fundamental part of this sport that helps with just about every aspect on the court! This includes passing to teammates when playing defense or offense since it can help create better transition opportunities.

Are you good at passing in basketball? Which passing type do you prefer? Let us know. We have plenty of Basketball drills for you guys, don’t forget to check them out here!

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