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Basketball Drills To Improve Your Game

Basketball is a game that requires physical ability, mental concentration, and coordination. These qualities can be improved through drills. Which are designed to improve various aspects of the game. The following article will detail basketball drills for people looking to improve their skills on the court.

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Dribble Basketball Drills

Some basic basketball dribbling drills that can be done are the dribble crossover, speed dribbling drills, and figure-eight ball control drills.

Dribble Crossover Drill

This basic basketball drill involves dribbling two balls at once to improve hand-eye coordination. While developing your ability to dribble with both hands. The player should have one basketball in each hand standing in a position where they can easily dribble the basketballs. Such as in front of them. They should begin by crossing their dominant hand over to touch the non-dominant ball. Then returning it across and touching the other dominant one.

Speed Dribbling Drill

This drill involves quickly moving around while keeping control of a basketball. To complete this drill you have to dribble the basketball around in a circle while moving at speed. You should move fast enough so that it is difficult to control your ball. If done correctly, this forces players to keep their heads up and pay attention when dribbling with speed.

Figure Eight Drill

Basketball Drill-man attempting dribble

This drill involves dribbling a basketball around in an ‘eight’ shape, dribbling the ball between your legs, and moving it up to shoulder height. This drill improves the handling of the basketball at speed as well as hand control.

Ball Control Drill

Here we have another simple drill. It involves passing or bouncing one basketball while keeping another stationary on the floor with your foot. The stationary basketball should be at about the height of your knee, and you pass it back and forth between feet while keeping another ball in hand that is moving around. This drill improves coordination as well as dribbling skills with both hands simultaneously.

Passing Basketball Drills

Drills to improve your passing skills in basketball are the figure-eight passing drill, zigzag passing drill, and the combination pass.

Figure Eight Passing Drill

This basketball passing drill involves two players who stand at either side of a basketball court with one ball each. They should be far enough apart so that it takes them more than three seconds to complete a full circle around the court. The drill starts with player one passing the basketball to player two by completing a figure eight pattern between his legs. And then at the end, he should receive it back from player two in another figure-eight pass as they run around the court together.

Zigzag Passing Drill

This is an advanced passing drill that involves three players who stand in the middle of a basketball court with one ball each. They should be spaced out so that there is enough room for them to run between players. The drill starts by passing the basketball from player A to B, then on receiving it back from B, player C passes it across to A and begins running around the outside of this triangle. Players B and C should be passing the basketball across in a zigzag pattern, and they all must move at a speed so to complete this drill.

Combination Pass

This advanced pass involves dribbling around three cones placed on the ground in a triangle formation. Player one starts with both feet outside of cone A and dribbles into cone B, then outside of that onto cone C where he makes the pass to player two. The drill continues by receiving it back from player two and passes again in another combination play. This should be done at high speed so players can improve their passing skills while moving around fast.

Finishing Basketball Drills

Three finishing drills in basketball are the power layup, the off-balance shot, and the jump stop.

Power Layup

This drill helps players improve their dribbling skills as well as finish shots with a high degree of accuracy. The player should start under the basket facing away from it. He or she then begins dribbling at speed while turning around quickly to face the basket and gets his body into a position where it is facing directly towards the rim. The drill ends with them making a power layup shot, while their opposite hand rests on top of or underneath the ball, depending on preference.

Off-balance Shot

This basketball finishing drill involves players lining up in front of an empty net – they dribble a basketball with one hand while keeping their body in the opposite direction to where the basket is. Players will turn around quickly, and make an off-balance shot by releasing it from their fingertips.- This drill helps players reduce unwanted movement when shooting so that they can improve on accuracy as well as the speed of release.

Basketball Drills-attempting shoot

Jump Stop

This drill involves two players who stand at the top of a basketball key facing each other. They should be about an arm’s distance apart with one ball between them. They then begin dribbling towards each other and must jump stop when they meet in the middle so that it is easier to catch their pass after completing this drill.

Shooting Drills

The very best drills for improving your shooting in basketball are the one-handed shooting drill and the alternating hand layup.

One-Handed Shooting Drill

This basketball shot drill involves players standing on either side of a basket with their backs to it – they should be spaced out so that there is enough room for them to make shots from all angles. Players then begin making three or five repetitions of a jump shot from their non-dominant hand – they must make sure to follow through with this release and aim for the rim rather than the backboard.

Alternating Layup

This basketball shooting drill involves players standing in front of an empty net under each basket with one ball between them. Player A starts by making a left-handed layup, then player B follows by making a right-handed one in succession. Once they have both made their shots, the drill begins again with another combination of layups alternating between players A and B – this is to help them get used to different release angles when shooting so that if ever required to make a shot while off balance or sideways on it will be easier for them.

Drills Involving Contact

Drills involving contact could be considered one of the most important aspects in basketball – players can improve their hand-eye coordination, body control, and agility with these drills.

Basketball drills-attempting finishing

Two-Player Weave

This drill involves two players who begin by standing on either side of a basket while holding onto it for support – they then weave around each other twice before coming to an abrupt stop just inside half court while facing away from the net. They both cross over once quickly so that they are now heading towards the rim. Where player B must finish with a layup after making contact with player A’s arm which is extended outwards behind him or her. The drill continues again only this time at high speed to help them get used to moving faster when required during gameplay situations.

Contact Drill

This drill involves players lining up in a row. The first player starts with one basketball which they pass to the next person about halfway through. They then make contact by pushing off of each others’ backs before taking two crossover steps and making an inside layup shot, again with contact. The person after them must rebound their ball quickly. So that they can begin passing it back between themselves. As well as performing this same layup move for three repetitions or more depending on preference.

Defensive Slides

This is another drill involving two people who stand at half court facing away from each other. Both players should be holding onto a basketball while having their arms outstretched forward (one arm straight ahead and one arm diagonally from the top right). The drill begins with player B passing a basketball to A. Who then makes two crossover steps before sprinting backwards as far as possible. Doing this while keeping their outstretched arms in contact at all times. After they have passed each other, player B must make sure that he or she does not lose contact and instead moves forward together with the ball. Players should focus on quick deceleration and acceleration movements, rather than slowing down completely which will help reduce injury risk.


If you want to improve your all-around basketball game, we recommend that you try these basic drills. However, there are many more great drills out there and the best way to find them is through trial and error. So if any other basketball drill comes to mind please share it below!

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