good at free throws

Why Pro Players Are Good At Free Throws: Basketball 101

It is good to be good at free throws. Free throws are a lot of what separates good basketball players from great ones. A good player can score well and rebound. But if he doesn’t shoot well from the line then his team will suffer. Because that’s where most foul shots come from.

The best shooters in the league have an average percentage of around 75%. Centers, on the other hand, tend to shoot much worse than guards and forwards. They often hover around 60% or even lower depending on how many minutes they play per game.

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What is a Free Throw in Basketball?

A free throw is a shot that the defense doesn’t get to touch. It’s good because it gives your team possession of the ball after you score. Free throws are awarded after a player gets fouled.

The good news is that free throws are usually easy shots. Because you get to shoot them from the same distance as your jump shot. So if you can’t score inside then you won’t be able to make many of these either.

good at free throws

Why are Free Throws Important in Basketball?

Free throws are good but only if you make them. They’re worth one point, and scoring points is the goal of the game. Free throws allow you to score without your opponent being able to stop or block it.

Can Basketball Players Improve Free Throws? And How?

Basketball players can improve their free throws. Like anything in basketball, the more you practice the better. When shooting a free throw focus on good form and put your mind in the right place. Imagine yourself making it before you do so that when it comes time to shoot, there is no hesitation.

Avoid Distractions!

If people are talking and cheering around you during a game then don’t be afraid to ask for quiet from the crowd if they’re distracting you too much. Teammates may not always understand how important this is but as an NBA player, their job is probably already difficult enough without having to worry about whether or not they’ll make all of their shots at some point during a game due to unnecessary noise.

Drills & Excercises

Another good way to do this is through drills and exercises that improve muscle memory, for example by making players face a wall and shoot the ball against it repeatedly (e.g., using both hands). Another good way of doing this is by having them practice under pressure: there’s nothing like taking foul shots in front of an audience!

Understand it Better

Proper form and a good understanding of the mechanics behind a free throw are important. For instance, it is usually better to shoot with your strong hand because you have more control over where the ball will go when shooting that way.

Consistency & Accuracy

Practice makes perfect, so doing drills is good for improving both consistency and accuracy. Consistency means that you can consistently make them in good conditions (e.g., not when fatigued) even if there are factors outside of your control such as weather or distractions from other people around you.

Accuracy relates to how close every shot comes to going inside the net: good shooters aim at specific points on the rim rather than just throwing a basketball towards some point between an imaginary line behind the net and the hoop.

Ask Your Coach

You could also ask your coach if there are any drills for improving accuracy at making shots in general so they work well both inside and outside of your normal range. Remember, once you know what works best for you just keep practicing until everything becomes second nature!

good at free throws

Why NBA Players Miss Free Throws on Purpose

NBA players miss free throws on purpose. This is done by teams with good scorers who are fouled a lot during the game because they are good at making points from foul shots, thus giving them more opportunities to score even if their main shot doesn’t go in.

A good example of this was when LeBron James intentionally missed his last Miami Heat free throw so Dwyane Wade would get one more chance to make up for missing two key ones earlier that game which could have won them the championship against San Antonio Spurs!

Centers are the Worst Players at Free Throws

Statistically, centers are the worst players at free throws. It is good to be good at free throws, especially for centers who often shoot under 60% on average during their seasons.

No Practise

Centers are usually good at scoring inside but don’t practice much on shooting free throws because they do not need to shoot them as often in games. That’s one of several reasons why you sometimes see great players miss crucial shots.

Physical and Psychological Fatigue

Another reason might simply be fatigue, bad luck, or distractions (e.g., fans cheering for their team loudly enough that it affects how well someone shoots). Also, some good shooters may miss for psychological reasons such as thinking too much about the shot itself which is why you sometimes see players try to shoot in a way that they can’t repeat easily during another game.

Centers Usually Have Bigger Hands

Bigger hands can also be a good reason for good shooters to miss, because if you have bigger fingers then the ball will wobble around in your hand more than it would with smaller fingers.

Ultimately, there are many factors that whether any given shot goes into the net or not, and good shooters need to be good at dealing with them.

good at free throws

Best Free-Throw Shooters in NBA

Stephen Curry

The best free-throw shooter in the NBA is Stephen Curry. He averages 90.8% on his foul shots for every season he has played so far, which makes him good at making points from them too even if his main shot doesn’t go in.

Steph was good enough to make a record of 402 consecutive free throws between December 2014 and November 2015 without missing any during that time! That’s good because it means you can count on him when there’s pressure or distractions involved while taking a shot whether inside or outside of his normal range.

Steve Nash

The second best is Steve Nash who averaged 90.43% for his career in the NBA, good at making points from free throws even if he was not good at scoring inside during his time on court because of being smaller than other players.

Free throw statistics are interesting to keep track of good shooters but ultimately it may be more important how you deal with various factors that can affect your performance when taking a shot rather than being good or bad overall!


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