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Steph Curry Shooting: How To Shoot Like The NBA Superstar

Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history. The shooting form of Steph Curry has been studied by other players all over the league since he entered the NBA in 2009, and it has become a trend for some to shoot similarly to him. We want to show you how Steph Curry shoots, then break down his form into steps that are easy-to-follow so you can start shooting like Steph Curry too!

Tips to Shoot Like Steph Curry

Steph Curry shooting

Get Ready to Shoot

Steph Curry likes his feet shoulder-width apart, with the balls of his feet on the line. The ball starts over Steph’s head, held in both hands. He always keeps a hand under the ball to shoot it quickly if need be – this is half part of why he has such quick releases!

Start your Shot with a Low Ankle Bend

Steph starts his shot by bending his knees, bringing them to a ‘slight bend.’ At the same time, he lowers the ball down towards waist level. This is called an ankle flexion – extending at your ankles and pushing off with your toes to shoot up into the air!

This step alone gives you lift on your jump shots so that they are less likely to be blocked or contested by defenders! Steph Curry has mastered this low-ankle shoot. Practice it until it becomes second nature for you too!

Bring the Ball Up to your Eye Level

As Steph starts his shoot, he brings the ball up to eye level. This is one of our favorite tips on how to shoot like Steph Curry – it gives you amazing accuracy and precision when shooting!

Your elbows must be in front of your body as you shoot so that the ball remains at eye level for a smooth release with good form.

If done correctly, this step will make all of your shots more accurate because there isn’t any bouncing or swaying from left-to-right/ right-to-left motion before releasing the shot! Steph also shoots ‘through’ his target instead of just towards them – something we’ll talk about later in these blog posts!

When bringing the ball up to shoot, make sure you don’t shoot too low or high! Your elbows should be slightly in front of your face/eyes.

You can practice this step by shooting towards a wall at eye level without moving from where you are standing – this will allow you to get the right eye-level shot for when it comes time to shoot during games!

Quick Release for Shooting Accuracy

There are two parts to Steph Curry’s shoot and how he gets such accurate shots: the first is his low ankle shoot for lift, and the second is a quick release. You may hear other shooters refer to this as ‘shooting off the dribble’ or something similar – but basically, it means releasing your shot quickly so that you can shoot before defenders have time to contest!

It also helps if they are shooting threes because their footwork will be much different than someone who shoots mid-range jumpers!

Steph Curry shooting

Keep your Elbow Up and Pointed Toward the Rim while Shooting

The elbow is one of the most important parts of shooting. It’s what protects your shoot from defenders and gives you a smooth release! Make sure that while releasing, your shooting elbow stays up high and pointed towards the rim/ backboard – this will make it much harder for defenders to block or contest your shoot!

Steph has his shooting hand in front too which makes him even harder to guard when he shoots because there are just so many ways he can shoot from anywhere on the court!

One Motion Shot

Shooting like Steph Curry is near to impossible as he is one of the best shooters in the NBA because he shoots with a one-motion shot. This means that his feet, hips, shoulders, and elbow are all coming together at once to shoot!

You might be taught to shoot by having your knees bent as you jump up into the air – but this creates inconsistency in your shots because there will always be an extra motion before shooting (the bending)!

Instead, stand straight up and then bring everything together for a quick release instead! It’s much harder for defenders to block or contest when their timing has been thrown off from multiple motions before releasing!

Try practicing Steph Curry’s shoot without bending first – it’ll change how difficult it is for opponents during games!

The one-motion shoot is almost like a punch or explosion of shooting – you can see Steph Curry do this when he shoots his patented fadeaway jump shot (a shot we’ll talk about later in these blog posts!).

He’s also mastered the form because it doesn’t matter where he catches the ball, what direction he begins dribbling too, or how close/far away defenders are from him before releasing.

It makes him completely unpredictable on offense and very hard for defenses to guard even if they know exactly what’s coming next!

How to Shoot Like Stephen Curry?

Focus on the Rim

One of the most important things to remember when shooting is that you need to shoot – NOT aim. There’s a big difference between your ball being somewhere near the rim versus actually hitting it!

You can practice this by taking one or two steps back from where you shoot and focusing on making contact with the front part of the rim instead of aiming at an exact spot/circle which will make your shot inaccurate because it doesn’t give you enough time to shoot before defenders are in close range!

Position your Lower Body First

This means that before your shoot, you’re going to want to position your feet first. This will make sure that even if the ball doesn’t end up in the right spot or not where you were expecting it – at least there won’t be any extra motions until after getting into shooting stance!

Steph Curry’s shoot is one of the most difficult shots for defenders to block because they have so little time between when he releases his shoot and him making contact with the rim. He positions his lower body first which gives him more power on every shot instead of just relying on arm strength alone!

Try practicing Steph Curry’s shoot without moving from your current location – this includes keeping both arms pointed towards the rim/backboard too!

Hand Positioning

Steph Curry’s shoot is difficult to block because of the positioning of his hands. When you shoot, make sure that your shooting hand (right or left) isn’t too far away from your opposite shoulder! This will give you more control/power over where the ball goes and it’ll be harder for opponents to steal since they don’t have as much access between when he releases!

Try practicing Steph Curry’s shoot without moving your arms – this includes keeping them pointed towards the rim/backboard too!

Stephen Curry’s Shooting Stats

Steph Curry is the best shooter in NBA history because of his shoot and stats prove it! He’s always been a great shooter but ever since coming back from an injury he’s on another level.

For example, Steph Curry shoots threes like nobody else – knocking down almost 40% (and more than 50% during this past year) which is incredible for such long-range shots!

Also, over 80% of his shoot are assisted too which means that all players around him help boost their chances of making shoot by giving up the ball to Steph when open/in space!

This makes them even harder to guard because there aren’t any “safe” areas on the court anymore where they can give off passing lanes or force opponents to play defense differently!

Record Holder for 3-Pointers!

Steph Curry is the record holder for threes in a game (13), season (402), and history. He’s also one of five players in NBA history to average at least 30 points per game over multiple seasons!

 Steph Curry shooting

Practice like Steph, Routine Like Steph

There’s a difference between practicing shooting like Stephen Curry and imitating a shooting routine like Stephen Curry.

Practice Shooting Like Steph

Here are some pointers:

  1. Fundamentals:
    • Develop proper shooting form by concentrating on finding the right grip, stance, and follow-through. It’s crucial to continually practice these fundamentals until they come naturally.
  2. Use different shooting drills:
    • Include a variety of shooting exercises that emphasize different aspects of shooting, such as shooting while moving, shooting off the dribble, and shooting from various locations on the court.
  3. Repetition:
    • Years of repetition and effort have led to Stephen Curry’s renowned amazing shooting accuracy. Every day, even for a little while, practice shooting.
  4. Visualization:
    • Imagine yourself making shots like Stephen Curry does. Your shooting confidence and muscle memory may both benefit from this.
  5. Get feedback:
    • Request that someone observe your shooting form and point out any places where you may improve. Also, you can watch a recording of your own shooting form.
  6. Game speed:
    • In your shooting drills, try to imitate real-world scenarios like shooting under pressure or with defenders around.

Imitate Steph’s Routine and Preparation

  1. Pre-Shot Routine:
    • Stephen Curry does the same pre-shot process before each shot. He begins by dribbling the ball briefly before inhaling deeply and letting go of the shot. He can concentrate and psychologically prepare thanks to this technique before each shot.
  2. Shot Mechanics:
    • Curry has outstanding shooting technique. He can shoot accurately from a distance thanks to his rapid release and high, smooth follow-through. For optimal control, he keeps his elbow in and his shooting hand behind the ball while using his legs and hips to produce power.
  3. Footwork:
    • Curry’s shooting performance also has a lot to do with his footwork. He can shoot swiftly and precisely because of his good balance and the tiny hop he uses in his shot. His quick initial stride also aids in separating from defenders and opening up space for his shot.
  4. Shot Selection:
    • Curry is renowned for his ability to make challenging shots from any point on the court. He chooses his shots very wisely, though, and whenever possible, he attempts high-percentage shoots. He is always aware of the game scenario and knows when to shoot and when to pass.
  5. Practice Routine:
    • Curry’s pre-shot routine is equally as vital as his practicing routine. He practices his shot for many hours and employs a variety of techniques to hone his abilities. He works on shooting while moving, shooting while off the dribble, and shooting from various locations around the court. To make sure he is constantly prepared to shoot at game speed, he also works on his footwork and conditioning.
  6. Mental Preparation:
    • Curry’s shooting routine includes a significant amount of mental practice. On the court, he maintains his composure and confidence at all times, and he never lets missed shots change his attitude. He works hard to maintain positivity and concentration during the game since he is aware that shooting is as much a mental game as it is a physical one.


In conclusion, Steph Curry’s shoot is difficult to block partly because of his unbelievable accuracy and the positioning of every part in his shoot. He keeps a low center of gravity by focusing on the front portion of the rim, positions his lower body first, has great hand placement by keeping them close enough so there isn’t an extra motion after getting into a proper shooting stance, and never moves from where he shoots!

This makes it very hard for defenders to get around him even when they know exactly what he’ll do next – which leads us to state that Steph Curry is one of the best shooters in NBA history!

What do you think? Is there any better shooter in NBA history? Let us know in the comments below!


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