Shooting guard in basketball

Playing shooting guard in basketball is a position that requires a lot of speed and quickness. Shooting guards must be able to get open, take high percentage shots, and play defense. While their team has the ball. This blog post will cover all the basics of playing shooting guard in basketball. As well as some great players who have made this position famous!

Why is a Shooting Guard Called a Shooting Guard?

A shooting guard is called a shooting guard because they are usually the best shooter on their team. Many teams have two separate guards for each position. Which allows them to play different styles of offense against other teams.

Shooting guard in basketball

What is a Shooting Guard Supposed To Do?

Shooting guards need to be able to take high percentage shots and play defense. If they are unable to do either then the opponent will find it easy to score against their team! This is why shooting guard in basketball is one of the most important positions on any team, if not the most important position.

Nobody wants their strongest shooter playing defense all game long! That’s just silly. It would also make it so much easier for other players on the opposing side. Because they only have half of your team guarding them with no help at all from anyone else. Which can lead to many points scored by the opposition. A good shooting guard needs a great coach who understands how valuable this player is when trying to win games!

How To Become a Better Shooting Guard

Get Good at the Opposite Hand

One of the easiest ways to become a better shooting guard is by becoming adept at using either hand. This will help you get around defenders and create scoring opportunities for yourself as well as your team.

The next time you practice, try doing all drills with your non-dominant hand! You can also watch videos on YouTube or read books about how to play basketball using both hands. So that it becomes second nature no matter what type of defense an opponent uses against you during a game.

Master the Mid-Range Jump Shot

The mid-range jump shot is one of the most common shots in basketball. So it only makes sense to master this type of shot. It can be difficult though because you have to get very close to the basket and take a high percentage shot from within 15 feet!

Players must learn how much room they need when shooting a mid-range jumper. Because getting too close will cause your opponent to block you or force a bad shot. While being too far away will make it easy for an opponent who plays defense on you to steal the ball, leading them right down the court for an easy two points before anyone else knows what happened!

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A good drill would involve practicing with someone guarding you each time. Which forces you think about all the possible ways you can get a good shot off.

Doing this will help you become an expert at shooting from the mid-range area and hopefully lead to more points scored by your team!

Learn to Score without Dribbling

Many shooting guards are so used to taking shots with the ball that they have a difficult time scoring without dribbling. It is important however that you learn how to score even if your opponent forces you into taking a shot using only one hand!

Some great players who were excellent at shooting off of just one dribble include Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, and Steve Nash among many others. A good drill would be practicing these types of shots by yourself after practice or before games where no defenders are necessary. Since this will help build muscle memory for when it does happen during an actual game!

Learn How to Read Space When You Have the Ball

Another important aspect of being a shooting guard in basketball is learning how to read space as you have the ball. If your defender plays off of you then shoot. But if they play close and take away that shot immediately pass to an open teammate who has plenty of room for movement!

This type of thinking will help create scoring opportunities. And also give your teammates practice at making shots which could lead them to help win games too!

Shooting guard in basketball

Simplify Your Shot

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you must learn how to simplify your shot. Shooting guards in basketball can be complicated with all the different types of shots that are required. Depending on where you are located when shooting the ball.

A great drill to do is keeping track of every time you shoot and what type of shot it was. Whether a lay-up or jump shot from within five feet. By counting these off by yourself after each game or practice session will help ensure that you have enough room for error. So there’s no reason not to start this process immediately!

Average Height For a Shooting Guard

The average height for a shooting guard in the NBA is around six feet, three inches.

Best Shooting Guards in Basketball History!

Shooting guard in basketball

Michael Jordan

We could only start with the most obvious pick here which is Michael Jordan. He’s considered by many to be the best player in NBA history and was a shooting guard throughout his career! Michael Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards in his 15-year career where he won six NBA championships.

He was a ten-time All-Star, two-time Olympic gold medalist, five-time scoring champion, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year. And was inducted into both the College Basketball Hall Of Fame and Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall Of Fame.

Not only that but Jordan is also one of only three people to have ever achieved over $300 million in earnings throughout their life from basketball! He’s truly an amazing player who will always be remembered by fans young and old for decades to come.

Jordan averaged 30 points per game during his regular-season career which is second all-time behind Wilt Chamberlain (who averaged 30.07 points per game). He also averaged a whopping 33.45 points per game during his playoff career!

Also, Jordan is the only player to have won all five of the regular season MVP awards which are given out each year by different news sources throughout North America and Canada based on voting from fellow players as well as coaches for that respective season!

He’s truly an amazing basketball player who will never be forgotten. No matter how many years pass us buy so I think it’s safe to say he deserves this spot on our list of best shooting guards in history!

Kobe Bryant

Next on our list, is the late great Kobe Bryant who played for the Los Angeles Lakers in his entire two-decade-long career.

He played in all 82 games during his rookie season where he averaged an impressive 15.0 points per game which were good enough for third place on the Lakers that year! The next three seasons, Bryant’s scoring average increased by five or six points each time until it reached 23.0 ppg in 2001-02 so it’s safe to say Kobe built up a lot of momentum during those early years!

Kobe ended up playing 35 minutes per game throughout the rest of his career. Except for this one particular year when Steve Nash joined him as teammate and they both had their minutes limited due to injuries but still managed to win two championships together before Kobe continued with another three after that including back-to-back titles from 2009 through 2011.

Kobe averaged 25.0 points per game over his career! In terms of individual accolades, Bryant is a five-time NBA champion, 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-Defensive team and he won an MVP award back in 2008 to round out his impressive resume!

Kobe is also the only player to ever play 20 consecutive NBA seasons while playing for one franchise throughout all of them. Which is an incredible achievement and should be recognized!

Dwayne Wayde

Our final pick is Dwayne Wade who played for the Miami Heat in his entire 13-year career.

He was drafted by the Heat with their fifth overall selection back in 2003 and didn’t disappoint! Over his first three seasons, he averaged 16.0 points per game which were good enough to rank him third on the team. But then things really started taking off when Shaquille O’Neal came into town during that same season. As they both helped each other win a championship together later on!

Dwyane continued racking up individual accomplishments throughout his career. Including being an All-Star every single year since 2005 except one. So it’s safe to say he made quite an impression while playing for Miami. Even though they haven’t had the most success in the playoffs since he went there.

Dwayne averaged 23.0 points per game! He also won three championships with Miami before leaving for Chicago after the 2013-14 season. And eventually coming back to play out his final few seasons in South Beach again where he remains today at age 34 which is pretty impressive when you think about it!

Wade’s another player that helped shape how shooting guards are typically seen by fans these days. Thanks to all of his accolades throughout his career. So don’t forget him either when discussing some of the best players ever!


I hope this blog post was helpful for anyone looking to learn more about what a shooting guard is or who they should look up if they want someone great playing their position in basketball!

Got any other mentions for the best shooting guards in basketball history? Let us know below!

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