Basketball been around

The Origin Of Basketball: How Long Has It Been Around

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has been around for over a century, and it continues to evolve with time. The game that we know today started out as an indoor game played by YMCA students in 1891. From there, basketball was adapted outdoors by James Naismith in 1895. Who added rules to make it playable on college campuses. As basketball continued its evolution (including the introduction of slam dunks). The game became more inclusive and accessible to people all over the world!

What is Basketball?

First of let’s start with the definition of it. For basketball, two teams of five players try to score points by throwing or “shooting” a ball through the top of a hoop located at each end of the court. A team can score a field goal by shooting the ball through the basket during regular play. A field goal scores two points for the shooting team if a player is touching or is closer to that basketball hoop than their opponent.

Basketball is one of the top five most popular sports in the world since it amuses a wide range of audiences in just USA! This sport consists of both male and female competitions, each with a specific court and set of rules. Also, it’s a fantastic way for athletes to maintain their fitness and develop the endurance they need to sprint around the court!

basketball been around

When was Basketball Invented?

As previously stated in our intro, it was first played indoors by YMCA students in 1891. The game then evolved into becoming an outdoor activity. Where players could dunk the basketball through a hoop, thus making it more interesting and fun for people of all ages!

On December 21, 1895, while employed at Springfield College, which is now Springfield University and is located in Massachusetts, James Naismith created this game. It has developed into one of the most well-liked sports in America since its creation more than 100 years ago. Each year, hundreds of millions of people participate worldwide.

How Long were the First-Ever Basketball Games?

The first-ever games were played indoors between two teams for 45 minutes. The hoop was located four feet off the ground. And players could not dribble more than three times before they had to shoot the basketball into the net!

Although this game is very different from today’s basketball games that are played outdoors on courts with basketball hoops over ten feet tall, it still shows how much basketball has evolved in its lifetime. Both indoor and outdoor basketball have their own rules now, which makes them incredibly interesting to follow closely each year throughout college sports or professional leagues!

Players were able to dunk balls through a basket placed at waist height. Making it an intriguing new sport that everyone wanted to watch after being invented just under 120 years ago.

When did Basketball Start in the US?

Contrary to many’s beliefs, basketball started in the US when James Naismith came to America after being hired at the YMCA Training School in 1891. He then went on to create basketball in December of 1895 while working at Springfield College. As already mentioned in the previous sections.

Basketball had a slow start compared to other American pastimes such as baseball. Because its first real popularity boost didn’t happen until around 1920-1930 when colleges started using basketball courts for their students. Then later on down the line players from all backgrounds loved watching basketball. Because it was becoming one of America’s most beloved sports that continues to thrive to this day!

basketball been around

What was the NBA called before the NBA?

The NBA wasn’t always known by that name. From 1946 to 1949, it was known as the BAA (Basketball Association of America), and in 1949, it changed its name to the National Basketball Association that we know today. Since then, the league has welcomed a number of stars through its doors and continues to enjoy widespread popularity.

Many players who were lucky enough to join this basketball league have gone on overtime to become legends because they made basketball so interesting for audiences everywhere. Furthermore, players like Michael Jordan helped increase basketball’s popularity even more, after he won his first championship in 1991. This sparked a huge following around him that is still present up until now!

Who is the Oldest Team still Competing in the NBA?

The first established NBA team was the New York Knicks. They were founded in 1946 and began playing games between other teams starting around 1947. This team was the first of its kind, which makes it one of America’s oldest basketball teams today!

The New York Knicks has won two championships in their history – both during the 1970s.

The oldest NBA teams are still active today with a large fan base that continues to grow because it has become an essential part of America’s culture over time throughout history by continuing to be adapted into newer versions such as streetball or slam dunk contests that many enjoy watching for fun each year!

How Long has Basketball been in The Olympics?

Basketball only started in the Olympics in 1936, which is much later than other sports that have been played in the Olympics since it restarted back in 1896. It wasn’t popular enough to be included at first because there were only four courts total across America!

However, basketball then grew into being one of the world’s most-watched sporting events within just a few decades – allowing more countries to participate internationally each year as time went on.

Basketball been around


It’s been a long road to get where we are today. While the game has changed in many ways, it is still an amazing sport that attracts millions of players and spectators every day.

As you can see from this blog article, a lot has changed since James Naismith initially experimented with his new invention—basketball—in 1891. How do you feel? Did we miss anything in our attempt to cover practically everything about how basketball evolved into what it is today? Please comment below.


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