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The History, Legacy & Cost Of An NBA Championship Ring

An NBA Championship ring is a symbol of success. It’s an award for all the hard work and dedication put into reaching the pinnacle of professional basketball. An NBA championship ring is not just a piece of jewelry. But rather it’s a symbol that signifies victory over adversity.

The NBA has been around since 1946 and there have been many champions crowned throughout its existence. Each with their own story to tell about their journey to glory. In this blog post, we will give you some history on NBA rings and how they are made. As well as give an in-depth look at how much one costs!

The First NBA Championship, and Rings

The first-ever NBA Championship was held between Philadelphia Warriors and Chicago Stags back in 1947. After which two more teams were added: Providence Steamrollers and Washington Capitols.

The NBA Finals were created to determine the best team in the league which was, at that time, called World Basketball Championship. This tradition has continued until today where NBA Finals are held every year between two teams who win their respective conference championships.

The NBA championship ring is given out by each winning player of an NBA title. Since its inception as a symbol of celebration for achieving success against all odds.

How Much Does an NBA Championship Ring Cost?

At first glance it may seem like this piece of jewelry is mostly about the bling-bling factor. But nothing could be further from the truth – because there’s so much more than meets the eye with these rings! Most people think they can just go out and buy one of these NBA championship rings. But that’s not the case at all.

It can cost up to $100,000 for a ring from one NBA team alone. NBA championship rings are made of 14K gold with diamonds, rubies, or sapphires being the stone of choice for NBA teams that have won titles in the last decade.

An estimated cost of production per ring is $5000-$6000. But when you take into account other costs like marketing, this price goes up significantly (sometimes double).

Going All Out!

Let’s say your favorite NBA team wins their first championship title after 18 years of trying. Do you think they would give out cheap NBA championship rings? Of course not! They are going to make the best ones possible. Because it’s a sign of celebration for their fans and players alike!

In addition to having a lot of diamonds. NBA teams have been known to add other precious stones in the ring. Because it’s important for them that they stand out from all previous NBA championship rings.

This is especially true if another team wins titles consecutively. Which has happened quite a few times already in NBA history.

Making the NBA Championship Ring

The process behind making one starts way before the ring is made with designs being drawn up by hand or using computer software. Once approved the design goes through many more revisions.

Until after about two weeks it finally gets sent off to multiple stone-cutters who cut out diamonds and other precious stones into specific shapes & patterns. Which will ultimately become part of an NBA championship ring.

After the stones are cut, NBA championship rings go through an intense polishing process to make them look as smooth and shiny as possible before the ring is finally assembled with diamonds all around it.

The manufacturing process is extremely expensive and time-intensive. Because it takes a team effort to make them. Starting with design until they’re ready to be presented to winning players on stage after an NBA Finals game!

On average there are between 100- 200 hours put into making each ring which translates into several months’ work.

After assembly & quality control (which includes testing if any parts were damaged during shipping) NBA Championship Rings get wrapped up in boxes along with a letter of authenticity from NBA management. Which verifies its validity and approves it!

NBA Championship Ring

Customising the NBA Championship Ring

But it doesn’t stop there. Many players have been known to customize their rings with their personal touches as well as inscriptions on them which can result in an even pricier product.

Some examples are Kobe Bryant who had his daughter’s name inscribed on his 2009 Lakers Championship ring. And Dwyane Wade whose 2006 Miami Heat NBA Finals’ Ring was embellished with diamonds encrusting the trophy logo.

The design itself is a mix between creativity and tradition: Each player gets a personalized NBA championship ring designed according to their preferences. While also adhering to NBA guidelines such as the NBA logo, team name, and motto.

NBA also has a list of pre-approved vendors who are allowed to produce NBA championship rings.

Most Expensive NBA Championship Rings Ever

The most expensive NBA Championship Ring ever created was the one that NBA legend Michael Jordan received after leading the Chicago Bulls to their third consecutive NBA Championship in 1993.

Jordan’s Ring cost $200,000 and over 50 carats of diamonds were used on it! It was encrusted with hundreds of stones measuring at least a half-carat each which explains its hefty price tag; however, this ring also included four rubies as well as an inscription that read “World Champions.”

The next most expensive NBA championship rings ever made are those from NBA legends Kareem Abdul Jabbar (the 1995 Milwaukee Bucks ring), Dr. J Julius Erving (Bucks’ 1977 NBA Finals’ Ring), and Bill Russell who all had special inscriptions engraved alongside other personal touches such as the NBA logo, the NBA trophy, player numbers, and team name.

Can Anyone Have an NBA Championship Ring?

An NBA Championship Ring can belong to NBA players, their immediate family members, and business partners.

An NBA Championship Ring can also be acquired via auctions: NBA Finals’ Rings are auctioned off after each NBA season ends with proceeds going to various charities chosen by the winning team’s captain or coach.

NBA Championship Rings can also be bought by NBA fans and collectors. Many NBA memorabilia stores are selling NBA rings online – just remember that if you’re going to buy one of these, it’s best to do your research and only purchase from a reputable seller!

An NBA championship ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry that not only signifies victory over adversity but is the fruit of laborious hard work as well as creative thinking on behalf of those who craft them.

NBA Championship Rings


An NBA Championship Ring isn’t about being flashy or showing off wealth – It’s about showcasing unity between individuals who achieved success together through hard work & dedication. They aren’t cheap rings but when you think about the cost of NBA tickets plus the price for NBA Finals merchandise then it’s almost a small fee to pay.

In conclusion, NBA Championship Rings are about NBA history and NBA tradition which makes them not only beautiful pieces of jewellery but emblems that represent the NBA as a whole.

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