Basketballs are made

Many basketball players and basketball fans might be wondering how many basketballs are made each year. There are a few different types of basketballs. Including basketballs for the NBA. Manufacturers also produce basketball balls for various leagues around the world.

Such as high school and college leagues. The more common type of basketball is used in the NBA. While some other types of balls can be seen inside collegiate or youth games. Today we will discuss how many basketballs are manufactured annually!

What are the Different Types of Basketballs?

There are three main types of basketballs that one can purchase today. Which include all-leather basketball models, synthetic basketballs, and rubber basketballs.

basketballs are made

Leather Basketballs

All-leather basketballs are made from a leather cover, with pebble-grained skin for enhanced grip. The bladder of the basketball is rubber and has a valve that controls air pressure which ensures proper inflation.

All-leather balls have a very durable design but typically cost more than other types of basketball options available on the market. Leather basketballs are made from 100% leather and can last for years, as long as they receive proper care. These basketball balls come in a variety of weights, colors, and sizes which vary among brands.

The NBA primarily uses basketballs composed entirely out of leather because they are more durable and cost-effective for large-scale production. This basketball model is also cheap enough to use for recreational purposes.

Synthetic Basketballs

These basketball balls have an outer material covering created by microfiber composite materials.

Such basketball designs do not last quite as long. Or bounce off the ground with intense power like an NBA-quality ball would provide. However, these types of balls are much cheaper to manufacture. Compared to their counterparts made out of genuine leather materials.

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Synthetic basketballs have become increasingly popular in recent years. Because they are less expensive to make. While still providing the same basketball feel as their counterparts with an all-leather design.

These days most basketball players use synthetic models when practicing outside during inclement weather conditions. Because these types of basketballs do not get waterlogged like traditional leather models might if exposed to rain or snow over an extended period. Another advantage would be the lack of smell associated with using normal basketballs.

Rubberized Basketballs

Rubber basketballs also have a rubber bladder. But oftentimes they use latex instead of nitrile. Because it can be inflated to higher internal pressures than those found in other models (i).e., greater bounce capabilities.)

Rubberized basketballs tend to resemble modern-day indoor soccer balls. In terms of manufacturing material used during production. Because they too are not made out of genuine leather.

Rubber basketballs have a very soft feel and typically cost the manufacturer much less than other basketball models. Because they are generally made in mass quantities.

However, these types of basketballs tend to serve recreational purposes only. Due to their lack of durability compared to leather-based options or synthetics. Rubberized balls also do not bounce off the ground with as much power as NBA quality balls would. Which means that outdoor play is usually not recommended for this particular ball model. One final note about rubber basketball designs is that they carry an extremely potent odor if exposed to moisture over an extended period.

What are Some Other Brands of Basketball?

The basketball industry is a multi-billion dollar business that continues to grow year by year. And manufacturers have taken notice in recent years. Basketballs from brands such as Spalding, Wilson, Adidas, and Nike can be purchased across the world today for both recreational purposes or professional league use depending on the brand itself.

There are also basketball accessories available from these major companies including backboards designed specifically to hold outdoor basketball hoops indoors during inclement weather conditions!

Official Basketball of the NBA

The NBA’s official basketball is manufactured by Spalding today. And, as previously mentioned, it is composed entirely of genuine leather materials for an authentic basketball feel.

Basketballs are also produced for other leagues around the world. Such as high school and college basketball teams.

How Many Balls do Manufacturers Produce Annually?

basketballs are made

The number of basketballs manufactured each year is shocking! Over four million basketballs are made every single day. The NBA alone uses over 450 thousand basketball balls during their season. Which includes practices as well as games played in arenas around the country.

Manufacturers have to keep up with this demand. Because there always seems to be an excess of basketballs on hand at all times. For players who need new ones due to wear or poor performance from older models. This means that it can take a while before manufacturers receive any new orders if they happen to run out of stock at any point throughout the year too soon after restocking time has passed.

On a Daily-Basis

Manufacturers produce hundreds of thousands of basketballs each day around the world. Because there seems to always be a high demand for quality basketball equipment among players young and old alike. There is a basketball for almost every type of player out there today. And manufacturers continue to focus their efforts on new designs each year in order not to fall behind the competition.

How Much Do Basketballs Cost?

Depending on the basketball model, brand, and type. It can cost anywhere from $20-$100 to purchase a new basketball. Most people go with synthetic models which tend to be more affordable than all-leather designs. Due to their lack of material costs overall.

The average price for an NBA quality leather basketball is around $45 on average. Because they are made in smaller quantities and require higher production values. As well as more time (materials) during manufacturing too. These types of balls also come pre-inflated, unlike most other basketball brands that must be filled before first use by either air or machine. Depending on how much air needs to be added initially after leaving the factory floor each day!

Most manufacturers will include inflation pumps at no additional charge when customers purchase basketballs from their store as well. Which makes it very easy to inflate and deflate basketball tops.

How are NBA-Grade Basketballs Manufactured?

NBA-Grade Basketballs are completely handmade to ensure that they meet the highest standards of basketball manufacturing in the world today. The process begins with two large hoops made out of steel installed inside a factory. Where workers use iron bladders, cotton threads, and leather hides to assemble each basketball by hand over an extended period. Until it is complete.

NBA basketballs are filled with air using helium gas. Because this method does not cause any damage to the bladder after long-term usage. Like other methods might which make them better suited for league play compared to some alternative models produced overseas.

Once all NBA basketballs have been finished being manufactured. They are checked again one last time before packaging occurs for distribution purposes worldwide!

How Many Basketballs are Used in an NBA Game?

In an NBA game, the number of basketballs used is surprising! Over six basketballs are used per game on average, with each team having its basketball for play.

Players who do not have possession of the basketball must hang onto it at all times throughout gameplay. Or risk a penalty foul if they lose track of where the basketball is located. These balls are being rotated throughout the game, and every time when the ball goes out of play.

basketballs are made


We hope you enjoyed learning about the manufacturing of basketballs. At this point in your life, we can only assume that you have owned some type of basketball. Which one do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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