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Can Playing Basketball Help You In Losing Weight?

Playing basketball can be a really fun way to get in shape. But, is playing basketball enough for losing weight? The answer might surprise you! Playing basketball is not just about losing weight; it also has many other benefits that could help your health and fitness levels. This blog post will talk about the benefits of playing basketball, how it can help lose weight, and some tips for losing weight while playing basketball.

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Basketball is Cardio, Cardio Burns Calories!

The first benefit of playing basketball is that it can be a great cardio workout! If you haven’t heard, cardio workouts are good for heart health and losing weight; however, many people do not like to go on long runs or jog because they get bored easily.

With the help of basketball, you don’t have to worry about getting tired out quickly since it’s fun and exciting!

Basketball also burns tons of calories which makes losing weight much easier when combined with other exercises. Some sports require lots of strength so, therefore, might not burn as many calories throughout an activity compared to running around in circles shooting hoops all day!

losing weight playing basketball-cardio

What You Need to Know

It Won’t Happen Overnight

It is important to know that losing weight will not happen overnight, but if you are playing basketball regularly, the pounds should start dropping off pretty quickly. For losing weight, you need to put in the work and play basketball regularly so that you can start seeing changes within your body!

Building Muscle

There are several physical benefits of playing basketball too! You can build muscle mass and improve your strength by putting in some time each week at the court.

The more you work out with weights or other means outside of playing basketball, the bigger those muscles will get overtime! This makes it easier to lose weight because you have less body fat weighing down on your leaner muscles.

losing weight playing basketball-cardio

Lots of Energy Required

Playing sports requires lots of energy which helps boost metabolism levels. Your heart rate rises when running around so even after finishing an intense of pick-up hoops, rest assured that your metabolism will be revved up for hours afterwards.

Fat and Muscle

It is important to remember that losing weight isn’t just about how much you weigh. Fat and muscle can both help in losing weight, but one will give your body a better definition while the other might not make a difference at all on the scale.

If you are looking for an easier way to lose fat or even tone up without losing any actual weight, playing basketball could be exactly what you need!

Have a Support System

If losing weight is one of your goals, it helps to have a support system in place. Playing basketball with friends or family members may just motivate you enough to keep going even when losing weight seems like an impossible task.

You can help each other out by cheering on the court and offering words of encouragement after every game. Your teammates will be grateful to have such a positive support system and you can benefit from it too!

Healthy Eating & Burning Calories

When losing weight, playing basketball should not be the only thing you do. It is important to follow up your games with some healthy eating habits and adequate amounts of sleep at night. Basketball players usually burn around 400 calories per hour but this number could vary depending on how intense or long each game lasts.

Do it Your Way, and Stick to It!

Find what works for you because there are no quick fixes when losing weight; instead, working out regularly and adhering to certain lifestyle changes will help get results over time. Keep yourself motivated by paying attention to the small improvements in your health rather than focusing solely on losing weight as an end goal.

Tips for Losing Weight

Balanced Meals

Try your best to eat healthy, balanced meals throughout each day. This will ensure that you have enough energy and nutrients on hand when heading out onto the court.

It also helps to fuel up before a game because if you don’t put anything into your body during the day, there’s no way it can be used as extra energy (like stored fat).

Exercise Regularly

You should try exercising at least three times a week with one being harder than the rest so that you get more of a workout in. If possible, consider going outside too since this may burn even more calories off depending on how intense of a session you are putting yourself through.

If you are new to losing weight, start slow and work your way up over time. So that you can increase intensity as needed.

Sleep Well

Make sure you get enough sleep before heading out onto the court. This will ensure that your body is well-rested and prepared for losing weight. So it can be easier to play a few games without feeling too tired or worn down afterwards.

Do Not Skip Meals

This tip goes along the lines of eating healthy but it is worth mentioning again: try not to skip meals! Skipping breakfast or lunch may seem like a good idea at first (so that more food can be eaten during dinner).

But this makes losing weight harder because then your body starts storing fat for later use instead of using all that energy on hand right now (because there is nothing in your stomach).

Drink Water!

Finally, make sure to drink lots of water throughout each day too! Water helps keep metabolism levels high by flushing out toxins from the system. Which also benefits other areas of losing weight too (like losing water weight).

But it is also important for losing weight because it helps muscles relax and contract as needed during exercise. It can even help prevent injuries since water has moisturizing properties, so drink up!


If losing weight seems like an impossible task to you right now, focus on self-motivation instead of the end goal itself.

Remind yourself why losing weight will be good for your health or whatever other reasons may resonate with you; this way when motivation does come around again (because everyone gets tired every once in a while), there’s already something positive influencing your decision-making process.

Which makes sticking with losing weight all that much easier!

losing weight playing basketball-cardio

Playing Basketball also has Social Benefits

Finally, playing basketball also has social benefits too! Not only are you burning calories while having fun but you are spending time building friendships in the process as well. The more people get involved with playing sports, the bigger community involvement becomes.

Which could lead to increased interest in local activities that benefit others (volunteering at soup kitchens) too! Remember; losing weight is not the only benefit of playing basketball!


Basketball is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but it can be difficult to figure out how to get started. It’s not enough just to play the game; you need to take care of your body for basketball or any other sport for that matter, to work as an effective weight-loss strategy.

We have listed all the possible ways to lose weight and keep healthy by practicing or playing basketball. Do you have any other tips? Please let us know in the comments below so that we can add them to our list of ideas!

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