best basketball gifts 2022
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Best Basketball Gifts For 2022: For Players And Fans

Basketball is for everyone, not just the players on the court. It’s also for fans who want to show their support with a little bit of flair by wearing team colors or rocking some player-inspired gear. There are so many great gifts out there that you can give basketball players or fan this season, but we wanted to narrow it down to our favorites!

New Basketball Sneakers

The best gifts are those that the receiver is going to be happy with and will use for years, not just something flashy or temporary. New basketball shoes fall into this category for sure!

With new sneaks on their feet, fans will feel ready to play no matter where they are – at home or out in public. They’ll look good too so you can double as style points while giving an awesome gift.

What about them makes them unique? These sneakers come in multiple styles so there’s one perfect pair of player-inspired kicks waiting to go under the tree (or wherever else your giftee chooses). Plus, some pairs feature Primeknit technology which means more support than ever before!

best basketball gifts 2022

Converse x NBA

If your favorite fan is a bigger spender, you should consider the Converse x NBA collection. These sneakers are designed by some of the best sneaker artists in the world and feature player-inspired designs that will immediately make them feel like part of their team!

With these shoes on their feet, every game they watch from home or inside an arena becomes even better because it’s all about feeling closer to their squad when looking good while doing so.

Basketball Books

There’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book, which is why we love giving books as gifts. With basketball-themed literature out there for both adults and children, you can’t go wrong with this awesome gift!

Not only will your fan be able to learn more about the players that they idolize but reading also promotes mental wellness so it helps them stay on top of their game even when not playing one.

What makes these great? These fun reads are filled with stories and facts from some of the best writers and reporters around who know how much fans enjoy learning new things or delving deeper into those already familiar topics. They’ll inspire us every time we crack open a page, we can imagine ourselves out on the court making those all-important shots!

Here’s a list of some famous books about basketball:

  1. “The Breaks of the Game” by David Halberstam
  2. “When the Game Was Ours” by Larry Bird, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, and Jackie MacMullan
  3. “The Last Shot: City Streets, Basketball Dreams” by Darcy Frey
  4. “The Jordan Rules: The Inside Story of a Turbulent Season with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls” by Sam Smith
  5. “Sacred Hoops: Spiritual Lessons of a Hardwood Warrior” by Phil Jackson and Hugh Delehanty
  6. “Basketball (and Other Things): A Collection of Questions Asked, Answered, Illustrated” by Shea Serrano and Arturo Torres
  7. “When March Went Mad: The Game That Transformed Basketball” by Seth Davis
  8. “The Art of a Beautiful Game: The Thinking Fan’s Tour of the NBA” by Chris Ballard
  9. “Drive: The Story of My Life” by Larry Bird with Bob Ryan
  10. “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama” by Gwen Ifill (includes a section on basketball and its impact on politics)

Team-Themed Clothing

There’s nothing better than rocking some amazing team-themed clothing, and today’s options are pretty great. These items come in a variety of styles so you can find the perfect gift for any fan out there!

Plus, getting to show off your pride with others will make this one fantastic gift that they’ll truly appreciate because it makes them feel closer to their squad when watching from home or courtside.

The greatest basketball presents feature items that are distinctive from what other people are wearing, making it easier for individuals to easily identify their favorite supporters in the stands if they’re seeking for someone to converse with before tipoff.

Not just any old t-shirt with their favorite player’s name on it, but official player jerseys, so that our readers’ teams are fully represented!

Team Basketball Jersey

There’s no better way to show off your pride than with a personalized jersey. This is one of our favorite basketball gifts because it makes such an impactful statement for all who see it – you can’t miss someone decked out in their basketball jerseys!

Your fan will feel like they’re part of the team even when not at home watching from the couch or inside a packed arena where screaming fans fill every inch, including those pricey suite boxes which allow them to go slightly above and beyond without going too far into serious luxury territory that could be hard to justify as a gift.

What about these make them unique? You can proudly display your love for any NBA squad thanks to how customizable this piece is since there are so many different styles available depending on which team you want to support. With jerseys for everyone in the family, it’s easy to find something that will make every fan excited at their next game!

Premium Basketball Game Ball

When you think of all the best basketball gifts, it’s easy to get stuck on clothes or other sorts of accessories. However, we believe that nothing says “I love basketball” more than a premium game ball! What makes this so special?

There are countless benefits to owning an official game ball because besides looking great in any room where they’re proudly displayed (even if not near enough space exists for them all), these pieces also help players perfect their shot no matter what kind of style they use to score points.

best basketball gifts 2022

What else makes this such an awesome gift idea? These balls come in various sizes and weights depending on your fan’s personal preferences but regardless, each one is designed with materials used by professional teams across America which means better grip when bouncing or shooting.

They’ll feel like the pros with every dribble, pass, and shot they make – no matter if it’s in a one-on-one game against their best friend at home on the driveway or during some intense pickup games!

Here’s a shortlist of good basketballs:

  1. Wilson Evolution Basketball
  2. Spalding NBA Official Game Basketball
  3. Nike Elite Championship Basketball
  4. Molten GG7X Basketball
  5. Adidas All-Court Basketball

High-Performance Socks

You might not think of socks as being one of the best basketball gifts for players but these high-performance socks are designed specifically to improve how they play on the court! What makes them so special? We recommend this option if you’re shopping for a player who has their signature shoe line because that means there’s more at stake when it comes to performance.

High-performance socks can provide several benefits for athletes, including:

  1. Moisture management: High-performance socks are designed to wick away sweat and moisture from the skin, keeping the feet dry and reducing the risk of blisters and other foot-related problems.
  2. Cushioning and support: Some high-performance socks feature extra padding in the heel, toe, and arch areas, providing cushioning and support to reduce impact and enhance comfort during activity.
  3. Compression: Many high-performance socks feature compression technology, which can help improve blood flow and reduce swelling and fatigue in the feet and legs.
  4. Temperature regulation: Some high-performance socks are designed to regulate body temperature, keeping the feet cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Overall, high-performance socks can help athletes perform at their best by keeping their feet comfortable, dry, and supported, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

Smart Basketball Watch

A smart basketball watch is one of the best gifts for a fan who loves playing ball but also wants to improve their game too! How does this work? By syncing up with an app that shows stats, players can get real-time feedback on how they’re performing.

It’s easy to share results or progress with friends and family so everyone has fun competing – even if not physically in person at games! Even better, you can spot trends quickly when something doesn’t feel right about your shot because it tells you exactly where improvements need to be made: release point, shooting angle…you name it and these tips will help make every player much more successful in future games.

A smart basketball watch can provide several benefits for athletes, including:

  1. Performance tracking: A smart basketball watch can track various performance metrics, such as steps taken, distance covered, speed, and heart rate. This information can help athletes monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Shot tracking: Some smart basketball watches can track shot attempts and make/miss percentages. This information can help athletes improve their shooting accuracy and consistency.
  3. Coaching and training: Many smart basketball watches offer coaching and training features, such as drills and workouts. These features can help athletes improve their skills and fitness levels.
  4. Game analysis: Some smart basketball watches can analyze game footage and provide insights into performance. This information can help athletes identify strengths and weaknesses and make adjustments to their game.
  5. Communication and connectivity: Many smart basketball watches offer communication and connectivity features, such as text messaging, phone calls, and music streaming. This can be convenient for athletes who want to stay connected while on the court.

What makes watches like this unique compared to others available? We love how it has a buttonless design so players can toss this in their bag without worrying about damaging the controls or other parts. The fabric strap also feels incredibly soft to prevent chafing when worn during intense workouts, making them ideal for dribbling drills and long practices too! Use these watches while playing basketball with friends at home on an outdoor court or even inside your local gym – there’s no limit to what you can improve by wearing one of these high-tech gadgets that come straight from NASA technology!

Compression Gear

When you think of the best basketball gifts, it’s hard to look past anything related to compression clothing! This type of gear is always a great choice for any player because its tight fit helps them feel more powerful when dribbling, catching passes…you name it. Plus, they reduce the risk of injury by supporting muscles that would otherwise be left vulnerable during intense workouts or other kinds of activities since these types of clothes are designed with players in mind first and foremost.

Compression clothing for athletes, such as shorts, leggings, sleeves, and shirts, can provide a number of advantages, including:

  1. Increased blood flow: Compression clothing is made to fit snugly against the muscles, which can aid to increase blood flow and circulation and, as a result, the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the muscles during exercise. Performance can be improved and tiredness reduced as a result.
  2. Decreased muscle vibration: By reducing muscle vibration during exercise, compression gear helps speed up recovery time, lessen discomfort and muscle damage.
  3. Improved support: Compression gear can give the muscles and joints more support, lowering the chance of injury and improving stability and control all around.
  4. Temperature control: Athletes can stay warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather by wearing compression clothing that is made to control body temperature.
  5. Comfort: High-quality, moisture-wicking materials are often used to make compression clothing, which may keep athletes dry and comfortable as they workout.

What else makes this such an awesome gift idea? It comes in all sorts of different styles so no matter what kind of team your fan supports at their local college or favorite professional sports franchise nearby – there are options here for everyone!

Shooting Sleeves

Shooting sleeves are one of the best basketball gifts for players that want to improve their game by working on specific areas. They help make shots more accurate, which is why they’re often worn during practices or workouts with friends at home.

What else can we say about this product? These come in a two-pack as well so you’ll have an extra right away if something happens! We also love how everyone from beginners up to pros can use them because there’s no slip when trying to shoot – even if someone has sweaty palms after being active for hours practicing drills or playing games! Sure, it might seem like just another gift but these will really help your friend become much better at dribbling and making free throws too…not bad for something affordable!

Agility Ladder

An agility ladder is a great gift for basketball players who want to improve their dribbling skills. Just imagine being able to weave through these steps faster than ever, which means no opponent will be able to steal the ball from you! It’s also easy enough that anyone can learn how to use it within seconds – just find a flat space and start running as fast as possible so hands keep up with feet…and don’t stop until told!

What makes this such an ideal option? We love its lightweight design since most people won’t have any trouble carrying it between home and school or around the gym during practices too. Plus, there are tons of different workouts that come included in our package at no extra cost like speed ladder drills plus footwork that will help improve ball control, coordination, and pretty much every other aspect of this sport that you could think of!

Gym Bags

Basketball players will love how great this gym bag looks when they head to the court or indoor court nearby with friends. It’s got plenty of room for all kinds of gear so you can easily fit basketball shoes, uniforms, balls…you name it!

What else makes this such an awesome gift option? We love that it comes in multiple colors – perfect if your family member plays on more than one high school team since everyone has their preferences about what color best fits them! Plus, we’ve made sure there are tons of compartments available here like a water bottle pocket and smaller side pockets to make carrying other essentials easier too (like wallets). This also helps promote safety by eliminating clutter during practices where might trip over loose objects lying around.

Basketball Backpacks

Basketball players will love this backpack for carrying all their gear to and from school or work. It’s a great gift idea because it helps them carry everything they need in just one bag since there are lots of different compartments available – especially the roomy main compartment that can fit a basketball without any trouble!

What other benefits does this have? We think its best feature is how much storage space you get here, which means enough room for shoes, balls…even clothes if someone needs an extra change before heading home after practice! Plus, we’ve tested these out extensively to make sure our stitching lasts through even intense workouts where backpacks take quite a beating every day (and we’re proud to say they do). That way, you know your gift will last a long time and help them focus on their training instead of being frustrated by broken straps or compartments that fall apart when they’re in use!

Basketball Return System

Basketball players will love this gift because it’s the best way to make sure their shot is always on target! We all know how frustrating it can be when we’re practicing our three-pointers and we don’t hit any of them – but that won’t happen with a return system like this where you get instant visual feedback whenever shots go too short or long.

What else makes this such an ideal option? It also helps improve accuracy since there are two different lines for those who want more challenging shots, which means even pros could use these as part of their training regimen before important games! Plus, some people might not realize they need something like this until they try one out…since many still think shooting requires practice alone (which isn’t the best way to make sure shots are always on target).

Basketball Hoops

Basketball players will love this basketball hoop because they can use it to practice in their backyard or driveway when friends come over for a pick-up game. It’s an ideal gift idea since the best way to improve your skills is through regular, consistent training – and what better way than with something like this that allows you to hone your moves anytime without having to wait for open gym time at school?

What else makes this such an amazing option? We think its best feature is how durable it is: we’ve tested these hoops out extensively so we know they won’t break down under even intense play where people might slam dunk whenever possible!

NBA League Pass

Basketball fans will love this basketball gift idea because it enables them to watch every game they want right from the comfort of their living room! We all know how expensive cable is these days, and trying to hunt down games online can be time-consuming – but NBA League Pass makes things easier by offering over 250 out-of-market games per week.

What else makes this such an awesome option? It also lets you catch up on any missed action whenever you have free time for best results (like during your lunch break at work or when everyone’s asleep), plus there are no commercial breaks so basketball fans get full access wherever they go!

NBA 2K22

Basketball fans will love this gift idea because it allows them to play as their favorite NBA team – and best of all, you won’t have to wait for the new season like with other sports games where rosters may change! It’s a great gift option since many people like playing basketball video games but don’t want to buy an entirely new game every time there are roster changes (which can cost upwards of $70 or more!).

best basketball gifts 2022

What else makes this such an awesome choice? We think its best feature is how realistic everything looks: we’ve tested these out extensively so we know players look like their real-life counterparts, plus they make gameplay much easier than before thanks to the innovative shooting system that uses motion controls.

Shortlist of the Gifts you can give

  1. Basketball Hoop: A basketball hoop is a great gift for basketball enthusiasts who want to practice and improve their skills at home.
  2. Basketball Shoes: A good pair of basketball shoes can make a huge difference in a player’s game, so they make a great gift for serious players.
  3. Basketball Jersey: A basketball jersey of a player’s favorite team or player is a great way to show support and fandom.
  4. Personalized Basketball: A basketball with the recipient’s name or a special message is a unique and thoughtful gift.
  5. Training Equipment: Training equipment such as agility cones, resistance bands, and training aids can help players improve their skills.
  6. Basketball Backpack: A backpack designed for carrying basketball gear is a practical and useful gift for players who need to transport their gear to games and practices.
  7. NBA League Pass: NBA League Pass is a streaming service that allows basketball fans to watch games live and on-demand, making it a great gift for avid fans.
  8. Basketball Training Books: There are several great books on basketball training and strategies that can help players take their game to the next level.
  9. Basketball Water Bottle: A water bottle designed specifically for basketball players can help keep them hydrated during games and practices.
  10. Basketball Arcade Game: A basketball arcade game is a fun gift that can provide hours of entertainment for basketball enthusiasts.


What are you waiting for? It doesn’t matter what time of year it is because there are basketball gifts perfect for all occasions. We want our readers to know that these options are great gifts for any fan who wants unique things to show off around town while spreading the love of their favorite sport however possible which makes them highly versatile as well as invaluable pieces that anyone would appreciate.

What do you think? Do you have other ideas about how someone could give an amazing gift this season? Let us know!


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