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The NBA Commissioner, who happens to be the highest-ranking official in the NBA, has an annual salary of $10 million. The NBA commissioner has a vast portfolio to oversee and many responsibilities. Including managing NBA player relations, overseeing team business operations, and negotiating broadcast rights. What an NBA Commissioner does and how they’re chosen? Let’s break down!

However, current Commissioner Adam Silver reportedly took a 20% pay cut to ease the burden on the NBA, and those affected by the coronavirus.

Roles and Responsibilities of the NBA Commissioner

The NBA Commissioner oversees the entire NBA. The NBA commissioner has many roles and responsibilities, including:

NBA Commissioner roles and responsibilities

Managing NBA Player Relations

The NBA commissioner is responsible for overseeing NBA player relations. This includes everything from contracting negotiations to disputes between players and coaches.

Overseeing Team Business Operations

Another NBA commissioner’s role is overseeing team business operations. This includes league expansion and franchise licensing. As well as compliance with NBA rules. Such as the salary cap, player contracts, doping policy, and more!

Refereeing Disputes Between Teams or Players

When NBA teams or players have disputes, the commissioner is responsible for refereeing and mediating these interactions. This includes everything from pre-game logistics to coordinating between opposing team leaders in the event of a public relations crisis!

Negotiating Broadcast Rights for TV Channels to Show Games on their Network

The NBA commissioner negotiates broadcast rights for TV channels to show NBA games on their network. For example, the NBA recently signed a $24 billion contract with ESPN and TNT!

Team Relocations, and League Expansions

The NBA commissioner decides which cities to place new NBA franchises in. And whether or not existing NBA teams are allowed to relocate. NBA Commissioner David Stern blocked NBA teams from moving to Las Vegas and Seattle in the early 2000s. After a long history of franchise relocations. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver recently blocked NBA teams from moving to Seattle in 2017.

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Another important NBA commissioner’s role in deciding whether or not to expand the NBA is by adding new franchises into existing NBA markets. In 2016, for example, after a long period of stagnation. The NBA Commissioner allowed 22 NBA teams to submit applications for expansion!


When it comes down to these major calls in basketball. Where one side doesn’t have precedence over another side like with referees during gameplay who see what exactly happened etc. The right call will always be made by this person’s role as appointing authority.

For example; we can look at the Tim Donaghy controversy. Which was a huge deal nationally. And NBA commissioner David Stern handled it in a very professional manner.

Who Is Chosen for this Position?

You must have a bachelor’s degree in business management. With at least seven years of experience working for the NBA league office. You also need prior involvement in sports leagues including collegiate athletic programs.

Finally, since most organizations don’t hire commissioners directly into that role. So, they typically start off gaining experience elsewhere within the company. Before they are promoted into their current role!

Who is the NBA Commissioner?

The current NBA Commissioner is Adam Silver, who was appointed NBA Commissioner in 2014. Silver had previously served as NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer under David Stern.

NBA commissioner; Adam Silver

Adam Silver was born in Rye, New York, and attended Duke University. Where he earned a bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors. He then went on to earn his J.D from NBA-favored Harvard Law School!

What Have They Accomplished?

Adam Silver

Adam Silver has accomplished many things in his NBA Commissioner role, including:

  • Negotiated NBA TV contracts worth $24 billion.
  • Expanded NBA G League by 30% since 2017.
  • Introduced NBA Global Games to play preseason games internationally for the first time!
  • NBA salaries have increased from $930 million to over $1.2 billion since Silver took office.
  • NBA players now wear Nike jerseys after the NBA extended a partnership with Nike worth an estimated $400 million!

David Stern

David Stern had accomplished many things during his NBA Commissioner tenure, including:

How Are NBA Commissioners Chosen?

There are three ways in which an NBA Commissioner is elected:

NBA Commissioner; How They Are Chosen?
  • The NBA Board of Governors elects their members as commissioners by majority vote. This means that all 30 team owners must agree upon appointing one person to this position.
  • A new commissioner may get appointed when there is no incumbent or if they voluntarily resign from office. The players association president then appoints a replacement until next year’s annual meeting. Where the membership evaluates their performance during his/her term in office. If deemed unsatisfactory, players association members may elect a new NBA commissioner.
  • They can also be removed from office by the NBA Board of Governors. If they are found guilty of violating any policies or procedures. That governs their conduct as NBA commissioners. Such as those regarding gambling, bribery, and conflicts of interest.

The current person holding this position is Adam Silver. He has served since 2014 when he assumed David Stern’s position after his retirement in February 2013.

An interesting fact about Silver being named NBA Commissioner was that he had been deputy commissioner under David Stern for eight years. Before taking over from him.

On May 25th, 2017, it was announced that Silver would remain the new commissioner until 2024. Usually, an outgoing NBA commissioner chooses their successor with the approval of the owners of each NBA franchise (who vote on it). For instance, Adam Silver served under David Stern who chose him to succeed as the next commissioner!


In conclusion, NBA commissioners are the highest-ranking NBA officials who have complete authority over all NBA operations. They also oversee league expansion, player signings, and trades, team relocation, the discipline of players and coaches, negotiation with other leagues for NBA participation in events such as the Olympic Games or world championships, etc.

There is no wonder why NBA Commissioners are paid so well for their managerial work. Since they are in charge of one of the largest professional sports leagues in the entire world!

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