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How Many Times NBA Teams Play Each Other In A Season?

Do NBA teams play each other in a season? Yes, they do! The NBA is broken up into two conferences. Eastern and Western. Each conference has 3 divisions: Atlantic, Central, Southeast, and Northwest, Pacific, Southwest – respectively.

Within these divisions, there are 5 NBA teams (Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, etc). All 30 NBA teams will play against the 29 other NBA opponents at least twice throughout the regular season for a total of 82 games per team!

How is the NBA Game Schedule Split?

Every NBA team plays four games against each of their division rivals. For example, the Atlanta Hawks will play two home and away games with Washington Wizards for a total of four NBA Eastern Conference (division) games.

How nba schedule splits? NBA Teams Play Each Other

Teams also scheduled to play their remaining conference opponents three times; one game at home, one game on the road, and another game either at home or on the road – which is determined by alternate years basis (e.g., in 2017-18 season teams played every other Western Conference (conference) opponent both home and away).

What are Intraconference Games, and How are They Played?

Intraconference NBA games are NBA games in which teams play against opponents in the same conference. For example, the Boston Celtics will play two home and away NBA Eastern Conference (conference) games with Washington Wizards for a total of four NBA inter-league game match-ups.

Therefore, NBA teams will play their non-division league opponents either three or four times.

The Other Conference Games

On the other hand, games against teams from the other conference make up the rest of the NBA’s regular-season schedule. NBA teams will play two NBA games against each of the 15 other non-conference opponents.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that due to time zone differences during regular seasons – there may be days when some NBA teams get back from a road trip at midnight or later; causing them to rest players which leads this topic to our next NBA scheduling topic.

Do All NBA Teams Play Each Other Each Year?

Yes! All 30 NBA teams will play against 29 other NBA opponents at least twice throughout the regular season – depending on if they are intraconference or other conference match-ups respectively.

The NBA Schedule

Who Creates the NBA Schedule?

The NBA schedule is put together by an executive committee that creates it based on where NBA teams are playing and what day of the week they will play their games.

How is the NBA Schedule Made?

NBA teams Play each other in NBA Schedule

The NBA schedule is made based on the NBA team’s locations and the days of the week. NBA schedule is made a year in advance so that NBA teams can know when they will be playing their games next season.

NBA schedule has changed many times over the years to accommodate for travel time and player rest by implementing back-to-back games on consecutive nights throughout each NBA regular season.

There are some limitations to who decides what goes into an NBA schedule by looking at scheduling rules from Article VII Section I: “Subject to League office approval, each Member shall determine its basketball practice and training schedules.”

In addition, there was also another section within Article VII Section III states,” Subject to applicable Arena lease provisions or a Player Contract between a Team Owner and a Team Player, NBA Teams will determine the home and road playing dates of its NBA Basketball Games.”

The NBA schedule is made over several months by looking at calendar events such as; Holidays, Concerts, and other shows taking place in NBA arenas while their teams are away for that particular night or weekend.

The final product ends up being about 1000 games which include exhibition preseason matchups! This number can change according to what days certain organizations decide they want their venues occupied during specific times throughout the year.

Has the NBA Schedule Ever Changed?

While the current format has been in place for decades, the NBA schedule has changed throughout history. Even before that, there were changes to how NBA teams played each other during a season.

No format change was made this year for interconference matchups but there have been years when interleague schedules did not match up perfectly which resulted in some minor adjustments being necessary to ensure fairness in competition between all 30 NBA teams via eliminating back-to-back matches or finding days to reschedule certain games accordingly if needed/desired by team owners – also known as flex scheduling.

How Long does the NBA Season Last?

The NBA season lasts from late October until the NBA Finals in June. The NBA regular season begins on the last Wednesday in October and ends after playing 82 games, sometime in April or early May.

NBA Teams Play Each Other

Seeding and Playoffs

Teams are ranked by win-loss record then by total points scored throughout NBA Regular Season to determine NBA Playoff Seeding. And NBA Playoffs begin with a best of seven series between each conference’s champion and finalist (Eastern vs Western Conference).

NBA Finals

The NBA finals are also played using a best of seven formats to determine the league winner. NBA Finals consists of the Eastern Conference Champion vs Western Conference Champion in best out of seven series. It is played using the home/away game format similar to NBA Playoffs (the first two games are played at one team’s venue before moving onto the other team’s venue). The winner of the finals will be named NBA Champions!


The NBA schedule is very interesting because it’s broken down in many different ways throughout the NBA season – including NBA divisions, conferences (East vs West), intraconference games, and other conference games!

This blog post has hopefully answered your question about how many times do NBA teams play each other during a single regular season? Thank you so much for reading this blog post today; we hope you enjoyed learning about NBA game schedules!

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