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Who Votes For NBA Awards? Voting In NBA’s Top Awards

The NBA Awards are given every year to honor the NBA’s top players, coaches, and executives. The NBA awards include the MVP award, which is given to the most valuable player in basketball for that season; the Coach of the Year award, which is awarded to a coach who made outstanding contributions during that season; and various other awards such as Defensive Player of the Year Award. These types of NBA Awards are voted on by sportswriters, broadcasters, basketball fans, and NBA players, depending on the category.

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Types of Awards, and Who Votes

There are a variety of NBA Awards that recognize excellence on the basketball court during the NBA season. The most publicized ones include Most Valuable Player, Defensive Player Of The Year Award, Rookie Of The Year Award, Sixth Man Of The Year award, etc.

Which is voted by selected members from all over North America. Including journalists and broadcasters who cover basketball games regularly throughout the season.

NBA awards

In addition to these popular awards. There are other less followed but equally important awards. Such as Coach Of The Year and NBA Executive Of The Year. That honors NBA’s best coaches and front office personnel.

Finals MVPs

The NBA Finals MVP is one of the most prestigious awards handed out in the NBA. It’s awarded to a player who helps his team win the NBA championship title. And has contributed significantly throughout that particular playoff run. As well as being heavily involved during that year’s NBA Finals series.

The award is decided by a panel of eleven media members. Who cast votes after the conclusion of the NBA Finals. This award was first presented after the 1969 NBA finals season. Since then this honor has been given to 21 players from all over North America. Including Michael Jordan (six times) and LeBron James (four times).

Most Valuable Player

The NBA MVP award is given to the player who contributed the most to his team’s success. Ever since the 1980-1981 season. The award has been decided by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters, from USA and Canada. NBA fans have been allowed to vote online for NBA MVP as well, since 2010.

All-Star Game MVP

Another NBA Awards that is voted by the players who played in the NBA All-Star Game, and will be awarded to one of those selected players. Similar to other MVP awards, the All-Star Game MVP award is decided by a panel of media members.

Rookie of the Year

The NBA Rookie of the Year is an annual award that recognizes honorable play by a first-year NBA player. This NBA Award was established as part of the NBA’s 1952 season and has been handed out every year since then. Various sportswriters, and broadcasters cast NBA Rookie of the Year votes, by selecting their top three rookies.

This prestigious honor was introduced with one rule – only five players can be nominated annually instead of ten or more rookies just because they had good starts at the beginning of their careers. However, after 2008, there has been no limit on how many NBA players can be nominated as NBA Rookie of the Year.

Defensive Player of the Year

The NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) award given since 1982 to recognize the league’s best defensive player. This NBA award sees 124 sportswriters and broadcasters vote on who they think is deserving of this honor.

Coach of the Year

NBA Coach of the Year is an NBA Award that honors head coaches for their influence over both their team and other NBA players. It was inaugurated in 1962 after Red Auerbach, who coached the Boston Celtics to nine NBA championships between 1950-1966, became one of four recipients of this honor.

He won his first NBA trophy during the 1956 season as a coach with St. Louis Hawks but it wasn’t until he joined the Celtics that he received more awards consecutively from 1963-1965 seasons.

The voting process for NBA Coach Of The Year has been different since its inception; initially, two sportswriters were selected from each NBA divisional city to be part of ballot counting before 1969 when votes got changed into national ballots counted by media members.

Executive of the Year

The NBA Executive of the Year Award is given to executives for their excellence in working with NBA players, coaches, and other members of NBA teams.

This award was first introduced during the 1972-1973 NBA season as an honor only handed out by league officials but it became a voting process just like others where all 30 executives get involved in voting.

Most Improved Player

The NBA Most Improved Player Award is an NBA award given every year to players, who have improved the most from one season to another. It was first handed out during the 1985-1986 NBA season and has been annually awarded since then.

This NBA honor reflects so many NBA players’ stories of having a breakout year after several years of hard work in training camps or even before getting drafted into the team they are currently playing for.

Like other awards, the winner is selected by a panel of sportswriters throughout the United States and Canada, each of whom casts a vote for first, second, and third place selections.

Sixth-Man of the Year

The NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award is given to a player who made significant off-the-bench contributions. The NBA began this honor in 1983 and it has been awarded every year since then.

This award is also voted for, by NBA sportswriters, the same way the NBA All-Star Game MVP Award is voted for with a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters selecting their top five choices in this NBA award.

Other Honors

NBA awards

All-NBA Team

The NBA All-NBA Team is an annual honor that’s given by sportswriters to NBA players who they think performed best in each season.

There are four NBA teams, First, Second, and Third NBA Teams with the first team being selected exclusively by a panel of 124 journalists while 24 voters pick the second and third teams.

All-Rookie Team

The NBA All-Rookie Team is an NBA honor given to the top performers during each season’s NBA Rookie of the Year Award voting. This NBA award sees a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters vote on who they think performed best for this NBA award.

All-Defensive Team

The NBA All-Defensive Team is an NBA honor given to the top performers during each season’s NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award voting. Coaches voted for this award up until the 2013-2014 season, after it was handed to a panel of 123 sportswriters and broadcasters.

Players who win the NBA Most Valuable Player Award are automatically elected into this NBA team regardless if they’re not chosen by voters or even already on one of either First, Second, or Third Teams.

When Are the NBA Awards Held?

These Awards are usually held in late June after the NBA Finals have concluded. The NBA first started holding the NBA Awards in the 2016-2017 NBA season.

NBA Awards have been held in New York since its inception. Before moving to other cities for a few years until it moved back to New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Where most of them are still being held today.

The awards are given out to recognize team and individual achievements in basketball. The same way other traditional North American sports give their respective trophies for them during annual NBA meetings.

NBA awards


In conclusion, NBA awards are given out every year to recognize NBA players and teams for their great achievements during the regular season.

We hope you found this blog post informative and can see why NBA awards are given to respective NBA players. If you still have any questions about the voting process of NBA awards, you can leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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