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How To Make A Return To Basketball: Tips And Tricks

It’s not easy to return to basketball after a long time away from the game. It takes some work and dedication to get back into shape for the sport, but it is possible! In this blog post, we will cover all of the tips and tricks on how you can return to basketball. We’ll go over what steps you need to take for your return-to-basketball process to be successful.

As well as how long it will take for you to return to playing at your highest level again. If you are returning from an injury or illness that kept you away from basketball. W7e have advice on how best to come back so that your return doesn’t hinder your future success with the game.

Where to Start When Returning to Basketball?

Basketball is an extremely physically demanding sport. So if you return to basketball after a long time away from the game (or even just took some extended breaks). You must get in great shape before jumping back into things.

Build Up Your Cardio

You need to build up your cardio endurance for playing full games of basketball. If you’re not used to running around on the court constantly. Then college and high school games will be difficult for you at first! It takes about four weeks of consistent exercise routines or practices every day/multiple times per week before your body gets accustomed enough to handle all of the physical demands placed upon it during this type of activity.

return to basketball

Hire a Trainer or Go to the Gym

Before returning, consider hiring a personal trainer. Who can show you how best to work out to get in shape for basketball. Or, you could return to the gym and see if any of your old workout buddies will help you out with some drills.

The First Four Weeks

During these first four weeks or however long it takes until your body gets used again to running around constantly (be sure to stretch daily as well). Commit yourself 100% toward waking up for morning workouts every day. This way when practices start coming around (if this is what’s stopping/delaying your return). You’ll be in good enough shape to attend them.

Preparing for Your Return to Basketball

Once you are ready for practice, keep practicing daily until the first game of the season comes around. If it ever becomes too much or if injuries return along with pain during practices/games. Then stop immediately and consult with your doctor before continuing again. You want to ensure that all parts of your body are working properly by having regular checkups throughout the return process!

Recommended Exercises to Get Back to Basketball

To return to basketball, you need a solid workout plan. We recommend circuits of cardio and strength training that can be done at home with minimal equipment. Or at the gym if you have access!

The Cardio

Running around on the court is great for your cardiovascular system. And it’s probably what most people think about when they think “cardio”. But there are other activities just as effective in building up endurance.

Jogging outside will give you some fresh air while still getting your heart rate up. Swimming laps back and forth across a pool allows more rest than land exercises due to buoyancy. So it won’t feel like such intense workout sessions, bicycling uses different muscles than running. So it helps build balance/stability which comes in handy during basketball games. And hiking up a steep hill as fast as you can give your muscles quite the workout.

Strength & Conditioning

Bodyweight squats are great for strengthening those powerful leg muscles that keep you running around on the court all day long without getting tired! Push-ups work out your whole upper body, which comes in handy when fighting through screens (defensively) and grabbing rebounds (offensively).

Pullups strengthen back/bicep strength like nothing else, so they’ll help improve ball control. Crunches target your core to ensure a good balance between legs and arms while playing defense or dribbling down court after catching an outlet pass from a teammate. Try doing these exercises every other morning before breakfast with plenty of water afterward!

return to basketball

Tips on How to Prevent Injuries When Returning to Basketball?

You need to be able-bodied enough so that playing full games of basketball is not too strenuous on your body. If you return from an injury, take extra precautions and consider starting at a lower level than where you left off before returning into the game.

  • You return from an injury, it’s usually recommended that you warm up thoroughly before jumping back into play.
  • Do not return to playing basketball until you are fully healed and cleared by a doctor or physical therapist!

Injuries Can Reoccur

Injuries can happen again if the problem is still there so be sure to fix those problems as soon as possible! If your feet hurt while running around on the court then get orthotics for them right away because this will help prevent further injuries. Also stretch daily throughout any return-to-play process to keep muscles/joints flexible enough for all of the movements required during practices/games. 

Take Your Time

When returning after being out of practice for a while, don’t expect to immediately jump right back into where you left off. If you return from a long break, consider starting at the bottom of your old team’s pecking order and working your way up to where you were before leaving rather than expecting to be put back into all of the same positions/roles on the court.

This is especially important if you return after an injury because it can take some time for everything to get back in sync with one another!

Take the Opportunity to Return Even Better

Use this return-to-basketball period as a chance to learn new techniques so that you don’t have to rely on your old tricks anymore. You return to basketball with a fresh new attitude and approach so you can play better than ever before.

How Long Does it Take to Get Back Into Basketball Shape?

The time frame for returning will depend on how long you were away from basketball (whether due to an injury, illness, etc.), but generally speaking it takes about six months before your return is complete and you’re back to playing at the level that you were before.

This return process takes a lot of effort so do not get discouraged, but always remember it’s worth it in the end!- If six months seems like too long of a period for you then consider hiring a personal trainer who can show you how best to work out or return to going to the gym with some friends.

return to basketball

You may need up to nine months if coming off an injury/illness that kept you away from basketball because there will be additional rehabilitation involved. Your doctor should inform you about this timeline during your checkups along with any other concerns he/she might have about returning into play.


The bottom line for all returners: listen to your body and return at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Thanks again for reading our blog post about how to make a return back into basketball and we hope that this was helpful for anyone who has been away from playing their favorite sport or just looking for tips on becoming better at basketball in general. We also have many more posts coming so stay tuned! Thanks again!

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