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Playing Point Guard In Basketball: What You Need To Know

Playing point guard in basketball is a challenging position. Many responsibilities come with being the point guard, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you commit. In this blog post, we’ll discuss just what a point guard does on the court and how they can help their team win.

The greatest point guards in basketball history will also be discussed. All those who have elevated one of the most difficult sports positions to the level of an art form!

What Does a Point Guard Do in Basketball?

A point guard is the floor general. They are in charge of making sure players get into position. Known as getting everybody “on the same page”.

The point guard must be a leader both on and off the court by supporting teammates during tough times. or by aiding them in getting better.

This player must possess a broad range of skills, including the ability to shoot, pass effectively, rebound effectively for his size/position, and play solid defense against the top guards or forwards on opposing teams. and on occasion, if necessary, even take up shooting tasks (usually from beyond the three-point line).

point guard in basketball

The Point Guard Duties

In a basketball game, the point guard is frequently in charge of bringing the ball up after each made basket. It demands speed, coordination, and exceptional ball-handling skills to do this properly. Because they are counted on to shout out plays and strategies, they typically stay on the field longer than any other player.

They ought to be able to determine what kind of play will be most effective against a specific defense. Point guards also play some of the most important responsibilities in terms of motivating teammates during timeouts or following significant errors.

An All-Roud Player!

In order to help their team win, point guards simply need to have an all-around skill set that puts them one step ahead of their opponents on both offense and defense. This entails being able to score when it counts by going one-on-one with defenders with quick moves or shooting from afar, but also occasionally having enough control to know when to look for a better opportunity.

Because point guards are frequently matched up against their opponent’s top scorer, defense is crucial because it can force them to play lockdown defense and make huge shots.

To avoid being excluded from plays by their teammates, this entails playing solid on-ball defense and anticipating the arrival of double teams or aid defenders.

Sample Point Guard Workout

  1. Warm up Dynamic Stretch x 5 min
  2. In the Box Basketball Dribbling Drill x 2 min
  3. Bust Out & Retreat Basketball Dribbling Drill 2 x 1 min
  4. 2-Minute Combo Move Weak Hand Finish Drill x 1 set
  5. Step Back Crossover to a Floater Finish Drill 3 x 6 makes (spots are the wing, top of key, and opposite wing)
  6. Ball Screen Turn the Corner 2 x 5 shots (1 set from each wing)
  7. Ball Screen Pull-Up Jump Shot 2 x 5 shots (1 set from each wing)
  8. Ball Screen Refusal 2 x 5 shots (1 set from each wing)
  9. Feeding the Post Passing Drill 2 x 8 reps
  10. Combo Move Partner Passing Drill 2 x 1 min
  11. Static Stretch x 5-10 min

How Do You Play Point Guard?

Point guards need to have a strong all-around game, as we already said. This entails possessing the agility and coordination required for ball handling in addition to being able to shoot from a distance or go one-on-one with defenders when necessary.

Because they will be in charge of include everyone in offensive plays, point guards also need to have strong passing abilities.

Another crucial component that goes hand-in-hand with playing point guard properly is being a team captain. The most effective floor generals are frequently outspoken leaders who can energize their teammates during trying moments.

In order to keep their teammates from giving up on any play or game, point guards also cheer teammates on when they make mistakes. An outstanding point guard combines all of these attributes.

Big Numbers Are Not Essential

One thing to keep in mind is that having big numbers does not always make you the best point guard! Sometimes it’s more important to be able to get your teammates involved and run a well-oiled offense. Rather than always looking for your own shot.

The best point guards are frequently those that elevate everyone around them, turning their teams into championship contenders. This can ultimately result in both individual and team success!

Although taking on the position of point guard at any level of play may seem thrilling, there is no escaping how challenging it actually is due to all the responsibilities involved. It requires agility, coordination, expertise shooting from a distance or while standing on one foot, among many other things.

If you have them all, you should be able to have a significant impact on any basketball squad!

point guard in basketball

What Should a Point Guard Work On?

A point guard should work on everything from passing to shooting. As well as being able to handle the ball under pressure and stay calm when facing double or triple teams. The most important aspect though is learning how to lead teammates at every level of play so they will be successful!

Average Point Guard Height

The average height for a point guard in basketball is around six foot 4 inches, which often leaves those who are shorter out of luck. The best point guards can compensate by being quicker and more athletic so they can match up against taller players!

A great thing about playing the position though is that it’s not necessary to be tall. As long as you have speed, coordination, passing skills/court vision along with an all-around game then you should be able to make a huge impact on any basketball team!

Best Point Guards in Basketball History!

point guard in basketball

Magic Johnson

Starting off our list for the best point guards of all time is Magic Johnson! He was one of the most exciting players to ever play in the NBA because he could do it all. Especially when you consider his height at six-foot-nine inches.

Magic was really good at passing. Also, he had the ability to go one on one with defenders by dribbling past them or making long-range shots to prevent them from leaving him alone. Even if there are several excellent point guards in the world right now, it will be difficult to top this legend anytime soon!

Magic Johnson played for the Lakers and won five NBA titles over his career. He also hodls the record for the highest career average assists per game (11.2 apg.) He was known as a leader who got everybody involved. His ability to pass made him one of the best point guards ever!

John Stockton

John Stockton. A fast, gritty, durable player who saw the floor as well as anyone who ever played the game, he left the NBA after 19 seasons with the Utah Jazz, holding a mass of assists records, including the career mark (15,806).

He led the league in steals twice and, with a career total of 3,265, he retired as the NBA’s all-time leader. He also played all 82 games in 17 of his 19 seasons and his career shooting percentage was 51.5, a remarkable statistic for a guard.

“There absolutely, positively, will never ever be another John Stockton — ever,” said Karl Malone, Stockton’s teammate for 18 seasons. Stockton’s other assists records included most in a season (1,164), highest average for a season (14.5) and most seasons leading the league and most consecutive seasons leading the league (nine). He also shared the record for most assists in a playoff game (24), had the second-highest assists average for a career (10.5) and tied for third for most assists in a regular-season game (28).

Stephen Curry

For our next pick, we chose a player still in the prime of his career! He is a special talent because he can shoot from long range (over 40% on three-pointers for his career) while also being able to drive by defenders at any time.

Curry’s ability to handle pressure situations shows how much of a winner this point guard is as well, which will only help him become one of the greatest players in NBA history since there are so few weaknesses with everything else that makes up his all-around game.

Although he is only six-foot-three inches tall, this point guard has risen above his height to become one of the best in the game today! He does it all from passing off pick and rolls to hitting shots at a high rate while also being able to get by defenders with ease even though they are often taller than him.

Oscar Robertson

With our next pick, we have a player who was named one of the Original NBA’s fifty greatest players ever by being able to do it all on the court. Oscar could score at will as well as get his teammates involved with superb passing ability!

What made him special though is that he averaged an amazing triple-double during his first season in 1961–1962 with thirty points per game, eleven rebounds, and ten assists for good measure. Even today only Russell Westbrook is only the other point guard who has done it the same where he averaged a triple-double proving how difficult they are to accomplish!

Robertson was a point guard who could score, defend and pass at an elite level which is why he deserves to be on our list for the best players in history!

Other Mentions

There are many great point guards in basketball today from Russell Westbrook to Chris Paul but when it comes down to it these four were able to do everything that was asked of them during their time.

This makes all four of the greatest ever because they did not have any weaknesses whatsoever while also helping their teams win championships along the way too!


To wrap up we just want to say that we hope this blog post has been helpful for those who are interested in playing point guard in basketball or know someone who is. This position takes a lot of skill but if you have the right tools it will pay off big time!

We’ve also given our top three point guards in basketball history. Let us know your favorite point guard of all time in the comments below.


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