center in basketball

Center is the player in basketball that typically stands under the basket. This person has a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. As they are usually guarding the opposing team’s center and have to rebound any missed shots.

Being a center can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you can’t thrive in this position! In this blog post we will discuss what a center does in basketball. How to succeed as one, and some of our favorite centers throughout history!

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What Does a Center Do in Basketball?

The Center is usually the tallest person on a team and is responsible for protecting the rim of their team’s basket. He or she is also responsible for rebounding any missed shots that go into or around the hoop. The center often sets screens to get teammates open looks at scoring opportunities as well!

Control Your Emotions

A key part of playing center in basketball is being able to control your emotions during tough games. If you let frustration take over, it can hurt your game by making bad fouls against other players. Or lack of concentration when grabbing rebounds.

However, this doesn’t mean if you are having fun out there then you aren’t working hard enough! Have some positive energy throughout each game so that way even if something goes wrong, you will be ready for anything else that comes your way.

The Center position in basketball is one of the most important ones on a team, especially if they are good at their job! Keep reading to find out more tips on what it takes to thrive as a center in basketball. And some great centers throughout history that you need to know about.

How Do You Play as a Center?

center in basketball

Height and Weight

The center position in basketball is key to a team’s success. To play this role well, you need good height and weight for the job. You also want to have strong legs from all of that running up and down the court!

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Jump High!

In addition, being able to jump high helps out a lot when it comes down near the hoop during games or trying to get rebounds off missed shots. It also doesn’t hurt if you are tall enough where players don’t block your vision while passing by them on offense too!

Speed Helps

While being big helps play center in basketball. Having speed can be just as important so you aren’t limited on getting up and down the court throughout each game either. Some centers even do better when they are fast enough to play guard.

So being able to dribble down the court quickly can give them more options when it comes time for scoring.

There are a lot of different things that you need to be an effective center on your team! We have talked about what makes you tall and strong as well as fast enough where playing guard is easier too.

Becoming a Center in Basketball

As previously stated, a center’s job on the court during games includes scoring points, grabbing rebounds, and playing defense too! It might seem like an easy position to play but there is so much more than meets the eye. Where one mistake can cost you or your teammates big time.

Centers need to be tall which means they have a height over their opponents. As well as being able to run up and down without getting tired along with having good stamina for this sport we love: basketball!

The first step into becoming a center is finding out if you even want to play that role. Because not everyone has what it takes physically which makes sense; however, if you think this is a position for you then the next step would be to find a good coach. Who can help teach and train what it takes to play center.

Surround yourself with people who love basketball too. Because they will not only motivate but also push you to get better which makes perfect sense! The more practice that one puts into something like playing center on the court; then the more skilled he or she will become at said role–networking with others is key here.

Should I Be a Center?

Whether you become a center in basketball or not is completely up to you! You can’t be a center if you aren’t tall enough, so being big helps for this position. Also, having quick feet and hands is necessary too along with the good vision that way no shots go by undefended when scouting out the court during games.

If all of these things sound like something that could interest you then why don’t give it a try? Play some pickup games with your friends at home where nobody gets embarrassed about how they do because everyone has fun playing basketball together!

If nothing else comes from your experience, at least now you will know what it takes to play center in basketball which might help later on down the line as well!

Now let’s move on to the next part, Field Insider’s top three centers in basketball history. The best to ever do it, in our opinion.

The Best Centers in Basketball History!

center in basketball

Shaquille O’Neal

Undoubtedly, one of the best centers in basketball history is Shaquille O’Neal. This man stands tall at seven feet and one inch, making him a very intimidating center to play against!

Some of his accomplishments throughout the years include winning four championships with three different teams, having one NBA MVP award, and being selected to 15 All-Star games!

Shaquille O’Neal is a center that many players will look up to in terms of success. He has done it all on several occasions throughout history which makes him not only one of the best centers in basketball but also overall too!

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Another center that helped shape the game of basketball is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. This man was a champion six times in his career, being selected to 19 All-Star games and winning six NBA MVP awards throughout history!

Not only did he help lead different teams throughout the years but also leaves behind an amazing legacy for players today too. He has quite possibly scored more points than any other player in NBA history which makes him one of the best centers ever to play this sport we all love so much.

Many consider Kareem Abdul Jabbar as not just one of the greatest Center who played during his generation; however, they consider him among some of the greats such as Michael Jordan and Jerry West–even Oscar Robertson!

Wilt Chamberlain

Last but certainly not least is Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlain. He was one of the best big men ever because he averaged over 30 points per game for his career which made him second all-time behind Michael Jordan after he retired from the sport.

This center has titles under his belt, being an All-Star fifteen times and winning four MVP awards throughout history too!

He also had 22 rebounds per contest during games too which means this guy knew how to get down low for rebounds and how to score when he had the ball.

In terms of achievements, it might be hard to compete with a man who averaged over 50 points per game in one season during the 1961-1962 season–something that has only been done by two other players so far!

This man was a force to be reckoned with on the court; however, he is not only known for his amazing skills but also for having one of the best personalities too. He will always go down as one of the greatest centers ever who had both an incredible skillset and personality which made him even more lovable!

center in basketball


If you’re interested in learning what it takes to play center then we hope this blog post helped out! We hope you enjoyed this blog post on how to play center in basketball! If that sounds like something that interests you then why don’t give it a go?

We’ve also given our top three centers in basketball history; Shaquille O’Neil, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain. Got any others that deserve a mention? Let us know below!

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