AAU basketball team

What is AAU basketball? AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. These teams are also referred to as club teams. Because they are just recreational sports clubs that offer athletic opportunities for children in the United States and Canada.

AAU Basketball Teams follow a different set of rules than high school or college basketball. So if you want your child to play AAU basketball instead of taking on another sport. It’s important to know what those rules are! In this post, we’ll discuss how to start an AAU basketball team from scratch. From defining what an AAU team is to getting your first game scheduled.

What is an AAU Basketball Team?

An AAU basketball team is a group of young athletes who compete against other AAU teams in their respective age groups. AAU stands for Amateur Athletic Union. And the acronym reflects the fact that it’s not just any sports organization – these are amateur athletic unions!

AAU Basketball Team

First Steps To Starting an AAU Basketball Team

Finding The Players

Find Other Parents Who Want To Start An AAU Basketball Team Once you’ve got AAU rules down. Meeting other parents who want to start an AAU team should be your next course of action! If there aren’t any existing AAU teams in your area that could become potential rivals later on.

Which is common if you live outside major metropolitan areas like New York or San Francisco. Then you can start your AAU team from scratch!

Many families already have children who play basketball; however, not all of those families may want their child playing on a competitive AAU team. You’ll need to find at least five (five) other players and parents that are interested in joining forces as teammates before starting the official paperwork associated with forming an AAU club.

Once you’ve got enough people together. It’s time to make arrangements for setting up practices and getting games scheduled against other teams!

Register Your Club

Register Your AAU Club With The Local Athletic Union to form a new sports organization. This means filling out forms and providing proof that everyone involved knows what they’re doing! AAU registration is a complicated process. But it’s the first step to getting your AAU basketball team off of the ground.

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Onto The Paperwork

AAU Basketball Team

Applications and Waiver Forms

You’ll need to complete an AAU Club Application and Waiver Form. After that, you should receive a packet from your local amateur athletic union with specific rules associated with starting an AAAA club. Be sure to read this packet carefully before taking any further steps!

You can find contact information for most local amateur athletic unions on the AAU website under “Contact Us”. Just enter your zip code and select “Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)” as well as “Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)” to find the local AAU office in your area.

Acquire Business Licenses, Tax ID Numbers, and Other Official Documents

Once you’ve registered with AAU, it’s time to get an official tax identification number (or TIN) for your club! This is a special type of business license that will allow you to accept payment from parents. Who want their children playing on your AAU team.

Additionally, if any deals are made between individual players or families outside of the AAU organization itself – such as shoe endorsements. Then this document allows those deals to be officially recorded and accounted for by both parties involved.

So there aren’t any misunderstandings down the line about how much money should go where.

How To Get A Federal Tax ID Number

To open a bank account for your AAU team and begin the process of accepting payments from parents. You’ll need an Employer Identification Number (or EIN) in addition to your TIN!

The best way to get these official documents is by filling out paper forms.

Either online or at a local IRS office. If you’d rather avoid making that trip. Then there are also private companies like this one that can provide both types of document numbers on-site with just a few pieces of information about yourself.

Before actually starting up any AAU basketball games against other teams. Especially if they’re not complementary ones like scrimmages or practice games.

Make sure everyone involved has their official AAU documents to avoid any unnecessary issues or fines! You should try and get federal tax identification numbers for your team. At least two weeks before the first game of the AAU season!

What’s Next?

Once you’ve got an AAU club, open bank accounts for everyone involved, get business licenses and TINs to accept payment from parents – either online or through private companies. Then it’s time to start scheduling games against other teams in your area.

Make sure that every player has a physical examination done by a doctor within one year. Before signing up with AAU clubs in addition to getting signed waivers from each family member who plays on your AAU basketball team.

How Much Does an AAU Team Cost?

You’ll need to pay AAU membership dues every year. Regardless of how much your team costs! This is typical $150 per family. Which can be split among multiple members if necessary for large groups.

Additionally, you may also have to purchase uniforms and other equipment depending on the sport or activity that you’re taking part in. Basketball tends to require more gear than most sports like golf or track & field do.

It’s important to note that AAU doesn’t provide any AAU Basketball Team Uniforms itself; this isn’t something they offer as part of their service package.

So keep an eye out for local businesses who might be able to help with buying everything at once. Rather than having different people buy, shoes, shorts/skirts, jerseys, and other gear separately.

How To Save Money On AAU Basketball Team Uniforms

The best way to get AAU basketball team uniforms for the lowest possible price is by partnering with local businesses in your area. Who are willing to offer discounts on their products! This can be done either through word-of-mouth or social media campaigns online.

Just mention that you’re looking for AAU club sponsorship opportunities in exchange for a long-term contract if necessary when posting information about your upcoming games!

AAU Basketball Rules and Regulations

AAU basketball follows a different set of rules than high school or college basketball. The most important thing for parents to understand before signing their children up for an AAU team is that AAU players cannot receive any compensation, including shoe endorsements or other forms of payment.

For the sports organization’s purposes, this means that all AAU athletes are amateurs – no professional contracts allowed! Here are some additional things you should know about how AAU basketball works:

  • An AAU team consists of five (5) players on the court at one time. However, there can be six (six) alternates available in case someone is unable to play.
  • AAU basketball games are two twenty (20) minute halves. With a five (five) minute halftime break in the middle. Games usually last around one and a half hours, give or take depending on how long it takes for all of the players to get used to playing together as part of their AAU team.
  • If at the end of regulation time there is no clear winner between both teams, then each team will be given one three-point shot attempt to determine a victor by way of “sudden death”.
  • AAU players are allowed five fouls before being disqualified from play for that game. However, if they commit their fifth personal foul in overtime – which means after the sudden death round. Then they’re automatically ruled out and unable to continue playing until the next game starts up!
AAU Basketball Team


After reading this blog post about how to start an AAU basketball team. It’s pretty easy to understand what you need to get involved with AAU basketball. AAU is the perfect way for children to explore their love of sports. And develop healthy habits that will last them a lifetime!

If you’d like to learn more about AAU. Then click here! You can also follow their official social media accounts for more updates.

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