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How To Coach In Basketball: The Traits Of Good Coach

Being a coach in basketball is not an easy job. Coaches are in charge of mentoring their players, managing team dynamics, and teaching the game to their players. A coach who demonstrates these abilities will be more successful than one who does not. We’ll talk about what it takes to coach basketball at any level in this blog post. I’ll also offer some advice on how to train more effectively right now.

An Overview of the Role of a Coach in Basketball

When you coach in basketball, having a good coach who is a role model and an inspiration will benefit the team tremendously. By being enthusiastic and inspiring your players to work hard on their own time, you can be that coach. Depending on what works best for you and your team, you should communicate with them about their performance every day or once a week. Moreover, offering insightful criticism when something is not working well, etc.

Coach in basketball

Get An Assistant

Working closely with any available assistant coaches is another aspect of teaching basketball. As a result, they are equally as responsible for keeping everyone accountable as you are for teaching the sport.

Dealing with Parents

Learning how to interact with parents is also crucial because sometimes all they care about is winning. Nonetheless, it’s always preferable to keep everyone content while concentrating on talent development as opposed to going it alone. At the end of the day, both are equally important.

How Do You Start Basketball Coaching?

To become a basketball coach, you must have a desire to teach and coach kids. You must obtain coaching certification, which you can do by taking training programs offered by USA Basketball or other organizations. Depending on how advanced of a coach you want to be, you can be a coach for middle school, high school, or even even college!

The next step is to understand how different age groups learn because they have varied learning needs. Therefore be careful to keep this in mind as you modify your strategy. Furthermore, it’s important to understand the greatest drills for various ages. A player’s enjoyment is crucial because it will affect their ability to learn. There’s a possibility that kids won’t particularly enjoy playing basketball which would surely ruin any prospects of success as a coach.

What Makes A Good Basketball Coach?

Coach in basketball

Knowing Basketball

Having the ability to teach the sport effectively is the first of several traits that make a coach successful. In order for everyone to understand exactly how to work as a team, a coach needs to be knowledgeable about basketball strategy and be able to clearly communicate what they expect from their players.

Be Organized

Being organized is yet another crucial quality because you’ll need to monitor players’ development and practice logs throughout the season. Hence, before beginning, make sure you plan everything carefully.

Unsurprisingly, there are no short cuts to becoming a coach because effort is constantly required, which requires daily time commitment. So coaches should still be available on their off days even if players miss workouts due to illness or injury, for instance!

It Takes Patience

Patience is another virtue to possess because you won’t always succeed in winning games or getting top-notch player performance every day. This means that you need to come up with strategies for re-energizing your team after a setback, especially if it happens frequently.


Lastly, effective communication skills are required. These coaches should have a great ability to listen and offer constructive criticism in order to help their teams achieve new heights while also developing personally. So, now that we are aware of what makes a good coach. Let’s examine some pointers for coaching success!

Basketball Coaching Drills

As a coach, it is your job to make sure players are constantly improving their skills. Some drills that you can use as a coach include:

One-on-One Drill

The one-on-one drill is where the coach pairs up players. And they both compete against each other in one on one matchups. With the winner being able to move forward. This drill is great because it forces players to work on their skills. So they can beat the player in front of them.

The coach starts by having each pair line up along one side of the court with two balls placed about halfway between them. And then calls out a number that corresponds with the starting point for both players. Which means whoever has that corresponding number will go first!

The coach then says, “ready set,” at which point both players begin to advance toward one another while dribbling as quickly as they can. This is followed by the coach yelling, “stop!” or “go!” when he wants one of the players to stop moving forward altogether because if you don’t call anything, your opponent wins. However keep in mind that each game only permits the use of three different sentences. This coach uses the word “hup” to signal to the players to stop advancing. The coach then instantly calls out two fresh numbers to begin a new game.

You must make sure that both players are working hard since there won’t be room for anyone who isn’t committed to their practice since the victor of this exercise moves on while you may also have the coach drop the loser back down for them to attempt again until they win!

Why Its Important

One-on-one drills not only work well but the coach should also incorporate these types of games during practices so they become accustomed to playing against different people. Since your opponent may use any trick or move learned here at some point too.

The coaching board is a fantastic tool for a coach to use when imparting skills and raising basketball IQ. The player must remember what they see on the coach’s boards, therefore the coach can write out certain things like motions or drills and offer them to the player. When practice time arrives, the coach shouts out a number, and the player with the associated coach board is free to approach their teammates and demonstrate everything that is stated on it!

Coach in basketball

Three-man Weave

The three-man weave is the coach’s way of teaching players to move the ball around quickly while also working on their communication skills.

The coach instructs the three players to form a line while holding hands. The coach then yells out four numbers, such as “one-two-three-four,” and each player must recall which number was called for them when the coach signals to go or starts passing. Coach expects everyone to follow that pattern!

If you make it through this drill without any dropped passes then your team is ready for the game day since these drills incorporate everything learned during practices like passing, dribbling, catching, and more into one well-organized playtime period too.

Four Corner Passing and Cutting

The four corner passing and cutting drill is the coach’s way of showing players how to pass and cut for an open shot.

All four players are asked to line up in the corner nearest to the coach while the coach calls out two numbers to begin (for example, “two-three”) This means that the first person to hear those numbers should run toward the coach, while the other player remains where they are until the coach signals for them to move, at which point they can both start moving and begin passing back and forth!

With this drill you want everyone to practice their communication skills because if only one or two follow these instructions correctly, it will result in either no passes being completed or overpassing since there isn’t enough space between them. Plus remember you need to work on your dribbling too even though we all know coach’s favorite drill is the one on one style basketball game.

For The Youth

No matter how hard the coach pushes them, everyone needs encouragement. But, these drills were created with young athletes in mind because they have loads of energy and if we make practice enjoyable by including games as well, that enthusiasm won’t go away.

Full-Court and Half-Court Transition Drills

Although this is not a complete and accurate list, the coach should also include half-court set plays and full-court transition drills in practice sessions to avoid getting stuck only doing drills that are restricted to the paint area. This will give your team the opportunity to play in different ways once you learn how a coach does it.

Change It Up!

Always keep in mind that a coach can adjust their game strategy based on how well the players are responding, and that if the players aren’t having fun during practice, neither will the coach. Also, even if the role of the coach is crucial, don’t overlook the parents because there wouldn’t be any basketball teams or games without them!

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Basketball training for young children requires a lot of repetition, which should be done in the form of enjoyable games or good sized scrimmages so they’ll pick things up more quickly! In order for everyone to learn from mistakes, coaches should always provide both constructive criticism and positive feedback when something positive occurs. This is done by identifying what went wrong, explaining why it happened specifically, and then showing the players how it could have been done better.

Finally, don’t forget about having fun because if players enjoy learning new things then this sport will become even more enjoyable because they will want to keep playing for you.


We hope that you have found this blog post on how to become a coach in basketball informative. If you are interested in becoming a coach, let us know what your aspirations are!

Do you want to be the head coach of an NBA team? Or would it be more fulfilling for you if coaching was just something fun and enjoyable on the side? Either way, we’ve given all the basics so now it is up to you where your journey takes you.


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