playing basketball in cold weather
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Tips For Playing Basketball In Cold Weather

It is basketball season and the basketball court outside is also freezing cold. However, this does not mean that you can’t play basketball at all! There are tips for playing basketball in cold weather that will help you get through it with minimal hassle. This article discusses suggestions and also offers some advice on the best combination of apparel when shooting hoops outside during wintertime. There’s also sample of warm ups to keep your body in great condition even on the freezing weather.

Wear the Right Apparel

When playing basketball in cold weather, you want to keep as much skin covered as possible. This will prevent the frigid temperatures from further chilling your body and stalling out your performance.

However, since basketball is a sport that requires players to be constantly running up and down the court. Depending on competition level and the current situation, long sleeves and pants may or may not be ideal for this type of basketball.

playing basketball in cold weather

Compression wear

One garment that’s mostly used by basketball players are the compression underwear and compression undershirts. Both garments are available for the upper body and lower body purposes. If you look at the current professional athletes in Europe and in the NBA, quite a handful of players would be wearing additional garments under their official team’s uniform.

These types of compression wear are mostly made of nylon fabric which helps retain body heat. It also exerts gentle pressure on the underlying muscles. This pressure accelerates blood flow within the tissues which in turns accelerates and helps the person’s ability to warm up.

Basketball Jerseys and Shorts

What you want to wear are basketball jerseys and basketball shorts that have been made from a material such as polyester or spandex. Which is the best fabric for basketball uniforms in cold weather climates because it retains heat without being too bulky.

Basketball Jerseys are also a good choice but make sure you don’t wear the sleeveless kind since you would also want keep your arms covered to prevent them from being exposed to the chilly air while moving around on the court.

Finally, basketball shorts are great. Because they don’t fall or get caught on your knees while you’re moving about during basketball games.

Pants and Moisture-wicking Shirts

What other attire is recommended for basketball games in cold weather if it’s not basketball jerseys and basketball shorts? As previously indicated, players can stay warm without having their movement restricted by wearing long sleeve shirts under a sweatshirt or jacket.

If it’s too hot outside yet still chilly at the same time (as happens often near dusk). Consider wearing pants that have been made out of fleece material as well as a moisture-wicking shirt.

Fleece keeps heat close to one’s body, which is great if it gets windy outside; meanwhile, moisture-wicking shirts will prevent basketball players from getting sweaty during basketball games.

Warm-up Suits and Hoodies

If it’s too cold outside to play basketball or if you don’t have basketball jerseys and basketball shorts. Another great clothing choice for playing basketball in the wintertime is a warm-up suit.

These types of suits are designed specifically as athletic attire that helps maintain the heat while also keeping sweat away from one’s body; they’re made out of moisture-wicking material similar to those mentioned above.

They are therefore ideal for use on the court. Because they prevent any player from becoming overheated (which can happen when someone wears traditional sweats).

Warm-up suits come with hoodies. Which help keep your head nice and cozy whether or not there happens to be howling winds or possibly even a snow blizzard around outside.

playing basketball in cold weather

Add Layers

If you want to play basketball in a chilly climate but don’t have access to basketball jerseys, basketball shorts, warm-up suits, or hoodies; Then just add a few additional layers of clothing beneath your regular attire! All exposed flesh will benefit from this and keep you warm!

While also ensuring that you don’t feel like the temperature is getting too hot throughout the game. Using this method isn’t recommended if it’s windy out though. Because clothes tend to get caught by gusts of wind which can be dangerous when moving about during basketball games.

Can I Wear Gloves for Basketball?

Another thing basketball players often ask is whether or not they can wear gloves for basketball when it is cold. The answer to this question is it depends.

Gloves can help basketball players maintain their grip on the basketball as well as help them keep warm, but they also end up inhibiting a player’s ability to shoot and pass – two of the most important aspects of basketball that need all five fingers to be successful.

Lower BodyUpper Body
Layer 1Long socks / Double socksCompression Shirt / Long Sleeves
Layer 2Compression Shorts / LeggingsAnother T-shirt / Long Sleeves
Layer 3 Shorts / Jogging PantsWarmer Jackets
Sample apparel layer for playing in cold weather

warm up

It is a person’s responsibility to make sure that they are prepared for playing. And the most important way to prepare for a physical activity is warming up. One of the most effective but simplest way is a dynamic warm-up.

Contrary to popular belief, static stretching merely loosens up the muscles. Static stretching is one of the old school ways where the player’s would form a circle on the court and stretch each isolated muscle one by one. This is NOT the proper way to warm-up.

Instead, here is a simple Dynamic Stretch and Warm Up routine that is proven to loosen up the muscles and make the player break some sweat or at least increase their internal body temperature:

  • Walking high knees – Works your core muscled and hip flexors
  • Knee Hugs – Stretches your glutes and quads with movement preparation.
  • Lunge Walks – Prepares your entire lower body
  • Forward Leg Kicks – Stretches your hamstrings
  • Lateral Lunge Squats – Stretches your groin
  • Jumping Jacks – Prepares your calf and ankles
  • Skipping arm circles – Prepares shoulders and upper body
  • Lateral and Forward leg swings – Improves mobility

Notice how the warm up started with just walking and then low intensity plyometrics ending it. Dynamic warm ups are all about movement preparation and it will be best to always start with the simplest and less stressing movement.

Through the course of a warm up routine, the athletes are progressively able to loosen their muscles. It also provides better blood flow and will reduce the risk of injuries compared to those who don’t warm up at all.

Don’t Slip

Be sure the court area hasn’t been previously covered in snow or ice if you’re playing basketball outside on a windy day. These surfaces are hazardous and it may seem like you the players will move while on skates!

If there happens to be some type of ground covering though (i.e., dirt), consider spreading salt around so that any slippery patches of ground are made safer.

Practise Basketball at Home

Playing basketball at home is another option for basketball players to practice their game when it’s chilly outside. Even if practicing indoors may not be the same as doing so on an outside court, staying active is one of the most crucial components of basketball.

Try shooting around with a basketball or doing some dribbling drills before going out into inclement weather.

Play Basketball in Indoor Courts

And finally, basketball players can simply choose to play basketball in indoor courts when it’s cold outside. Indoor basketball is equally as fun and competitive as playing on outdoor basketball courts; the only difference is that you’ll be able to avoid potentially dangerous weather conditions while out there.

playing basketball in cold weather

Can You Play Basketball in Cold Weather?

The answer to the question of whether basketball players can play basketball in cold weather is yes, basketball players can play basketball in cold weather. However, it’s important to make sure that they’ve got the right equipment on first before playing basketball outside.

No, it is probably not a good idea for basketball players to play in the cold. The reason for this is because shooting a basketball while wearing gloves is extremely tough and dribbling a basketball while wearing gloves is extremely difficult.

More Risk of an Injury

Muscles are more likely to get injured when basketball players are playing basketball in cold weather, especially if the muscles aren’t warm enough. This happens because cold weather reduces muscle strength and elasticity while also inhibiting the muscles’ ability to contract.

Basketball players find it harder to execute certain moves in cold weather because it makes them feel stiffer than usual, which, among other things, impacts their balance, agility, coordination, explosiveness, and accuracy.

Always Take Precaution

  • Basketball courts can be slippery when snow is covering them.
  • Basketball games are often delayed due to the harsh weather conditions, so check local news stations for updates before heading out.
  • Have a backup plan in case your basketball game gets canceled or postponed (such as playing basketball at home).


We hope you’ve found this blog post to be informative and helpful. Now that we’re finished, it’s time for us to hit the courts ourselves! Any other tips or tricks on how to stay warm during a game? Let everyone know in the comments below!


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