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How to Study Basketball Strategies: A Basic Guide

Are you a basketball player who needs some basketball strategy tips? Or are you someone who is not so familiar with basketball and would like to learn more about it? If either of these applies to you, then this blog post is for you. Here we will discuss how one can study basketball strategies. As well as the basics of basketball that every aspiring player should know. We will also provide tips on how to improve your knowledge to become an expert!

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Why is Strategy Important in Basketball?

Basketball plays and strategies win basketball games, it can be the difference between winning and losing a game. Without the proper basketball plays your team will not do well in any level of competition. No matter how talented they may be at shooting/dribbling etc…

Tips to Improve Your Basketball Knowledge

The above are just some basics that one must know about to learn more advanced strategies. However, there are many other things that you can do on your own! Here we will give a few tips and suggestions as well as links where you can find this information online:

basketball strategies

Watch & Study Professional Players’ Moves (and how they work)

This is something I highly recommend doing – watching professional players and analyzing their moves (and why those moves work). You might wonder “how does it help me?”. But understanding specific basketball plays such as pick n rolls or back screens will help you figure out how to defend these basketball plays. Watching basketball games live or on television is also helpful. But it can be difficult for some people who do not have cable/satellite TV access. If this applies to you then I would recommend watching basketball videos online that are posted regularly (e.g., youtube).

Attend Basketball Camps and Workouts

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. Attending basketball camps and workouts gives one a chance to watch players practice their moves under the supervision of professional coaches! The coaching staff there has years of experience helping young players improve & learn new strategies. So they may apply them during future games/practices etc… There’s no way around it – if you want to improve your basketball knowledge then you should attend basketball workouts and camps.

Learn from the Best!

If attending basketball camps/workouts is not an option for you. Another alternative would be to learn basketball strategies online through video lessons (e.g., youtube). There are many different providers of this service. So it’s best if you do some research on the internet before deciding which one will suit your needs best. I recommend doing a search for “how to learn basketball”, or something similar such as that. There should be enough options available online where people can choose what works best for them depending on their budget, etc…

Strategy Plays in Basketball

basketball strategies


This basketball play is very common and it involves the player who has the basketball setting a pick on his/her defender. The objective of this basketball strategy is to free up another player (usually one that is not guarded). So they can get an open shot or drive into the paint for a layup.

Screens are important basketball plays. Because if set properly, they will allow your teammate with possession of the basketball more time & space. With which he/she may shoot, pass, or drive to the basketball hoop. This basketball strategy is probably one of the most common basketball plays you will see. It can be run out of many different set plays such as a pick n roll (with two players), side ball screen (with two players), etc…

The goal here is for your basketball player with possession of the basketball to dribble towards their teammate who has set themselves up for an open layup/dunk opportunity once they receive a pass from their teammate! This play works best if there’s another shooter on your team. And someone else setting screens for them so that way everyone benefits & scores points during this play. Because all players involved in this basketball move touch the basketball before finally ending at either shooting or dunking.

This basketball strategy can also be used as a defensive tactic if players switch defenders or just leave their original defender to go double the basketball player with possession. This basketball play works best when teams have shooters on them. But it is still effective even without. You will simply give your opponent more time and space to shoot/dunk so do this at your own risk!


This basketball move is similar to the previous basketball strategy. It involves players “cutting” through screens and freeing themselves up for an open shot/layup. The difference between this basketball play and above basketball plays (pick n roll & back screen) is that cutting does not necessarily require another player on your team with possession of the basketball. You may cut into a defender’s path without having anyone else passing you the ball! This cut works best when defenders are overplaying or slightly distracted. So they do not notice someone quickly moving behind them. But even if no one cuts then at least there will be more space given for shooters.

The objective here is simple: wait until your opponent turns around or gets out of position momentarily before diving behind them for an open basketball shot/layup. If you are playing basketball defense, the best way to stop this basketball play is by watching out for players behind your back. It sounds easy but if done properly then cutting can be one of the most effective basketball strategies used in actual games!

Different Types of Offense Strategies in Basketball

A basketball team would normally practice offense to come up with new plays that they can use in an actual game situation. This means they are trying to score baskets by passing around the basketball court. While their opponents try stopping them from scoring any points!

Zone Offense

Zone offense is a basketball strategy where the offensive team aims to get open shots. By passing and moving within their predetermined locations on the court. The objective of this basketball play is to cut off all possible angles for defenders. So that they cannot stop any pass made. While at the same time preparing themselves for an eventual shot if there’s enough space available.

Motion Offense

Motion offense is a basketball play where the offensive players move around freely within their predetermined paths on the court. This basketball strategy works by creating passing lanes for open shots. Which results in increased scoring opportunities because of this dynamic movement.

Transition Offense

Transition offense refers to a basketball strategy in which the offensive team tries to move quickly when they get possession of the basketball. Aiming for an early shot at a high percentage. This tactic works by catching your opponent off-guard. If you can play faster than them then it’s likely that one or more players from your basketball team will be open for easy shots. Even before the defense has been able to set up their positions!

Set Offense

Set offense basketball strategy is one of the most common basketball plays that you will see in every game. This basketball play involves running a sequence of screens (i.e., pick n rolls) until someone gets an open shot. While this may seem simple enough, it can be very tricky to stop because there are so many options available – if defenders try guarding against only one option then another player becomes open for an easy basket!

basketball strategies

Different Types of Defense Strategies in Basketball

Defense on the other hand is quite different as they do not care about scoring at all – instead what matters most for these players is preventing others from shooting or putting it into their basket too easily.

Zone Defense

Zone basketball defense is a basketball strategy where the defensive team aims to clog all passing lanes and force their opponent into difficult shots. The idea behind this basketball play is that an offensive player will be less effective if they are not able to pass the ball around easily. So defenders should stay between them and the basket as much as possible.

Press Defense

Press basketball defense is a basketball play where the defensive team tries to force their opponent into errors by pressuring them when they have possession of the basketball. If executed properly, this basketball strategy will make it very difficult for the offensive basketball players to pass or dribble past defenders which in turn results in turnovers and steals! While this may sound simple enough at first glance, you need to be physically fit if you want to use press defense due to all that running required throughout each game/practice, etc…

Man-to-Man Defense

Man-to-man basketball defense is a basketball strategy where the defensive team aims to guard an offensive player closely to prevent them from shooting. This basketball play works by matching up against another player on your opponent’s basketball team, which makes it easy for both teams to keep track of who is guarding whom.


In summary, there are many different types of basketball strategies and plays out there but these should give you a good idea about what basketball is all about. Remember: successful teams win games – why not learn how to improve yourself as a player AND help your teammates do better too? If this interests you then I would recommend using basketball strategies to your advantage.

Good luck basketball players! I hope this blog post helps you learn basketball strategies and improve as a player/team coach etc… If it does then please feel free to send us an email with your thoughts – We’d love to hear from readers of our basketball blog posts. Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone!

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