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Boxing out in basketball is a tough concept for many players. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but box-outs are an important part of the game and can be a great help to your teammates who might miss a box out. In this blog post, we will discuss what box-outs are, how they work, and how you can do them more effectively on the court!

What Does it Mean to Box Out in Basketball?

A box out in basketball is when you position yourself between your opponent and the basket. If a teammate of yours shoots, it’s up to you to box out your opponents so they don’t get the rebound. You can also box out for teammates if they are dribbling towards or away from the hoop as well!

what does box out in basketball mean?

Is Boxing Out Illegal in Basketball?

Although box-outs aren’t illegal in basketball, some box-outs can be dangerous and you could get injured. If your opponent is stiff and they box out against the backboard or on top of you while you’re trying to rebound a missed shot, it’s important not to retaliate by boxing them out even harder! Things will likely escalate quickly if this happens more than once.

How Do Box Outs Work?

Box outs work by positioning yourself correctly on defense while boxing someone else out at the same time. It takes good footwork and positioning skills, which means that this skill will take some practice before it becomes second nature – but once mastered, boxouts become extremely effective!

Once an offensive player drives toward one side of the court (for example left), the defender should be box out the opponent on that side (in this case, box-out right). This creates a wall of sorts between your offensive player and their goal.

What are Some Ways to Perform Better Box Outs in Basketball?

There’s no secret formula for box-outs – it just takes practice! However, there are some tips you can use to improve your boxouts:

  • Be aggressive with box-outs, but not too aggressive! If you’re going after a rebound so hard that people will call “foul” on the play if they touched you at all, then step back – it’s better to be safe than sorry in those situations.
  • If you box out with your feet, then make sure both of your feet are in the correct position. This means that one is in front for blocking and one is behind to push off when jumping.
  • Don’t box out straight up! Even if they’re taller than you, boxing them out vertically will just result in a free rebound opportunity for your opponent. Instead, use angles or even try boxouts from behind – it’s all about making yourself “invisible” to their view so they don’t know what hit them!

Remember two things when doing box-outs: good position is key and always keep one hand free as an outlet.

What is The Correct Way to Box Out in Basketball?

Get Close To The Backboard

First, get close to the backboard to box out. If you’re too far away, then it will be easy for your opponent to get around you and reach the hoop!

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While right in front of the basket is ideal if you are not there then box them out from behind or near an angle where they can’t see you coming. It’s better than having no box-out at all!

Position Yourself

Next, box out between yourself and your opponent. If you box them from behind or on the side, then it will be very difficult for them to get around you – plus they’ll have a tough time seeing what’s going on!

Once again: don’t box them straight up if they’re taller than you; instead use angles and be aggressive in getting into position with good footwork.

Select Your Opponent Wisely

Box out the opponent that is closest to your basket. If you’re on defense and they drive toward one side of the court (say left), box them out with all your might! If it’s another player dribbling away from or towards the hoop – box-out either way depending on where their momentum takes them next.

Low Hips, Wide Feet

Next, box out low with your hips. This way it’s much easier to box them out and gain ground on those rebounds!

Keep your feet wide apart for balance – this will be helpful when you jump up to box someone out or go after a rebound yourself.

correct way of box out in basketball

Spread Your Arms Straight Out At Your Sides

Finally, box out by spreading your arms straight at your sides. This box-out technique will keep you in the best position possible to grab rebounds and stop offensive players from driving toward their goal!

Push Backward

When boxing-out, always push backwards with your butt! This helps you get leverage and also makes it more difficult for the opponent to box you out.

If they lean forward – push back harder so that their momentum goes backwards instead of towards the hoop where a goal is waiting for them on the other side!

Eyes On The Ball!

Box-out while looking at the ball. If you look away, then it might be too late and they will have gotten around you – plus if their rebound comes in your direction, you won’t know where to jump!

Extend Arms and Jump For The Ball

Jump for the ball when box-outs are being made. Extend your arms completely so that you have a large area to block your opponent with and also get more height on your boxout!

If they jump at the same time, then either one of you can grab it – but if only one of them is jumping, then there’s no contest: their hands will be higher up in the air which means they’re much more likely to get it first!

Chin The Ball

Box out with your chin on the ball. If the box you out, then it will be difficult for them to box you back – plus if their rebound comes in your direction, you can quickly jump up and grab it!

Make sure that they don’t block any of these techniques by boxing them out low so that their hips aren’t even close to yours when they’re trying to box you back!

Pivot Away and Look For a Pass

If you box them out on the sideline, pivot away from the basket. This will keep your opponent closer to their own goal and make it more difficult for them to box you back!

Once you box out, then look around quickly for a teammate who is open under the hoop or along that same side of the court – pass it right away while their momentum is still going in one direction!

This way if any loose rebounds come off towards either end of the floor, at least you’re already moving toward where they’ll be thrown so that when they get there you can grab them before anyone else does.

What are the Benefits of Good Box Outs?

There are many benefits to boxouts, including:

benefits of box out in basketball

If you can master box-outs, they will become a very important part of your game! Try this technique in practice and see how it works for you. Then try it during games with friends or at home on an outdoor court! Just remember that boxouts don’t work if no one uses them; make sure everyone is using good boxout techniques so that you’ll always have help getting balls back while playing basketball!

Who Should Be Boxing Out in Basketball?

Everyone should box out! One of the most important parts of basketball is getting rebounds, and box-outs are a great way to help everyone win those balls.

If you’re good at box-outs, then it can be very helpful for teammates. Part of playing as a team means that you need to box other players out so that others have an easier time grabbing them before someone else does.

If nobody boxes anyone out, though, then everything becomes much harder: there’s only one ball and many hands trying to grab it at the same time – which means it’s pretty much a lost cause until someone finally gets ahold of it and makes an uncontested boxout!

If everyone on your team can box out though, then you all have more chances to get rebounds. The best thing about box-outs is that they’re not just for rebounding: if you know what to do with them, then there are many other benefits as well including giving yourself additional space when shooting from outside or helping teammates recover loose balls before anyone else has the chance.


To wrap things up, boxouts are one of the most important techniques in basketball. They help players get rebounds, make sure teammates have enough space to shoot without being blocked by an opponent, and give everyone more chances for loose balls. Because it’s much easier to box out someone than grab a rebound off of them when you’re fighting with multiple people at once!

If you want your team or yourself to be better at box-outs then just remember that they don’t work if no one uses them – so spread this blog post around so that others know how easy it is!

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