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How To Finish Through Contact In Basketball: Guide

Basketball can be a contact sport. When you’re driving with contact in basketball, there are different contact layups that you can use to finish strong and stay on the court.

The contact in basketball is where the game is won or lost. When you are driving to the basket, it’s important not only to finish strong but also when contact occurs. If contact occurs on your way up, it’s best to initiate contact yourself. So that you have a chance at finishing through it!

Techniques and Strategies to be a good finisher through contact

Finishing through contact is a critical skill for any basketball player, especially for those who play in the paint. It requires a combination of physical strength, body control, and the ability to absorb contact while still maintaining focus on the basket. In this analysis, we will discuss the key techniques and strategies to master finishing through contact in basketball.

  1. Develop Your Strength and Agility: The first step to finishing through contact is to build your physical strength and agility. This involves building upper body strength, leg strength, and core strength to help you absorb and overcome contact. Additionally, agility drills such as footwork, cone drills, and ladder drills will help you develop the coordination and body control needed to navigate around defenders and finish at the rim.
  2. Read the Defense: Before attempting to finish through contact, you must be aware of the defense. Watch the defender’s body position and movements to determine their intentions. This will help you anticipate contact and position yourself in a way that allows you to finish the play. You should also be aware of the help defenders, who may attempt to block your shot or draw a charge.
  3. Use Your Body to Create Space: To finish through contact, you need to create space between yourself and the defender. You can do this by using your body to create leverage and positioning your body between the ball and the defender. You can also use fakes, such as a pump fake or head fake, to get the defender off balance and create an opening for the shot.
  4. Maintain Your Focus on the Rim: It is essential to maintain your focus on the rim even when there is contact. This means keeping your eyes on the target, even when you are being bumped or pushed. You can also use your off-hand to protect the ball and shield it from the defender.
  5. Practice Finishing with Contact: Finally, to master finishing through contact, you need to practice this skill repeatedly. Incorporate drills that simulate game situations, such as 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 scrimmages. Use pads or other equipment to simulate contact and practice different types of finishes, such as layups, reverse layups, and floaters.

How to Finish Through Contact in Basketball

Finishing in basketball is important. This is where contact in basketball becomes important! When you’re driving through contact. It’s best to finish strong but also use contact layups that can help you stay on the court. And still make your shot. Here are some contact layups for finishing through contact in basketball:

Contact in Basketball

Use Your Off Arm For Protection And To Maintain Balance

If you feel like contact may occur while finishing. Keep both hands up as if guarding yourself against an opponent (don’t forget about protecting the ball). Keep one hand close to the side of your head/face so that when contact occurs, it will be less damaging. The other arm should be either straight down or slightly back to provide balance and poise during traffic contact.

Lean Into The Contact To Maintain Balance And Control Of Your Shot

When contact occurs, always lean into the contact to maintain balance and control of your shot. This is usually done with one hand that’s closest to where the contact occurred on you. Being used as a pivot point while leaning into it for several steps before going up or finishing through contact in basketball!

A good example would be if contact happens near the right side of your body. Use this arm as a pivot point by pulling down on it slightly. So that you can turn yourself toward the hoop easier after being hit. Doing this will help protect both yourself from injury. And also have better chances of making contact layups when driving towards the rim.

If all contact layups fail, contact fouls can be called in basketball. If contact occurs near the hoop and both players make contact to gain possession of the ball (usually during a rebound). This is considered legal contact as well!

How to Initiate Contact in Basketball

When you’re driving with contact through traffic toward the rim. It’s important not only to finish strong but also initiate contact yourself. So that you have a chance at finishing through it! Here are some contact initiators for initiating good contact:

Use Your Off Arm To Initiate Contact On Defense

If anyone tries to guard your drive towards the basket after making initial contact on defense. Use your off arm if possible. Raise slightly higher than them while being careful not to get called for contact in basketball.

When they try to guard your drive, lean into them while using the contact initiator with your off arm. So that you can gain possession of their body for a moment or two before trying to finish through contact!

Lean Into The Defense To Initiate Contact And Gain Position On Your Defender For A Shot Or Layup

When driving towards the basket. Use good footwork and lean into defenders as if completing a chest pass from one hand to another player. Leaning slightly forward on contact layups will help you initiate contact by placing yourself ahead of any defender.

This is best done when the defense has low energy/expectations. This means it’s easier to take advantage of smaller players and contact initiators in general.

How to Finish Strong in Basketball

Initiate Defense With Both Arms And Drive To The Basket On Side Contact!

When driving strong to the hoop and initiating contact on side defensive pressure during drives. Be sure to use both arms when making initial contact. So that it looks like a legal play under NBA standards (defensive players must have at least one arm up while guarding an offensive player).

By using two hands when initiating side contact. Or if you’re taller than defenders then taking advantage of getting higher off one leg before finishing could help increase your chances of getting contact layups in basketball.

Drive Straight Into The Defense With Contact And Finish Strong!

When you take a shot or drive towards the hoop and contact occurs on defense before shots, it’s important to finish strong by gaining possession of your body so that good chances at finishing through contact may occur.

Going up high off one leg using both arms when initiating defensive contact during drives can help ensure this as well as protect yourself from injuries, especially if someone is trying to stop a fast break situation!

This will also be easier than getting lower down into defenders which could in bad situations such as losing balance and contact initiators for finishing through contact in basketball.

How to Drive with Contact in Basketball

If contact occurs before the shot, drive through contact can also be used such as:

Contact in Basketball

Drive To The Basket And Initiate Contact With Both Hands On Defense For A Better Chance Of Getting Called For Legal Defensive Contact In Basketball!

When you’re driving to the basket and contact occurs on defense before shots, use both arms when initiating contact so that it looks like a legal play by NBA standards (defensive players must have at least one arm up while guarding an offensive player).

If contact is initiated correctly just above your hips with two hands-on defense for a better chance of getting called for defensive contact in basketball during drives! This will help ensure good chances of finishing strong through contact in basketball while also protecting yourself from injuries.

Initiate Contact With Your Off Arm And Get As High As You Can Above The Rim For Better Possibilities Of A Foul On Defense!

When contact occurs on defense before shots, use your off arm to initiate contact and get as high as you can above the rim for better possibilities of a foul on defense.

By getting higher than any defender trying to stop your drive towards the basket, will help ensure good chances at finishing through contact after initiating it with your off arm or hands when driving strong toward the hoop!

This is great if you’re taller than defenders because they’ll have a tougher time stopping a finish where you go up higher for layups/shots.

Contact SHots

“Contact shots” in basketball refer to a type of shot attempt where the offensive player initiates or absorbs contact from the defender while attempting to score near or at the rim. These shots are typically taken in the paint or around the basket, where defenders are more likely to challenge the shot and make contact with the shooter.

Contact shots can take many forms, such as layups, floaters, hook shots, or jump shots, but they all share the common element of physical contact with a defender. These types of shots require a high level of body control, strength, and toughness to complete, as the shooter must absorb the contact and still be able to maintain their balance and focus on the basket.

Successful contact shots can result in both a made basket and a foul called on the defender, allowing the offensive player to earn free throws. They can also be an effective way to draw defensive attention and create opportunities for other players on the court. However, they can also be high-risk shots, as missed attempts can result in turnovers or fast break opportunities for the opposing team.

Contact Jump Shots

The Contact jump shots require more space but they also give you more time to shoot your shot and create separation from your defender. 

Contact Floaters

The Contact floaters don’t require as much space as a contact jump shot does but it is difficult for them to go in because of their range. Your best bet is going up strong on the rim if you’re shooting a floater with contact against your defender because it gives the ball enough power to get over the rim.

Contact Layups Off of One Foot

Contact layups off of one foot are contact finishing moves that require you to be very creative with your body movement and have good balance when contact occurs. This is the toughest contact layup in basketball because it requires a lot of flexibility, coordination, and creativity on your part as well as an understanding of how much room you need before contact occurs for this move to work! You can also use multiple contact layups at once if space permits (i.e., shooting floaters while driving forward).

Contact in Basketball


It’s important to finish through contact after contact has occurred on defense when driving towards the basket by using your off arm or getting higher than defenders so that good chances of finishing strong despite contact may occur.

Contact initiators for finishing through contact are different depending on if it occurs before shots, during drives, or after defensive contact plays have happened. Use both arms while initiating contact defensively and get as high above the rim as possible when initiating side contact! This will help ensure increased possibilities at finishing strongly with contact in basketball which is great because you’ll be protecting yourself from injuries too!

We hope you enjoyed reading about contact layups in basketball, contact finishing moves during drives towards the basket, and how to initiate contact with your off arm.


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