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It is a common misconception among NBA fans that NBA mascots are only around $10 an hour. However, when we researched NBA mascots and their salaries. We found out that NBA mascots make up to $150,000 per year!

Before you quit your day job and start chasing the NBA dream. There are some things you need to know first. We’ll go into detail on how to become an NBA mascot, and why NBA mascots make so much money. To find out if becoming an NBA mascot would be right for you keep reading!

How Can You Become an NBA Mascot?

First off, NBA mascots are not required to have any special skills. NBA mascot tryouts are very informal affairs that require you simply be yourself. And entertain an audience of judges using your unique talents or abilities.

Some NBA teams may ask for a certain amount of college experience before they allow someone into the program as a full-time official NBA mascot. However, this is still incredibly rare!

NBA mascots

So if you’re thinking about becoming an NBA mascot. Don’t worry too much about having some crazy set of skills like dancing on stilts or juggling fire. Most likely those skills won’t help anyway.

Since there’s no such thing as ‘stilt dancing or ‘fire juggling in today’s NBA games. All it takes to become an NBA mascot is to be outgoing, enthusiastic, and have a great personality!

There are many ways for you to get involved with your local NBA team as an NBA fan. Or even as an aspiring NBA mascot. For example, starting your blog about basketball could help people learn more about what it means to be part of the home crowd during games. If they like what they see.

Perhaps one day they might ask if you want to try out for their official squad. Just remember not to give up after the first tryout because you might get a call back the next day!

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Do You Need Training to Become an NBA Mascot?

Most NBA teams will provide some training to their official NBA mascots. Some NBA teams that are very particular may require even more extensive research and time spent rehearsing. Before they allow you to take the main stage at an NBA game!

However, don’t worry if your team doesn’t do this kind of thing. Most NBA mascot training is informal like tryouts anyway. Mostly it’s just about learning what you can get away with.

In terms of behavior on the basketball court or rink during an NBA game. You’ll also need to learn how to interact with fans positively while providing plenty of entertainment along the way!

The only formal type of training for becoming an NBA mascot that we came across was by The Alexander & Associates College of NBA Mascots. Which gives mascot training programs and workshops. This special program is designed to improve the skills of NBA mascots.

Who are looking to become more than just entertainers. They want their NBA mascots to be able to network with fans and help out in community events as well!

As we mentioned before, most NBA teams provide some sort of formal or informal training for official NBA team mascots. And even unofficial ones like those that cheer on an NBA team from the sidelines.

Now that you know the basics of how NBA mascots are chosen. Let’s take a look at some specific NBA teams. We’ll go into detail on why NBA mascots make so much money in each case!

Highest Paid NBA Mascot

Denver Nuggets’ Rocky the mountain lion mascot makes $600,000 per year.

Denver Nuggets NBA Mascot Rocky has held his current job title since 1993 and gets paid a whopping 600 thousand dollars each NBA season to entertain fans at home games! NBA mascots are very well compensated for their work which is why they make up one of the highest salaries in all of the sports –

however, it’s important to note that this amount isn’t just handed out because he can dance around on stilts or wear an over-sized animal costume.

For example, NBA mascot Rocky could easily get another job making much more money elsewhere doing something else entirely! But instead, he chooses to continue being Denver Nugget’s official NBA mascot so we have no choice but to believe his NBA mascot salary is worth every cent.

Of course, NBA mascots aren’t just entertainers first and foremost – they are also part of the NBA community!

Let’s take a look at an NBA team that treats their official NBA mascot as more than just someone who dances around on a game day to get fans excited.

Top NBA Team Mascots

NBA mascots

Houston Rockets’ Clutch The Rocket Bear

Clutch The Rocket Bear makes $250,000 per year. The Houston Rockets could easily pay another person much more money each NBA season (likely several times over) but instead prefer to hire one main NBA dancer/entertainer for all events related to the entire organization both inside and out!

This means even though Clutch The Rocket Bear technically has ‘just’ half-a-million dollars in his ban account NBA mascot Clutch is also head of marketing for the entire NBA team (which makes up the other half-a-million dollars).

Atlanta’s Harry the Hawk

Harry the Hawk NBA Mascot makes an appearance rate of $500 an hour. The Atlanta Hawks’ NBA mascot Harry The Hawk is another excellent example of how NBA mascots are more than just dancers and entertainers.

NBA mascot Harry the hawk has several job titles including head of community relations for all events related to both on-and off-court activities!

This means that when it comes to getting involved in things like charity work or interacting with fans during NBA All-Star Weekend (or any other event) NBA mascot Harry will be there working his tail feathers off!

Chicago Bull’s Benny the Bull

Chicago Bulls NBA Mascot Benny The Bull is one of the most famous NBA mascots in all of the professional sports. And it’s no wonder either – NBA mascot Benny makes an estimated $200,000 a year and has been entertaining fans at Chicago Bulls home games since 1969!

That means he’s been making plenty of money for over 47 years now which easily makes him not only one of the highest-paid NBA mascots but also one of the most iconic as well.

Why Do NBA Mascots Make So Much Money?

The reason why NBA mascots make so much money has to do with what they’re paid for outside of game days. For example, the NBA mascot gets all kinds of cool perks like hanging out at private events and parties where he can mingle with celebrities or NBA players – something that no other employees are allowed to participate in!

NBA mascots

There are several more reasons why NBA mascots make significantly more than any average person could ever dream about making including additional pay from side jobs related specifically to their job as an official NBA mascot!

NBA mascots are treated like ‘celebrities’ even if they don’t seem as famous as NBA players – and their salary proves it!


In conclusion, NBA teams treat official NBA team mascots almost the same way professional sports organizations compensate athletes for playing on a game day.

The only difference is that NBA mascot salaries can reach up to half a million dollars per season while NBA players make significantly more than any single NBA mascot could ever hope to make in a year or lifetime of working full time!

We hope you enjoyed this article on NBA mascots and found the information helpful. For those of you who want to become an NBA mascot, training is often required so please keep that in mind!

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