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How Much Do NBA Mascots Make?

NBA fans have a common misconception that NBA mascots are only paid around $10 per hour.

The salaries of NBA mascots vary depending on factors such as their experience, the size and popularity of the team they work for, and the type of contract they have.

However, according to reports and various sources, NBA mascots typically earn an annual salary ranging from $40,000 to $100,000. This can also include additional compensation such as benefits, bonuses, and travel expenses.

It’s important to note that while being an NBA mascot can be a fun and exciting job, it requires a lot of hard work, physical stamina, and dedication. Mascots are responsible for entertaining the crowd, engaging with fans, performing stunts, and maintaining their costume and equipment.

Continue reading to find out if becoming an NBA mascot is right for you!

How Can You Become an NBA Mascot?

To begin with, NBA mascots are not required to have any special abilities. NBA mascot tryouts are very casual affairs in which you must simply be yourself. You’ll have to use your unique talents or abilities to entertain a panel of judges.

Becoming an NBA mascot typically involves a combination of creativity, performance skills, and networking. Here are some general steps that can help you become an NBA mascot:

NBA mascots
  1. Develop your skills: Mascots need to have a range of skills, such as dancing, tumbling, performing stunts, and improvisation. Consider taking classes or workshops in these areas to hone your skills.
  2. Create a portfolio: Create a portfolio that showcases your talents and experience as a performer. This could include videos of your performances, photos of your costumes and props, and any relevant training or certifications.
  3. Network with other mascots: Attend events and conventions for mascots to meet other professionals in the industry. You can learn about job opportunities and get advice on how to improve your skills and portfolio.
  4. Apply for positions: Check job boards and team websites for openings for mascot positions. Be sure to tailor your application to the specific team and include your portfolio.
  5. Audition: If you are selected for an audition, be prepared to perform in front of a panel of judges. Show off your skills and personality, and be sure to highlight what sets you apart from other applicants.
  6. Get hired: If you are offered the job, be prepared to work hard and take direction from the team’s management. You may also need to maintain a certain level of physical fitness and attend training sessions to stay up-to-date with the latest performance techniques.

As an NBA fan, there are numerous ways for you to get involved with your local NBA team or even as a potential NBA mascot. For example, starting a basketball blog could help people learn more about what it’s like to be in the home crowd during games if they are pleased with what they see.

Maybe they’ll ask if you want to try out for their official squad one day. Just don’t give up after the first tryout; you might get a call back the next day!

Do You Need Training to Become an NBA Mascot?

The majority of NBA teams will train their official NBA mascots. Some NBA teams that are extremely particular may necessitate even more extensive research and practice time before they let you perform on the main stage at an NBA game!

Don’t worry if your team doesn’t do anything like this. Most NBA mascot training is informal, similar to tryouts. It’s mostly about figuring out what you can get away with.

In terms of NBA game behavior on the basketball court or rink, you’ll also need to learn how to interact positively with fans while providing plenty of entertainment!

The Alexander & Associates College:

The Alexander & Associates College of NBA Mascots provided the only formal training for becoming an NBA mascot that we found. This organization provides mascot training programs and workshops.

This unique program is designed to help NBA mascots improve their skills and aspire to be more than just entertainers. They want their NBA mascots to be able to network with fans as well as participate in community events!

Unofficial & Official Trainings:

As previously stated, most NBA teams provide formal or informal training for official NBA team mascots. and even unofficial ones, such as those who cheer on an NBA team from the stands.

You now understand the fundamentals of how NBA mascots are chosen. Let’s examine some specific NBA teams. We’ll go over why NBA mascots earn so much money in each case!

Highest Paid NBA Mascot

Denver Nuggets:

Rocky, the mountain lion mascot for the Denver Nuggets, earns $600,000 per year.

Nuggets of Denver Rocky, the NBA Mascot, has held his current position since 1993 and is paid a whopping 600,000 dollars per NBA season to entertain fans at home games! NBA mascots are extremely well compensated for their efforts, earning them one of the highest salaries in all of sports.

It is difficult to determine the exact salaries of NBA mascots, as this information is typically not publicly disclosed. However, based on various reports and sources, some of the highest-paid NBA mascots include:

  1. Rocky the Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets)
  2. The Raptor (Toronto Raptors)
  3. Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls)
  4. Clutch the Bear (Houston Rockets)
  5. Stuff the Magic Dragon (Orlando Magic)

Not Just The Entertainers:

For example, NBA mascot Rocky could easily get a much better-paying job doing something completely different!

But instead, he chooses to remain the Denver Nuggets’ official NBA mascot, leaving us with no choice but to believe his NBA mascot salary is well worth it.

Of course, NBA mascots are more than just entertainers; they are also a part of the NBA community!

Consider an NBA team that views its official NBA mascot as more than just someone who dances around to get fans excited on game day.

Top NBA Team Mascots

NBA mascots

NBA mascots play an essential role in entertaining fans during games and creating a fun and engaging atmosphere in the arena. Here’s an in-depth review and analysis of some of the top NBA mascots:

  1. Rocky the Mountain Lion (Denver Nuggets): Rocky has been the official mascot of the Denver Nuggets since 1990 and is widely regarded as one of the most entertaining and creative mascots in the NBA. He’s known for his high-energy dance routines, entertaining skits, and acrobatic stunts, including backflips and trampoline jumps. Rocky has won numerous awards for his performances, including six NBA Mascot of the Year awards.
  2. The Raptor (Toronto Raptors): The Raptor has been the official mascot of the Toronto Raptors since 1995 and is one of the most recognizable mascots in the NBA. He’s known for his playful and mischievous personality, as well as his signature dunks and dance moves. The Raptor is also known for his impressive acrobatic stunts, including flips and aerial moves. He has won several awards for his performances, including the 2015 NBA Mascot of the Year award.
  3. Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls): Benny has been the official mascot of the Chicago Bulls since 1969 and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and beloved mascots in the NBA. He’s known for his playful and mischievous personality, as well as his high-energy dance routines and impressive acrobatic stunts, including flips and dunks. Benny is also known for his signature antics, such as riding a unicycle and shooting t-shirts into the crowd.
  4. Clutch the Bear (Houston Rockets): Clutch has been the official mascot of the Houston Rockets since 1995 and is known for his playful and charismatic personality. He’s known for his high-energy dance routines, as well as his signature antics, such as riding a hoverboard and driving a go-kart on the court. Clutch is also known for his impressive acrobatic stunts, including flips and dunks.
  5. Stuff the Magic Dragon (Orlando Magic): Stuff has been the official mascot of the Orlando Magic since 1989 and is known for his playful and mischievous personality. He’s known for his high-energy dance routines, as well as his signature antics, such as riding a scooter and launching himself off a trampoline. Stuff is also known for his impressive acrobatic stunts, including flips and dunks.

Why Do NBA Mascots Make So Much Money?

The reason NBA mascots are paid so much money is because of what they do outside of games. For example, the NBA mascot receives a slew of cool perks, such as attending private events and parties where he can mingle with celebrities or NBA players – something that no other employees are permitted to do!

NBA mascots

There are several other reasons why NBA mascots earn significantly more than the average person, including extra pay from side jobs related specifically to their job as an official NBA mascot!

NBA mascots are treated as ‘celebrities,’ even if they don’t appear to be as well-known as NBA players – and their pay reflects this!


To summarize, NBA teams treat official NBA team mascots in a manner similar to how professional sports organizations compensate athletes for playing on game day.

NBA mascots are an essential part of the game-day experience for fans, and they bring a unique blend of entertainment, creativity, and athleticism to the court.

Each of the mascots discussed above has their unique style, personality, and signature moves that make them stand out from the crowd. Whether they’re performing acrobatic stunts, dancing, or engaging with the crowd, NBA mascots are always entertaining and a highlight of the game.

The only difference is that NBA mascot salaries can reach half a million dollars per season, whereas NBA players make far more than any single NBA mascot could ever hope to make in a year or lifetime of full-time work!

We hope you enjoyed this article on NBA mascots and found the information useful. Training is often required for those who want to become NBA mascots, so keep that in mind!


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