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Who are Deportivo Alavés ? History, Stats & More


Yes! We’re on the spree of covering all the top-flight Spanish clubs. La Liga has cast a spell over football friends from around the globe because of its elite sporting quality and amazing clubs. It’s time we have a long discussion of Deportivo Alavés.

The big 5 leagues is a concept that is discussed a lot among football fans. Although, few clubs steal the spotlight as winners & Top 4 finalists. But clubs like Alavés make the league table even more fascinating.

You can find all you want to know about Alavés in the article below:

History Of Deportivo Alaves: Founded in 1921

Deportivo Alaves, or Alavés for short, is a Spanish football club based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Álava. Founded in 1921, Alavés is one of the oldest clubs in the country and has been playing competitive football since the early 1900s.

Over the years they have gone through a number of changes, growing from a local side to one of Spain’s top-flight teams.

History of deportivo Alaves

However, they have struggled to compete at the top level. There have been multiple instances when they were promoted and got relegated from La Liga. Such is the journey they have had over the years!

Initial Years Of Deportivo Alavés?’

As the club was founded back in 1920, the initial and founding name of the Alavés was ‘Sporting Friends’.

But in January 1921, the name was changed to the current one, so it’s considered the founding year of the club now. After La Liga was founded in 1929, Alavés was the first club from Segunda Division to achieve promotion to La Liga.

That’s how the top-flight journey of Deportivo started and remained the subject of ups and downs over the course of the last 94 years.

Current President Of Deportivo Alaves; Who Is Alfonso Fernandez?

Alfonso Fernandez is the current president of the Spanish football club Deportivo Alaves.

The 51-year-old joined the Basque side in 2016, having previously been a prominent figure within Spanish football circles as an administrator at Real Madrid.

Fernandez has worked tirelessly to ensure that Deportivo Alaves have achieved success both on and off the pitch during his tenure as president.

He has secured numerous sponsorship deals with top companies, while also investing heavily in youth development.

Notable Managers In The History Of Deportivo Alaves:

Alavés is a Spanish football club from the Basque Country located in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The club has been playing since 1921 and over the years, many of its managers have helped shape its development and success.

Here we take a look at some of the most notable managers in Alavés’ history, who helped create its legacy.

José Manuel Esnal was one of the first great coaches for Alavés and led them to their first promotion to La Liga in the 1998/99 season after winning the Segunda División B title.

This was followed by another promotion under Juan Carlos Oliva’s management during the 2003/04 season, where they finished second place behind Real Madrid Castilla.

Fans & Culture Of Deportivo Alaves:

Founded in 1921, the team has competed in numerous domestic and international competitions since its inception. The team has a passionate fan base that has remained loyal throughout the years despite their lack of success on the pitch.

Their fans are some of the most passionate in Spanish football and they have created a unique culture that encompasses everything from their traditional matches to their iconic chants.

The passion of the fans is evident at every match where they fill up Mendizorrotza Stadium with their chants and flags.

These fans have kept up with Alavés’ long history of successes and failures while continuing to cheer them on no matter what results in they achieve on the pitch.

Achievements Of Deportivo Alaves:

Since its foundation, Alavés has won several notable honors including the Copa del Rey and Segunda División titles. They have also enjoyed brief spells of successful European campaigns, reaching the final of the 2001 UEFA Cup and also being the Copa Del Rey runner-up in 2017.

Refer to the following table for a detailed list of all achievements in the history of Alaves.

Segunda Division4 Times
Segunda Division B4 Times
Tercera Division5 Times
Copa Del ReyRunners-Up 2016/17
UEFA CupRunners-Up 2000/01

Best Player In The History Of Deportivo Alavés:

Here comes the most fascinating part of this article, the part where we will discuss the most notable players of Alavés.

In the following sections, we will cover the top scorers, top assist-providers, top appearance record holders, and most expensive players in the history of the club.

It’s essential to name these club legends because, without them, Alaves would have never been one of the top-flight football clubs in the world.

All-Time Top Scorers Of Deportivo Alavés:

Borja Viguera46
Rubén Navarro39
Javi Moreno36
Rodolfo Bodipo23

All-Time Top Assist Providers Of Deportivo Alavés:

Rubén Duarte13
Manu Garcia12
Guzmán Casaseca12

Who Has Most Appearances For Deportivo Alavés?

Manu Garcia308
Martin Astudillo299
Victor Laguardia274
Fernando Pacheco253
Óscar Téllez193

Most Expensive Transfers In The History Of Deportivo Alavès:

John GuidettiCelta De VigoDeportivo Alavés18/19€ 4 Million
Dani TorresIndep. MedellínDeportivo Alavés16/17€ 3.18 Million
Patrick TwumasiFC AstanaDeportivo Alavés18/19€ 3 Million
BurguiReal MadridDeportivo Alavés17/18€ 3 Million
Richard DutruelFC BarcelonaDeportivo Alavés02/03€ 2.90 Million

Stadium Of Deportivo Alavés; Mendizorrotza Stadium:

Stadium Of Deportivo Alaves

The Mendizorrotza Stadium, located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, is the home ground of Deportivo Alavés. The stadium was opened on September 8th, 1924, and can hold up to 19,840 spectators for La Liga matches.

In addition to its four stands, it features an artificial turf pitch that can is used for football home matches for Alavés.

With its long-standing tradition and excellent infrastructure, Mendizorrotza Stadium is a great destination for anyone looking to catch a glimpse of Deportivo Alavés in action.

Sporting Rivalries Of Deportivo Alavés:

Deportivo Alavés is a Spanish football team based in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country. It has been competing in the top two divisions of Spanish football since the 1940s and has developed a number of intense rivalries over the years.

Other notable rivalries have developed with Athletic Bilbao and Real Valladolid, both of whom are considered to be fierce competitors in La Liga.

While all three teams share a common history and rivalry, it is Deportivo Alavés’s rivalry with Real Sociedad that stands out as the most intense due to its long-standing history and shared geographical proximity.

Both clubs often compete for bragging rights throughout the season as well as for local player talent, making their rivalry one of the fiercest in Spanish football.

Conclusion: Overview Of The Deportivo Alavés’s Legacy

Deportivo Alavés has been a pillar of Spanish football for over a century, despite its status as a smaller club.

Deportivo Alavés will continue to be an important part of Spanish football for many years to come and is certainly deserving of its legacy as one of Spain’s most successful clubs.

It’s time we bid good-bye for now. But you can always head over to our soccer section to read loads of fun football articles and even learn about the game in detail! See you there!


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