Who Are Levante UD? History, Stats & More
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Who Are Levante UD? History, Stats & More

Levante UD is one of those Spanish clubs that have managed to surpass 100 years of history, doing so while still being a competitive force, making appearances in top-flight football.

Being the oldest club from the great Valencian community. Why not take a granular look at Levante UD’s history?

Not every day you stumble upon an article that explains it all about a football team for you! Well, make it count while you’re here, let’s read until the very end. Here we go:

Who Are Levante UD?

Levante UD is a football club from the east coast of Spain, based in Valencia. It is the oldest football club from the Valencian community, with its history spanning over 100 years; the club was founded on 9th September 1909. 

They have also won several Segunda Division titles throughout their history, as well as other regional cup competitions.

While they are not considered one of the top teams in La Liga, they are still a respected side in Spanish football and have many passionate fans who support them through thick and thin.

History Of Levante; How Was The Club Founded?

The interesting fact is that Levante UD originates from two different clubs – Levante Football Club and Gimnastico Football Club. Both clubs were founded in 1909.

During the Spanish civil war, Levante Football Club’s ground was destroyed and therefore, Gimnastico and Levante merged together in 1939 to create the institute we know today as Levante UD.

This merger has proved to be successful with Levante UD becoming one of Spain’s top teams over the years. It is clear to see why this specific date will forever remain significant in the history of Spanish football with its formation being a result of an unforgettable merging between two clubs during a difficult period.

About the spanish soccer club, Levante UD

Who Is The Current President Of Levante UD:

Francisco Javier Catalan is the current president of Levante UD, a Spanish professional football club based in Valencia. He assumed office in August 2019 and has been leading the club ever since.

Unfortunately, since his appointment, there haven’t been any significantly pleasant moments for the club.

Even worse, after surviving 5 years in La Liga, Levante was relegated back to Segunda Division at the end of the 2021/22 season, which was a major setback for them.

Despite this unfortunate turn of events, Catalan is determined to guide the team back up to La Liga and make sure that they never experience such lows again. 

Motto Of Levante UD:

The famous motto of Levante UD, “Qué grande es ser pequeño”, translates to “How Big Is To Be Small”. This phrase is a source of immense pride for both the club and its fans. 

It illustrates the strong sense of identity that Levante UD has developed despite its relatively small size in comparison to some of its bigger rivals in La Liga. 

Also, it demonstrates that size does not necessarily determine success, as Levante UD has been able to compete on equal terms with some of the biggest clubs in Spanish football.  

In addition, it sends out a powerful message that even smaller teams can achieve great things if they put their minds to it.

Nicknames Of Levante UD:

Based in Valencia, Levante UD is affectionately known as ‘Granota’, which is the Valencian word for frog. This nickname originated back in 1939 when Levante merged with Gimnastico.

At this time, their new ground was on the bank of a water pound where frogs were found in large quantities. The name has stuck ever since and it is now used as a term of endearment among Levante UD’s supporters.

It serves as a reminder of Levante’s humble beginnings and how far they have come since then.

Kit Colors Of Levante UD:

Levante UD is well-known for its primary colors which are strikingly similar to the famous Catalan powerhouse, FC Barcelona. The Blaugrana kit consists of a red and blue striped design, but despite the similarities in colors, there is no such connection between the two clubs.

This is because when Levante and Gimnastico merged in 1939, they decided to keep the name of Levante but use the kit colors of Gimnastico which happened to be blue and red. Since then, these have become a symbol of the club’s identity and have been proudly worn by players both at home and away games.

Fans & Culture At The Club:

Levante UD certainly has a passionate and warm fan culture, located in the football-loving city of Valencia. The club’s home stadium, Cuitat De Valencia, has been newly renovated to reflect the messages of this football-loving culture. 

Match nights at Levante UD are always lively with passionate fans cheering on their team. The club takes pride in its long history & small stature, as there has been quite a history behind Levante UD’s name today.

As they’re called ‘The Frogs’, Cuitat De Valencia illustrates many shapes & vectors complementing their famous nickname.

Achievement of Levante UD

Major Achievements Of Levante:

Levante UD has achieved several major successes in its history. The Granotas have played 16 seasons in La Liga, the top tier of Spanish football, and 39 seasons in the Segunda Division, the second tier of Spanish football. 

Of these 39 seasons spent in Segunda Division, Levante has been crowned champions twice. Additionally, Levante has won Segunda Division B (the third tier of Spanish football) five times. To add to their trophy cabinet. 

Levante also has quite a few regional and friendly trophies to their name.

Notable Players In The History Of Levante:

Every club has its own share of great players who have gone on to shape their history. Levante UD is no different. 

They have had a century-long history of some incredible and notable players who have left an indelible mark in the minds of their fans. We will be naming some of the most revered players in the history of this Spanish football club. 

Take a look at the statistical tables in the following sections, you can find the top charts of all notable categories including top scorers, assist providers & more.

Record breakers of the Levante UD

Top Goal-Scorers In the History Of The Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Goals Scored
Roger Marti75
Jose Luis Morales69
Ruben Suarez39
Riga Mustapha28
Enis Bardhi24

Top Assist-Providers In The History Of Levante UD:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Assists
Jose Luis Morales43
Jose Campana30
Jorge De Frutos23
Roger Marti17

Players With The Most Appearances For Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Appearances
Jose Luis Morales311
Roger Marti234
Vicente Iborra210
Jose Campana200

Most Expensive Transfers Of Levante UD:

Name Of PlayerClub FromClub ToTransfer SeasonTransfer Cost
Nikola VukcevicSC BragaLevante UD18/19€8.9 Million
Raphael DwamenaFC ZurichLevante UD18/19€6.2 Million
Ruben VezoValenciaLevante UD19/20€5 Million
Sergio LeonReal BetisLevante UD19/20€4 Million
Gonzalo MeleroSD HuescaLevante UD19/20€3.6 Million

Home Of Levante UD; Estadio Cuitat de Valencia

Home Of Levante UD, Estadio Cuitat de Valencia is one of the largest stadiums in the Valencian community. It was opened in 1969 and can accommodate up to 26,354 fans. This stadium is located right in the heart of Valencia. 

The stadium features four main stands, including one dedicated to season ticket holders. The surroundings are also quite impressive with a great view of the nearby Valencia Cathedral and some stunning views over the city skyline.

About the Estadio Cuitat De Valencia

Rivalries Of Levante UD With Other Clubs:

Levante UD is a Spanish football team that plays in the Valencian community. As such, it has several rivalries with other clubs in the same region, especially with Valencia CF. This rivalry dates back to 1919 when Valencia CF was formed.

Despite being the elder team, Valencia has a head-to-head advantage over Levante since they are considered to be the stronger club between them. 

Furthermore, there is also a great rivalry between Levante and Villarreal CF due to their geographic proximity. Both teams usually give out an incredible show when they meet, making those fixtures among the most exciting ones in La Liga.

Financial Trouble At Levante UD:

Levante UD faced financial troubles during the later part of the 2000s decade when the players were not even paid their full salaries. This situation led to protests from the dressing room itself, with players issuing a job action and refusing to move even after the kick-off whistle at a La Liga fixture. 

The club had an outstanding debt that had accumulated for many years and the unpaid wages created an atmosphere of frustration and unrest within the team. To make matters worse, it was revealed that the club was in danger of being relegated due to its lack of funds. 

As such, it became clear that drastic measures needed to be taken in order to save Levante UD from this dire financial situation. Fortunately, they managed to resolve their issues by restructuring their debt and raising capital through sponsorships. 

Final Remarks; What Lies Ahead For Levante?

Recently relegated from La Liga, Levante UD might be going through challenging times. However, their track record in the 21st century indicates that the team can surely become a consistent part of La Liga for years to come.

Over the past two decades, Levante has been able to establish itself as an important part of Spanish football, competing in the top tier of La Liga for 14 seasons out of the last 22 seasons. 

Keep coming back to stay updated about the significant events in the history of Levante UD. We’ll see you soon with another article about another La Liga team very soon. If you want to read more, visit our soccer section here! Stay tuned!


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