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Who Are Granada CF? History, Stats & More


Want to know all about Granada CF? You’re at the right place! In fact, we are on a mission to cover all notable clubs from La Liga. That brings us to Granada CF today.

We will try to answer all the questions popping into your head about the club, from its inception to its current status in Spanish football, Granada’s achievements & fascinating details about its home stadium, all these details, and more.

Why wait anymore? Let’s get right to it:

Who Are Granada CF In La, Liga?

Granada CF is a revered football club from the Andalusian region of Spain that has been around for over 90 years. The club has deep roots in the city of Granada and is renowned throughout Spain for its rich history. 

This has translated into an enormous fan base at home as well as abroad due to their status as one of the teams who have appeared in La Liga, the top division of Spanish football.

Granada CF has become a point of pride for all those from the Andalusian region and beyond, representing a period where success was possible despite modest means. 

They are known for their passionate fans that create incredible atmospheres at their home games, making them one of the more unique clubs in La Liga.

About Granada CF MLS

History Of Granada CF; How Was The Club Founded?

Granada CF is a Spanish professional football club based in Granada, Andalusia. The club was founded on the 6th of April, 1931, and was registered by Julio Lopez Fernandez.

After playing in lower divisions for almost 10 years, Granada CF got its first promotion to La Liga in the 1941/42 season and since then, they have played 26 seasons in top-flight Spanish football.

Having 9 decades-long histories, Granada had their shining, as well as bad moments too. With great fans supporting them from all around the world, Granada CF is certainly an interesting team to watch out for in the future!

Who Is The Current president Of Granada CF:

Granada CF is currently owned by the Chinese investment company Desport, which was acquired in a $37 million takeover move by Jiang Lizhang and company. As a result of this, Jiang Lizhang is the current president of Granada CF. This move has put Desport firmly in control of Granada CF.

With their increased stake, they took over the majority of shares and now hold a controlling interest in the club. In any case, with Jiang Lizhang at its helm, Granada CF is sure to make some big moves under his leadership.

Kit Colors Of Granada CF:

Granada CF is a club that has had a change of primary kit colors in its history, unlike many other clubs. Initially, the team wore playing shirts in Blue & White colors.

After the Spanish civil war, however, Granada CF opted for a new look and chose red & white stripes as their main colors for the playing kit. 

In recent years, the stripes have changed to horizontal stripes since the early 21st century which gives Granada CF a modern and distinctive look on the pitch.

The colors of red and white remain true to Granada’s proud history while also allowing them to stand out amongst its competition.

Nicknames Of Granada CF:

Granada CF, a Spanish football team, is known to many by its unique nickname ‘Moorish’. This peculiar moniker is in centuries-old history, with the Moors establishing a sultanate that centers on Granada city.

The city’s remarkable ancient history lays the foundation for this unique nickname for Granada CF.

In addition to its Moorish label, Granada CF often goes by the name of Los Nazaríes which translates to ‘The Nazarenes’, another nod to the city’s exceptional history and rich cultural roots.

Granada CF has established an impressive reputation both on and off the field since they were founded over a century ago and its distinctive Moorish nickname has formed an integral part of its identity throughout that time.

Fans & Culture At The Club:

The Granada CF has a rich and vibrant culture fuelled by its passionate fans. The impressive Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes is where the team plays their home matches, and the atmosphere is electric on match day. 

The supporters are loud and proud, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The fans bring banners, flags, and other memorabilia to show their support for the team, adding to the already exciting atmosphere. 

They also help to create a sense of community within the stadium, as well as instill a sense of pride in their hometown club.

This strong sense of unity and camaraderie amongst Granada CF fans helps make it one of the best atmospheres in Spanish football.

Achievement of Granada

Major Achievements Of Granada CF:

Granada CF is one of the most successful Spanish football teams of all time. They played 26 seasons in La Liga from 1941/42 until 2021/22, achieving their first promotion to the first division in that season.

Since then they have gone on to become 3 times Segunda Division champions, 3 times Segunda Division B champions, and even Copa Del Rey Runner Ups in 1959. 

Throughout its history, Granada CF has been consistently competitive and one of the teams in Spain who kept bouncing back to top-tier football, overcoming severe financial troubles during their history. 

Record breakers of the Granda CF

Notable Players In The History Of The Club:

Heroes, whether they have a legendary stature or not, are heroes after all. All top-flight clubs with a long-standing history of nearly a century like Granda CF have players who have performed miracles for them. There are names that lead the charts!

We have a tradition of categorizing each club’s best-performing players into four categories, which will involve top scorers, assist-providers, most expensive players & those who have the most appearances.

Let’s take a look at which names come up for Granada CF. Here we go:

Top Goal-Scorers In the History Of The Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Goals Scored
Youssef El Arabi44
Odion Ighalo38
Darwin Machis33
Antonio Puertas31
Alex Geijo30

Top Assist-Providers In The History Of Granada CF:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Assists
Darwin Machis23
Antonio Puertas22
Angel Montoro17
Victor Diaz13
Alvaro Vadillo12

Players With The Most Appearances For Club:

Name Of PlayersNo. Of Appearances
Allan Nyom220
Antonio Puertas208
Victor Diaz185
Diego Mainz171
German Sanchez168

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Most Expensive Transfers Of Granada CF:

Name Of PlayerClub FromClub ToTransfer SeasonTransfer Cost
Luis SuarezWatfordGranada CF20/21€7 Million
Matias ArezoRiver PlateGranada CF21/22€5.7 Million
Luis MaximianoSporting CPGranada CF21/22€5.5 Million
Youssef El ArabiAl-Hilal SFCGranada CF12/13€5 Million
Darwin MachisUdinese CalcioGranada CF19/20€5 Million

Home Stadium Of Granada CF; Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes

The Nuevo Estadio de Los Cármenes is the home stadium of Granada CF. It opened in May 1995 and now has a seating capacity of 22,524 spectators.

In 2011 when Granada CF returned to La Liga after 35 years, the stadium went into renovation and its seating capacity was increased. Again, when the club was promoted to La Liga in 2019, the stadium was renovated once more.

It is considered one of the modern stadiums in Spanish football as it has been subject to renovation multiple times in the last few years.

About the Nuevo Estadio de Los Carmenes

Financial Troubles At Granada CF:

The entire 2000s decade has been a financial nightmare for Granada CF, with the club failing to pay its players in 2003. In 2009, the club was on the brink of dissolution until a strategic agreement was made with the Italian side Udinese Calcio to save it from certain extinction.

The Udinese-Granada alliance gave the latter access to a larger pool of talent, allowing them to put together competitive teams and eventually make their way back into La Liga in 2011. 

Rivalries Of Granada:

Granada CF and Malaga CF are two mid-to-low table teams that have a long history of rivalry between them. Between 2011 and 2017, both clubs were competing in La Liga, and their match nights always draw huge crowds from both sides.

The highest-profile meeting between the two was in the Copa Del Rey Quarter-Finals in 1969, and the rivalry has grown ever since.

Both Granada CF and Malaga CF have strong fan bases that make for an exciting atmosphere when they come together for a match.

Although neither team has been overly successful over the years, their matches bring out the best in both sides.

Bottom Line; What Lies Ahead For The Club:

One thing is evident after reading Granada’s whole history and events during the past 10 decades; Granada CF certainly knows how to bounce back! As they have done so multiple times since the 1940s when they first entered La Liga.

As of early 2023, Granada is once again a step below La Liga, and it won’t be a surprise if we see them rising again to top-tier Spanish football in the coming years. If they do, we will be certainly here to let you guys know all about their journey!

We have immense gratitude for you because you made it to the end. While we’re at it, why not check out our soccer section for hundreds of more articles like this one? See you there!

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