Football Essentials for Kids
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Football Essentials For Kids: Complete Handbook

When they can’t do it for themselves, it’s the parents’ responsibility to take care of the needs and wants of the children. This approach is very handy for young soccer athletes too. The right equipment matters a lot in football, and at 5 or 6 years of age, your kid might not yet know what’s the right equipment for him/her.

why it’s important to know football essentials?

football essentials for kids

Since we can’t leave it to them, we will educate you about all the football essentials for kids. In order for them to keep playing with comfort and ease. As a result, your kid can focus more on his game development instead of the worn-out cleats.

Proper football gear should be given more importance in footballing culture, especially when it comes to pre-school kids. When you program your child to be disciplined and prepared from the very start, this will help them to play with proper protocols in the later stages of their lives.

It should be clear by now how essential it is for your child to have the complete and right equipment with him/her when they set foot on the football pitch. Let’s get right into it.

The Sports Bag

Being a parent, you don’t want to face the embarrassment of leaving your child’s equipment at home when you are in a hurry to drive them to their training sessions. For that purpose, we suggest you to add a sports bag or a soccer bag to your checklist. When all the equipment is in one place and the bag is prepared before the soccer training, you are less likely to forget things like your kid’s shin guards at home.

Football Shoes/Cleats

It’s difficult for 4 year olds to be comfortable with the proper football shoes, but cleats are the basic starting pack for your child. There’s another side of the story here, cleats should only be worn on the football field as they are designed for the purpose of playing only.

Make sure your kid has a pair of joggers or flip flops in their soccer bag, which they can wear after and before the training session or match starts. This will extend the life of your kid’s football shoes.


Here’s a quite obvious one, but still a very important one. Your kid’s team might have their own uniform clothing, a matching jersey with football short, and matching socks. If there isn’t and your kid is playing in a casual environment, even then it’s necessary to dress them into a proper soccer kit. Due to this, they can get the vibes of being a footballer early on.

One thing you should add to their soccer bag is an extra t-shirt and shorts and at least one full sleeve shirt, because rain doesn’t stop football. When it gets cold or it starts raining, these spare and warm clothes will come in handy. Make sure the material of your kid’s clothes is flexible and made for sports, so they can feel comfortable while doing physical activity.

major football essentials for kids

Protective Gear

One of the most crucial football essentials for kids is protective gear! The first things that comes to mind are the shin guards. You might have seen the pro footballers tucking the shin guard in their stockings. This is because there’s always a risk of injury and using a shin guard is a good way to prevent the most anticipated types of leg injuries.

Let alone the pro footballers, the youth players or young athletes are more prone to injuries because of their delicate bodies since they are still in the growing phase. Keeping all of this insight, you might want to brace your child with protective gear to avoid any serious injury.

There is other protective gear in the market too, for example, mouth guards, padded shorts for hips and thighs, protective masks for the head, and so forth. It all depends on the physical strength of your young athlete.  We would suggest giving them a safe playing environment when they are just getting started. Later on, they can leave the protective gear aside because bruises are also a part of this beautiful game.

Snacks, Shakes & Water

To keep your child’s energy level intact and prevent them from hydration. It’s necessary to add some type of protein or energy shake or energy snacks or chocolates to your child’s soccer bag.

These are all extras, but one thing which is definitely necessary is a water bottle. When playing football, your kid needs to hydrate themselves after short breaks. If you want them to stay energized and active throughout the game or training time, add energy snakes or shakes as we mentioned above. That’s it.

Before we conclude today, we would like to add a few equipment and football essentials for kids which you can buy your kid to practice soccer at home. We will mention all of the equipment one by one. Don’t forget to add them up to your checklist.

Football Equipment for Home;

1. A Football

It might sound a bit basic, but first, buy your kid a suitable sized football. There are different ball sizes in the market and this depends on the age of your kid. If your child is between 3 to 5 years of age, Ball size 3 is the right one for him/her.

2. Football Net

Buying a small size football net for your back yard might be a beneficial thing for your child’s indoor shooting practice. You can also mark the goal area by using different objects, but having a proper football net will give a proper sense of indoor football activity and your child will enjoy it more.

3. Cones & Speed Ladder

When buying all the equipment, buy cones and a speed ladder too. As a result, your kid can become more agile and improve his/her dribbling by using the cones. You can place cones in a pattern and then ask your child to dribble the ball through them. It will also improve the ball control of your child. Here’s the best part; you don’t need a vast area for this purpose, your kid can practice by using cones and speed ladder in your back yard easily.

There’s no sure-shot formula for this one. You can always add more equipment depending upon the passion of your kid for the game. We have given you a basic idea of the necessary equipment to get started.

football essentials for kids

Keeping the Equipment Safe

After purchasing all the football essentials for kids, it’s up to you to take care their football equipment.  This is because we know it was an expensive tour of the market, and we also have to bear in mind the young age of the children. Your kid will outgrow the protective gear and cleats as they are in a growing phase, but other equipment can be maintained for a couple of years if you give them proper care.

A few things which you can do is to keep the equipment clean and store them inside. The ball can also be used for a long time if you maintain the air pressure and regularly inflate it.


So, guys, this was a basic guide on what are the football essentials for kids. We have tried to give you an idea about all the aspects. You can add more things to your checklist, depending upon the specific needs and wants of your child.

If you haven’t made a list, go through the article again and make one, as it will be a lot easier for you to do the shopping when you have written everything in order.

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