Who Are Cadiz CF?
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Who Are Cádiz CF? History, Stats & More

In the top 5 European leagues, there are a few small clubs that have caused a series of upsets for major clubs. And, Cadiz CF is surely a team like that, causing trouble for the likes of FC Barcelona & Real Madrid in Spanish La Liga.

Today, we will cover all the details about the Pirates on a granular level. If you have any questions about the club, read this article till the very end to know it all about Cadiz CF. Let’s start!

Who Are Cádiz CF?

Coming from the Andalusian city of Southwestern Spain, Cádiz; Cádiz CF is by far the heart and soul of the city, as the primary top-flight football club of people there.

This is a team that has played in the Spanish First Division (La Liga) for many years, and their support is very well-known throughout Spain.

It’s not uncommon to see CF merchandise, both official and unofficial, throughout the city. Match nights at Nuevo Mirandilla are intense because of the passionate fanbase.

And we have seen big legendary teams like FC Barcelona & Real Madrid struggling at Cádiz’s home stadium in recent years!

Who Are Cadiz CF?

History Of Cádiz CF

To discuss the history of Cádiz CF, we will have to go back 113 years. The club’s first match dates back to 1910 when the team from the city played an unofficial match against Sporting Club Cádiz.

After the victory, immense demand from the citizens of Cádiz to officially register the club as Cádiz Club De Fútbol led to the official inauguration of Cádiz.

Having a history longer than a century is an achievement in itself. The growth trajectory of the club has only improved over the years.

It was in 1977 when Cádiz FC achieved promotion to La Liga for the first ever time. And since then, the club has played 15 top-flight La Liga seasons and has caused upsets to major Football clubs of La Liga.

Founder Of Cádiz CF

The first president and founder of Cádiz CF was José Rivera y Lora.

José Rivera y Lora was the first president and founder of Cádiz CF, a Spanish football team based in the city of Cádiz. He founded the club in 1910, and his tenure as president lasted until 1914.

During his time as president, he established the club’s colors (yellow and blue) and badge, which remain today.

Current President Of Cádiz CF; Who Is Manuel Vizcaíno Fernández?

Manuel Vizcaíno Fernández is the current President of Cádiz CF, and he has almost 20 years of experience in the professional soccer industry.

He served as Deputy Director General at Sevilla FC for 11 years until 2014 and then, served as a consultant to La Liga. Since 2014, Manuel has been the President of Cádiz and has brought his knowledge and experience to the role.

Manuel is certainly qualified for the job, having worked in the professional soccer industry for such a long time, and it’s clear that he takes pride in his work.

The future looks bright for Cádiz under his leadership, as he brings a wealth of experience that will help them develop both on and off the field.

Slogan Of Cádiz CF; “La Lucha Se No Negocia”

The slogan of Cádiz, “La Lucha Se No Negocia”, translates to “the fight is non-negotiable”. This trademark saying of club coach Álvaro Cervera is written in the Cádiz CF dressing room to remind players of the importance of perseverance and giving their all on the pitch.

The slogan serves as a reminder that no matter how tough things may get, the team should never give up without a fight. It encapsulates the club’s passion for football and determination to win, regardless of the odds.

This motto has become a source of motivation for the players and it will remain an integral part of Cádiz CF’s culture for many years to come.

Nicknames Of Cádiz As A Club; Los Piratas & El Submarino Amarillo

The nicknames of Cádiz as a club are “The Pirates” and “The Yellow Submarine”. The first nickname comes from the fact that the city of Cádiz is located on the south coast of Spain and its a reputation for being a historic port city.

The second moniker, “The Yellow Submarine”, is due to the dominant yellow color in the club colors. 

Kit Colors Of Cádiz CF

The colors of the Cádiz kit are a classic combination of yellow and blue. This color scheme has been used for many years, but the club introduces new designs to the kits every season.

The two colors can be seen whenever the team takes to the field. Together they make a powerful visual statement that speaks to fans around the world. It’s no wonder that Cádiz has such a strong fan base, given their well-known kit colors!

Fans & Culture Of Cádiz CF

The fans and culture of Cádiz CF are renowned throughout Spain and beyond. This passionate fanbase has been ever-present since the club’s inception in 1910, with supporters flocking to Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla on a regular basis to cheer on their beloved team.

The supporters also take great pride in their city and its heritage, often wearing traditional clothing during matches.

Major Achievements In The History Of Cádiz

The club has been the subject of constant relegations and promotions throughout its history. Unfortunately, Cádiz FC hasn’t won any top-flight silverware in their entire history.

Though they have won the Second Tier Spanish League twice, the latest being the 2004/05 season.

The Pirates are yet to win any major trophy!

Major achievement of Cadiz CF

Also, the team has achieved promotion to La Liga 6 times, the latest being in the 2019/20 season, and since then, they have managed to float in La Liga somehow.

Notable Managers In The History Of Cádiz CF

Notable Players In The History Of Cádiz CF

From here onwards, a series of very fascinating details start. We will take into account all the record-holding players of Cadiz.

Whether it’s the top scorers, top assist providers, or the players with the most appearances for the club, all these statistics will be listed right in front of you.

Keep on reading!

All-Time Top Scorers In The History Of the Club:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Goals
Juan Villar43
Enrique Ortiz40
Airam Cabrera38
Alex Fernandez32
Salvi Sanchez27

All-Time Top Assist-Providers In The History Of Cádiz:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Assists
Salvi Sanchez27
Alex Fernandez18
Alvaro Garcia14
Alfonso Espino12
Alvaro Negredo10

Players With Highest Appearance Record For Cádiz:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Appearances
Salvi Sánchez239
Jon Ander Garrido221
Alberto Cifuentes209
Alex Fernandez202
Enrique Ortiz195

Most Expensive Players In The History Of Cádiz CF:

Player’s NameClub FromClub ToTransfer Amount
Theo BongondaKRC GenkCadiz CF€3 Million
Alvaro GimenezBirminghamCadiz CF€2.7 Million
Choco LozanoGironaCadiz CF€2.5 Million
Santiago ArzamendiaCerro PorteñoCadiz CF€2.1 Million
Tomas AlarconO’HigginsCadiz CF€2 Million

Home Of The Pirates: Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla

Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla is commonly known as the home of Cadiz. It has a seating capacity of 20,724 and is the 24th largest stadium in La Liga.

Inaugurated back in September 1955, this stadium has been the center stage for many legendary games in Spanish football history. 

Estadio Nuevo Mirandilla is well-known for its unique atmosphere and has served as the home ground for Cadiz since its inauguration. Here, fans have witnessed many thrilling matches between Cadiz CF and their opponents over the years.

Home stadium of cadiz cf

To this day, it remains an iconic symbol of Spanish football and continues to host games featuring some of the best teams in La Liga every season.

Club Rivalaries Of Cádiz CF

Club Rivalries of Cádiz CF are some of the fiercest in Spain. The club had its origins in 1911 and has since developed one of the most passionate fan bases in Spanish football.

The two main rivals of Cádiz CF are Real Betis Balompié and Sevilla FC, both from the same city. This rivalry is known as the ‘Betis-Cádiz’ derby and it is particularly intense due to the close proximity between the two cities.

These games tend to be highly contested, with passionate fans creating an electric atmosphere at each match.

Bottom Line; What Lies Ahead For Cadiz CF?

The team was relegated to the lower leagues for a few seasons before making its way back up to the top tier. Despite their recent struggles, Cadiz CF has shown that they have the potential to compete at an elite level.

With a talented group of players and an experienced head coach, there is hope that Cadiz CF can reach new heights in the near future.

With the right plan in place and a commitment from all involved, there is no doubt that Cadiz CF has what it takes to become a major force in Spanish football.

While that’s it for today, you can always read more on our website here. See you again, stay tuned!


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