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Who Are RCD Espanyol FC? History, Stats & More

As soon as someone mentions Barcelona, a certain club pops up in all our minds. Hold on, because we won’t be talking about that club!

Surely, a football club from Barcelona will be under discussion today. That’s Espanyol FC. The massive rival of the city’s other great club; FC Barcelona.

Not a lot of people know about Espanyol’s long-standing history & culture, and that’s what we’re here for. We’ll start from when the club was founded and cover everything until the recent achievements. Let’s kick it off!

Who Are Espanyol FC?

Espanyol FC is a Spanish professional football team based in Barcelona, Spain. The club currently plays in LaLiga Santander, the top tier of Spanish football. Espanyol has won four Copa del Rey trophies. They have also been runners-up in the UEFA Cup twice.

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The team’s home stadium is the RCDE Stadium, located in Cornellà de Llobregat, Barcelona.

The club’s traditional kit colors are blue and white stripes and their badge features an eagle holding a ball. Espanyol FC has maintained a strong fan base over the years.

History Of RCD Espanyol FC

RCD Espanyol FC is a professional sports club based in Barcelona, Espanyol was one of the founding members of La Liga in 1929 and has won four Copa del Rey titles over its long history.

The team has also finished second in La Liga on three occasions and has played in several European competitions such as the UEFA Cup and Intertoto Cup.

In recent years, RCD Espanyol FC has established itself as a regular top-flight side, competing against some of Europe’s best clubs including Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid.

Who Was The Founder Of The Club?

The founder of the club was Ángel Rodríguez Ruiz, an engineering student at the University Of Barcelona. He founded the club back in 1900 and since then it has grown to become one of the most successful clubs in Europe.

Angel was a visionary leader who saw the potential for a successful future for the club and he worked hard to make his dream come true. He established strong foundations for the club, which have been built upon ever since and have made it into what it is today. 

Current President Of Espanyol FC; Who Is Chen Yansheng?

Chen Yansheng is the current president of Espanyol FC, one of the most successful Spanish football clubs. He was born in China and moved to Spain in 2003 to pursue his studies. Since then, he has become a passionate fan of the club and a successful businessman.

After taking over as president in 2016, Chen Yansheng has been instrumental in shaping the future of Espanyol FC, with a focus on youth development and modernizing their operations.

With Chen Yansheng at the helm, there is no doubt that Espanyol will continue to be one of the top teams in Spanish football for many years to come.

Motto Of Espanyol FC; What Does It Mean?

The motto of Espanyol FC is “La Força d’un Sentiment”, which translates to “The Strength Of The Feeling”. This phrase was originally penned by Manel Fanlo and first used back in 1990.

It can be seen on the outer walls of Espanyol’s stadium, Estadi Cornellà-El Prat, as a way of reaffirming the club’s commitment to its supporters and their loyalty.

The phrase symbolizes the unbreakable bond between the team and its fans, that no matter what happens they will continue to support them through thick and thin.

Why Espanyol FC Are Called Budgerigars?

The team is known for its unique nickname: “Budgerigars” or “Parras” in Spanish.

This nickname was given to the team due to a story that dates back to 1920 when the club’s president gave his players white and blue striped shirts; these colors were said to resemble those of a budgerigar.

In addition to being recognized by their nickname, Espanyol FC have also been successful on the field with multiple Copa del Rey titles as well as several European competitions.

The Budgerigars have also developed an intense rivalry with nearby teams such as FC Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. While their nickname might be funny and unique, it’

Fans & Culture Of Espanyol FC

Fans of Espanyol FC have been passionate supporters of their beloved team for generations, creating a vibrant culture around the club.

Supporters come from all over Barcelona to cheer on the team at home games at RCDE Stadium, where they are known for their intense atmosphere and loyalty.

The fans also proudly display their colors and symbols on flags and banners throughout the city, showing their love for the team. 

It’s commendable that RCD Espanyol has a super strong fanbase even when Barçal; a massive legendary club, is located in the same city as Espanyol!

Major Achievements In The History Of The Club

The Espanyol Football Club has achieved some major successes in its history. They have won the Copa Del Rey title four times and were the runner-ups of Copa Del Rey five times.

This is a great record for any Spanish football team. In addition, they have been the Segunda Division Champions twice and the runner-ups of Supercopa De España two times. These accomplishments put them amongst the top teams in Spain.

On top of that, they have done well in European competitions as well: they were the runner-up of the UEFA Cup twice in their history. This proves that Espanyol is a club with a rich history and a bright future ahead.

Achievements Of Espanyol FC

Notable Managers In The History Of RCD Espanyol

RCD Espanyol has had some of the most iconic and successful managers in the history of football. Mauricio Pochettino is certainly one of them, having managed the club from 2009 to 2012, leading them to a Copa del Rey final in 2011.

Ernesto Valverde also had a successful stint as manager, winning two UEFA Intertoto Cups and making it to the UEFA Cup semi-finals in 2006/2007. Alfredo Di Stefano was another notable manager who had a brief managerial spell with RCD Espanyol during the late 80s.

He led the team to promotion back into La Liga in 1988, and was largely responsible for establishing Espanyol as one of Spain’s major football teams.

All three managers have made an indelible impression on RCD Espanyol’s long history, demonstrating their immense quality and leadership abilities.

Notable Players In The History Of The Club

Clubs like Espanyol do always have notable players in their history. Why not we list some of the best players to ever feature for the club?

For that purpose, we will take look into the top record-holders of the club over the course of its long history.

Who are the top scorers? What about the top assist providers? Who are the most expensive players in the history of club? To know all this, keep on reading the tables below:

Top Goal-Scorers In The History Of The Club:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Goals
Raul Tamudo141
Luis Garcia61
Sergio Garcia50
Michel Pineda49
Raul de Tomas45

Top Assist-Providers In The History Of Espanyol FC:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Assists
Sergio Garcia45
Luis Garcia25
Victor Sanchez23
Sergi Darder23
Adrian Embarba20

Players With The Most Appearances For Club:

Players’ NamesNumber Of Appearances
Raul Tamudo378
Mauricio Pochettino284
Javi Lopez281
Victor Sanchez269
Luis Garcia257

Most Expensive Transfers Of Espanyol FC:

Player’s NameClub FromClub ToTransfer Amount
Raul De TomasBenficaRCD Espanyol€22.5 Million
Mario HermosoRM CastillaRCD Espanyol€12.5 Million
Matias VargasVelez SarzfieldRCD Espanyol€10.5 Million
Adrian EmbarbaRayo VallecanoRCD Espanyol€10 Million
Borja IglesiasCelta de VigoRCD Espanyol€10 Million

Home Of Espanyol FC; Estadi Cornellá-El Prat

Estadi Cornellá-El Prat is the home of Espanyol FC, with an all-seater stadium that was opened in August 2009. This amazing stadium cost 60 million euros and has a capacity of 40,000 people.

It is one of the modern stadiums in Spain and it has been designed to provide an excellent atmosphere for both players and fans alike.

With its modern architecture, well-thought-out seating design, and impressive facilities, Estadi Cornellá-El Prat is a must-visit for any fan or visitor to Barcelona. 

Home stadium of espanyol

Rivalries Of Espanyol With Other Clubs

The rivalry between Espanyol and FC Barcelona is one of the most intense in Spanish football. The two clubs have been competing against each other since 1900, making it a 123-year-long rivalry.

This rivalry is known as the Barcelona derby and it has been a source of great drama over the years.

Both teams are fiercely competitive whenever they meet, with Espanyol always looking to overcome their larger counterparts. FC Barcelona remains at the top of La Liga and has won countless trophies throughout its history.

This rivalry shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon and each meeting between the two sides will be as passionate as ever.

Conclusion; What Lies Ahead For The Club?

Without a doubt, Espanyol had their memorable moments and made it to the front page, as the club’s journey still continues with its own ups and downs even after 123 years!

That’s it until now, as we’ll be calling it a day. Thank you so much for sticking here. if you want to read more, head over to our soccer section. Ciao!


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