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Which Sport Is Harder, Basketball Or American Football?

We have all heard the question “which sport is harder, basketball or American football?” This blog post will explore this question in depth. To answer the question, we will compare both sports and their aspects. Such as mental effort, physical exertion, and so on. We hope you enjoy reading!

What is American Football?

Before diving in which sport is harder. It would be better if you understood what both sports involve. American football is a sport involving two teams of eleven players each. The team which has possession of the ball is known as the offense, while the other team is called defense.

American football can be considered a full-contact sport. Because there are hardly any rules limiting physical contact between players on both teams.

There are four different types of downs in American Football. They are first down, second down, third down, and fourth down; once these have all been used up you get to go again (this is known as an ‘Offense’). The Offense will try to advance ten yards before kicking or scoring with their end zone for one point.

Or advancing into their opponents’ end zone for six points. Plus another if successful with an extra play following it (known as “the extra point” or “the PAT”).

American Football

What is Basketball?

On the other hand, Basketball is a ball game which is played by two teams of five people. The objective of the game is to shoot a ball through a net guarded by another player. Without that player touching the person shooting or the ball before it goes in (known as ‘dribbling’).

Players can only move with their feet and holding on to the ball for more than three seconds results in a turnover – this means play passes from one team to another.

The Physicality

Moving onto the first aspect that we will be looking into, the physicality required in both sports. Basketball is a relatively low contact sport. This means that players are generally not allowed to push or tackle another player in an attempt to get the ball.

As for American Football, however, it involves both pushing and tackling – this makes American football much more physical than basketball.

However, when you look at professional basketball. There’s no way near as many injuries involved compared with American football (which can cause serious brain damage).

So while Basketball may not be considered ‘physical’, American football requires great endurance throughout playtime. It is due to the physical nature of the game itself.

As mentioned earlier. One of the main reasons why people think American Football is harder than Basketball is because of how physically demanding each game is on its athletes; particularly since they have to wear protective pads during matches.

While most people involved in football are usually bigger and stronger. Basketball players have to be extremely quick with lightning-fast reflexes. This means that they need great stamina. Basketball involves a lot of running during games. So, when it comes to professional leagues, you have to be physically fit.

However, while both sports require lots of physical exertion throughout the game. American Football is known for being one of the hardest-hitting sports due to how violent collisions can get at times. Especially since athletes playing American Football tend to weigh more compared with basketball players which makes them harder hitters!

Furthermore, even though injuries do occur frequently in American football. But there’s no denying that contact sport fans enjoy watching these bone-crunching tackles on full display. Especially if their favorite team or player gets involved.

Basketball may not be considered ‘hard hitting’ but it requires lots of physical exertion throughout the game! Basketball is a very fast-paced sport so speed and reflexes are essential to succeed at the highest level. This means players have to work on their mental strength. As well as being physically fit before participating at an elite level.

American Football

As mentioned earlier, American Football involves both pushing and tackling which makes American football much more physical than basketball; furthermore, since athletes playing American Football usually weigh more compared with basketball players this makes them harder hitters!

The Psychology

Arguably the mental toughness is equally important in sports, as is physical toughness. Hence, the psychological aspect is important in all sports. More specifically we will be looking at the difference in the psychological effort required in American football and basketball.

In Basketball, a player must have excellent court awareness and a deep understanding of the sport to succeed. This is because basketball requires players to play as a team. Rather than being individual players – this means they need good leadership skills.

In American Football, there’s no denying that quarterbacks are extremely important to their teams’ success. It is due to how much control they have over everything on the field. Furthermore, since it involves other positions such as wide receivers who rely heavily on throwing accuracy from their quarterback.

This makes American football significantly more psychological-demanding compared with basketball!

Furthermore, while both sports require lots of mental strength throughout the game. American Football is known for having one of the most intense atmospheres you’ll ever come across at sporting events. American football is a full-contact sport..

Which means players are constantly hitting each other to stop the opposition from gaining yards. This makes it much more psychologically demanding compared with Basketball!

American Football

Winning a Championship | NFL vs. NBA

The NFL and the NBA are where all elite American football players and basketball players aspire to compete, respectively. But which league is the tougher to win?

Since the NFL has 32 teams competing every season. It’s much more difficult to win a championship compared with only 30 NBA teams. This makes winning an international title in American football seem like mission impossible!

Furthermore, while both leagues have their Championship games for each sport at the end of every professional season; The Super Bowl is arguably considered one of America’s biggest sporting events due to how many people tune in.

On the other hand, basketball doesn’t always receive as much media coverage. But that doesn’t stop the hype around playoff time when all eyes are glued on TV screens. Winning an NBA Championship involves beating several rounds before reaching finals.

Which puts less pressure on individual players and allow them to play better. Because they’re not receiving constant criticism from fans and the media.

It’s also worth noting that basketball is considered a more international sport compared with American football. Since players from all around the world can potentially play in either league – this makes it much easier for them to bond as a team. And improve their teamwork on the court.

Which ultimately gives them an edge over teams who don’t have ‘international’ teammates!


When you think about the demands of American football and basketball. It’s easy to see that they are both very tough sports. However, which one is harder may depend on how you look at them from a personal perspective.

If you consider what each sport entails physically with all its running, jumping, throwing and catching. Then yes, likely basketball requires more physical exertion than football.

Simply because there is more activity involved in playing for an extended period of time without any breaks. But if your focus is instead on the mental aspect of the game – specifically strategy. Then football might be tougher as there are many complex plays where timing can make or break success.

It’s hard to say definitively which sport has been “harder” for all players involved. But we hope our blog has made your decision a little easier!

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