How Football Improves Children's Mental Health
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How Football Improves Children’s Mental Health: Analysis

Recent studies show that 10 percent of all the people in the world suffer from some kind of mental health problems. And usually, mental health issues are found in relatively young people. Children’s mental health is a global issue that needs our attention and all of us have to play our creative part in our respective societies around the globe.

We can promote activities that help people with depression, anxiety, stress and other countless mental health problems.

Studies also show that organized team sports greatly help to reduce mental issues. One of the most loved games on the planet is football, which is played almost in every country around the globe. There are hundreds of millions of followers of the game. Since team sports help in treating mental problems just like medicine, football plays its part too!

There have been many conversations around the mental health of adults, but in the process, we almost forget children’s mental health. Today, we will talk about the positive effect of playing football on children’s mental health. Whether you’re a parent reading this or a teenager himself, we implore you to pay attention, as the discussion grows because it’s a matter which seeks our attention.

Football is Happiness

Football is synonymous with happiness, you might have listened to this from the diehard fans of the game, but we will prove it scientifically here, so next time when you set your feet on a football field, you can feel the happiness filling in your body.

When we play football, we become fully concentrated on the game, we only think about winning with our teammates and we leave all the worries and stress behind. In this state, our bodies release happy chemicals or as we say using more scientific terminology, our bodies create hormones which stimulate and make us feel happy.

These hormones are called Endorphins. It is proven by various studies that sports activity produces endorphins. Isn’t our statement justified? We say it again, football is synonymous with happiness and now you know it!

If there’s any mental stress you’re facing right now, we know it’s hard and we respect that. All you need to do is to take some time out and spend an evening playing the beautiful game.

children's mental health football

Football Relieves Stress

Digging deep into the topic we have been discussing in the previous heading. There can be a few reasons why teenagers might have stress, one of the biggest reasons out of all is the feeling of loneliness and not fitting in with other people. Many teenagers suffer this as they become introverts with age.

The sense of loneliness and isolation from people of the same age can create stress and anxiety in kids and teenagers. Playing football can reduce that sense of loneliness enormously. Football provides an environment where every individual feels the support of his/her teammates and all the 22 players on the field feel a sense of participation and teamwork. Teamwork is a great way of eliminating the fear and stress of being lonely.

One other way football helps the teenagers is that it’s a recreational activity which gives a lot of joy to its players, which is also a great contribution to eliminating children’s mental health problems.

Football Improves Your Social Life

Football improves your mental health as it gives you a chance to make new friends and eventually enlarges your social circle. When you interact and spend time with other human beings, it helps to release stress and improve your mental health as a football field is a great place for networking. You play together, you discuss things, you talk about games and their events.

Additionally, the most beautiful part is that all of your friends are football fans like you. You’re more likely to make friends with like-minded people than the others. As we discussed before, it will help your kid to be extroverted and break the barriers of isolation.

If your growing child is reflecting mental issues from their behaviour, daily football activity might be a decent solution for your children’s mental health.

Football Builds Confidence

children's mental health

All of the previously discussed aspects build up confidence. The teamwork, the happiness, the sense of involvement, meeting new people, recreation, the gossip; you get a chance to do all of this while playing football. Studies have shown that people with mental health problems are less confident and positive about themselves, they tend to doubt themselves and that’s why they feel reluctant to socialize and meet new people.

It’s clear that football eliminates all these downsides passively, by passively we mean, the patient didn’t even know that their mental problems are being treated naturally when they’re simply running and kicking the ball around. Isn’t this beautiful game a blessing?

Your kid is less confident, more reluctant? Or you being a growing teenager continuously doubt yourself? Don’t stress over it, it’s normal and most teenagers feel the same. You just need a little bit of playing time. You will see your issues resolving automatically.

Football Improves Physical Health

Mental problems have many negative impacts on the physical health of a person. It can cause blood pressure disease, it can also cause heart diseases and the list goes on. Football is once again here to save you from these horrific physical diseases. The physical benefits of football are multifarious.

We all know that it increases your fitness, increases your flexibility and ensures proper blood circulation which keeps your heart healthy. Only a healthy body can sustain a healthy mind and vice versa. A football player tends to be fitter and more physically active than others. 

Thus, when you will feel good physically, you will automatically feel good mentally. It’s also the other way around. If you want to be mentally healthy, strive to be physically healthy and fit. Playing football and training properly can lead to the physical fitness you crave for.

children's mental health football

Football is an Anti-Depressant

If you have made it to this point of our today’s blog, you will be surely amazed by witnessing an altogether different side of the beautiful game. It acts no less than medicine. This is also proven by the research that playing organized or team sports have the same benefits to your mental health as medicines.

At this point, we feel a civic duty to not only talk about in the footballing context as not everyone is crazy about football. You can play any team or organized sport and you will get the same benefits. Sports is a blessing from god. Make sure you make the most out of this blessing.


Who said your mental health problems were permanent? We have given you a very natural and recreational solution to all your worries and stress. Feel the magic when you enter the football field, feel the happiness flooding inside your head and enjoy the moment of the beautiful game by leaving all the worries behind. Make new friends and enjoy the teamwork when striving to win the game.

How beautiful is it that all of your mental health problems have one single solution? Isn’t it magical? If you’re a diehard football fan, you have had already felt these emotions when your feet touch the ball, now you can start perceiving the beautiful game from a different point of view. It’s a therapy, it’s the medicine, it’s the solution. Enjoy it to the full extent!

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